Ukraine, anti-tank missiles increasingly precise: this is how they destroy a Moscow tank

Lo strike More and more precise sights and ever more devastating firepower. Anti-tank missiles are proving to be the deadliest weapon of the war between Ukraine and Russia. In one of the latest videos recorded in the Kharkiv region, more precisely in Izyum, the 93rd brigade of the Ukrainian army is seen destroying a Moscow … Read more

This Atomic Clock is More Precise, 1 Second Time Size Will Be Reset

BOULDER – The duration of 1 second which becomes smallest unit in counting time the ones that are commonly used have not been updated in 70 years. With the invention of the ultra-precision atomic optical clock, scientists will update the duration of 1 second for more precise timing. The current standard 1 second timekeeping is … Read more

The drone spotted the enemy. Precise strike. There is a recording – o2

Ukrainians use drones to deliver precise blows to the enemy. Modern equipment is equipped with, among others in night vision cameras. Drones are also capable of dropping small bombs. A recording was published on Twitter showing a Ukrainian drone watching a Russian tank. Attempts were made to hide the machine near one of the buildings. … Read more

an algorithm allowing the AI ​​a more precise vision of the images

Share Tweet Share Share Email For humans, recognizing whether something in a scene is an Avocado or an Aventador is as easy as observing them. This is not the case for AI and computer vision systems. The latter require a great deal of effort in order to develop a high-fidelity understanding of their environment. Researchers … Read more

“Precise Corporation” returns to file IPO 307 million shares

Precise Corporation Public Company Limited or PCC filed a registration statement (Fireling) on April 12, 2022 for the first public offering. (IPO) to the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is the second filing. After the end of 2018 that had already filed a fire will offerIPO sharesof 307 million shares with … Read more

This is Guerra Hugo García suffers an accident while mountain biking and shows the precise moment of his fall VIDEO Instagram Farándula | SHOWS

¡OUCH! Hugo Garciaa member of ‘Esto es Guerra’, shared on Instagram the precise moment in which he suffered an accident while mountain biking in Arequipa. READ ALSO: Olenka Zimmermann throws flowers at Martín Arredondo despite accusations: “He is the best producer” “We are already here at the hotel. They don’t know what a duck I’ve … Read more

The most precise measurement ever made of the mass of the W boson in tension with the standard model

After 10 years of careful analysis and scrutiny, scientists from the CDF Collaboration at the US Department of Energy’s Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory announced today that they have achieved the most accurate measurement to date of the mass of the W boson, one of nature’s force vectors. particles. Using data collected by Fermilab’s Collider Detector, … Read more

More precise, more comfortable and safer prostate cancer research in Tongeren Vesalius hospital

Normally, when prostate cancer is suspected, a small piece of tissue is removed for examination via the intestine. “This technique has some drawbacks,” says urologist Dr Frank Verduyckt. “Small lesions are difficult to see on ultrasound, which means that some prostate cancers are missed at an early stage. In addition, there is a risk of … Read more