Tuberculosis treatment during pregnancy is safe for mother and baby, study finds

Seven out of 10 pregnant women have been cured of their multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and delivered healthy babies after taking a drug that was previously thought to be dangerous during pregnancy, according to a new study from the Curtin and Telethon Kids Institute. Posted in Open JAMA Networkthe study looked at the experiences of 275 pregnant … Read more

The fetus does not survive and is itself in danger. However, a woman is not allowed to have an abortion in Malta

Andrea Prudente and Jay Weeldreyer have decided to celebrate the upcoming addition to the family with a two-week holiday in Malta. Andrea, in the 16th week of her pregnancy, however, began to bleed profusely last Sunday. Two days later, her water burst in the hospital. Due to the torn part of the placenta, her unborn … Read more

Viral Transformation of a Woman’s Face Changed because of Pregnancy, Shock So This Is

Malaysia – This woman’s face has changed since she was pregnant with her second child. She has an allergy that makes her face change, completely different from her real face when she wasn’t pregnant. It was Nur Husna Atirah Rosli who revealed that her facial skin suddenly changed when her pregnancy reached the age of … Read more

6 Month Maternity Leave, Here Are 10 Countries With The Longest Pregnancy Leave In The World Page all – The House of Representatives (DPR) is currently discussing and finalizing the drafting of the Maternal and Child Welfare Bill (DPR)RUU KIA), which one of the articles contains rights holiday give birth 6 months. This is stated in Article 4 Paragraph (2) letter a of the MCH Bill, which reads as follows: “In addition … Read more

“+10 kg for a 7 cm fetus, I no longer close my pants”: Alexandra (Koh-Lanta) confides in her early pregnancy

© Instagram Alexandrakohlantaoff A few days ago, Alexandra Pornet, the big winner of the “Koh Lanta – Les 4 Terres” edition, announced happy news on her social networks. The young woman is pregnant with her third child. “A new adventure has already begun for me, but this time in the warmth surrounded by my loved … Read more

Celebrities who ate their placenta

Recently the Camilo Echeverry revealed during an interview for Movistar+’s La Resistencia program that his wife Evaluate Montaner she had consumed the placenta after giving birth to her firstborn Indigo. The daughter of the Colombian and Evaluna She was born last April and until now not much had been known about the little girl. The … Read more

EPILEPSY and PREGNANCY: How valproic acid causes birth defects

Several thousand cases of women taking VPA during pregnancy have given birth to children with birth defects, including spina bifida, facial changes, and heart defects. In addition, about a third of exposed infants developed cognitive impairment and autism spectrum disorder. Conducted on mouse embryos, the research thus describes, for the first time, how valproic acid … Read more

The signs of the hour appear in Saudi Arabia… a super beautiful student carrying a fetus from her teacher in a shocking way… You won’t believe how that pregnancy happened! !

In an incident stranger than fiction, which occurred in the city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, about a beautiful and attractive girl in a secondary school in the Dammam region, which made her teacher turn her attention to her and desire her in an odd way, She pursues her and distinguishes her from all the students, … Read more

Be alert, these 3 foods can trigger hypertension in pregnant women

Hypertension is one of the main problems in pregnancy. The food you eat can trigger this condition, which can increase blood pressure. Then, what foods make pregnant women high blood pressure? Holly Ernst, PA-C assistant physician in Santa Maria, CA, says high blood pressure or hypertension is when blood pressure is greater than or equal … Read more