Oldest Army Ant Discovered Reveals This Iconic Predator Once Colonized Europe

Lis dorylines (Dorylina) of the army ants (army ant) are among the largest insect societies on the planet. They live in colonies, consume large quantities ofarthropods (jointed-legged invertebrates) and are nomadic, moving all over the world so as not to run out of food. Header image: the ancient dorylines encrusted in amber. (Christine Sosiak) Their … Read more

MP against candidate minister: He is a sexual predator who raped me at least 10 times, and I was 14

A new sex scandal broke out in the world of sports – this time in tennis. Miroslav Skrzypczynski, president of the Polish federation, is accused of molesting minors. The mother of his ex-wife also has claims against him, who speaks of “physical and mental violence” against the family by the tennis boss. Iga Świontek and … Read more

Acer Predator Helios 300 in the test: strong facelift with interesting features

That Acer Predator Helios 300 is a gaming notebook as written in books: Fast high-end hardware with generous TDP and TGP limits, a high-resolution QHD screen with 165 Hz at 3 ms and G-Sync technology, an RGB lighting system, killer -Network chips and a complex cooling system up to liquid metal. In this Hardwareluxx article … Read more

“Threats, humiliations and intimidation”: Jean-Luc Lahaye described as a real sexual predator in an expertise

An expert report has been submitted to the courts concerning the Jean-Luc Lahaye affair. Accused by two young women of rape, the singer is the subject of a long investigation in order to judge what were his real intentions and if the relations were agreed. He was, for this case, indicted for “rape of minors”, … Read more

Predator XB283K KVbmiipruzx 28″ gaming monitor with 4K 144Hz, low image sticking and high color readiness – HKEPC Hardware

Predator XB283K KVbmiipruzx 28″ Gaming Monitor ▲ Predator XB283K KVbmiipruzx This time, I want to evaluate the Predator XB283K launched by Acer. KVbmiipruzx gaming monitor, equipped with a 28-inch 4K 144Hz Agile-Splendor IPS panel, has a low 1ms GtG response time and is certified by AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible, which can provide low … Read more

Successful 14-inch gamer with OLED technology: Acer Predator Triton 300 SE in review

That Acer Predator Triton 300 SE became the manufacturer’s first gaming notebook in 2021, attracting attention with a compact 14-inch form factor. An exciting revision followed this year. The compact gaming bolide not only has new technology in the form of an Alder Lake processor, but also a high-quality OLED display for better black values … Read more

Three-Eyed Predator of the Ocean 500 Million Years Ago

Jakarta – A three-eyed animal with wing-like fins once swam in the shallows. It has a high visual perception ability to hunt smaller marine animals. Stanleycaris hirpex thus the name of the animal, lived in the Cambrian Period about 500 million years ago. It is the first animal with three eyes known among arthropods, insect … Read more

The best Aliens VS video game. Predator is from Capcom and Disney doesn’t want you to play it

Few film licenses have been as lucky as Alien and Predator with their crossover saga in video game territory. The comings and goings with xenomorphs and yautjas has been followed by Rebellion with great video games on Atari Jaguar, PC and the PS3 and Xbox 360 generation. Many other companies tried to follow suit, such … Read more

Sexual predator impregnates 12-year-old girl in Celorico de Basto – Portugal

The 27-year-old predator had long been known to the family. He usually did agricultural work on the property next to the house where the 12-year-old victim lived with her parents, in Celorico de Basto. Last summer, taking advantage of this closeness, he won the child’s trust by offering him gifts.

Acer and Intel team up to launch a desktop graphics card called Arc A770 Predator BiFrost

along withIntel Arc A770 Desktop Graphics CardOfficially entering the market, Intel is obviously also working with Acer in addition to ASRock and GUNNIR, and is expected to launch a desktop version of the graphics card named Arc A770 Predator BiFrost. Compared with Intel’s public version design, Acer’s Arc A770 Predator BiFrost uses a different shape … Read more