what is the estimated fortune of the actress and how much money did she earn after her divorce with Johnny Depp – Prensa Libre

The trial for defamation entre Johnny Depp y Amber Heard continues to give what to talk about by becoming one of the most mediatic legal battles in recent years. During this court showdown, Johnny Depp demands payment of US$50 million by his ex-wife due to damages generated by their accusations of domestic violence.

what you should know about the use and effectiveness of vaccines for children – Prensa Libre

Last Thursday, the head of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Assistance (MSPAS), Francisco Coma, announced that next week 500,000 Moderna vaccines will enter the country, through the Cóvax mechanism, and that 1 million pediatric Pfizer vaccines will arrive by the end of the month. , which will allow minors to be immunized against … Read more

500,000 vaccines from Moderna and 1 million from Pfizer pediatric will arrive in Guatemala in the coming weeks, says Health – Prensa Libre

Francisco Coma, Minister of Health of Guatemala, confirmed this Thursday, May 5, that next week 500,000 Moderna vaccines will enter the country, through the Cóvax mechanism, and that at the end of the month 1 million pediatric Pfizer vaccines will arrive to vaccinate against the coronavirus. to minors. According to Coma, the Modernas will be … Read more

Who is the “Queen of Divorce” and why did she testify at the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – Prensa Libre

The name of Laura Wasser has become relevant in the judicial history of USAbecause she is a lawyer specializing in family law and for having worked on the most notorious divorce cases in the world of entertainment, in which he has achieved quite favorable situations for his clients. It is considered by many people as … Read more

The peculiar discussion between Johnny Depp’s psychologist and Amber Heard’s lawyer about some “muffins” – Prensa Libre

A psychologist Hired by Johnny Depp to evaluate his ex-wife Amber Heard had a run-in with Heard’s lawyer about some muffins. The little discussion took place during a hearing in the trial against Heard for defamation. The process began in March 2019 after Depp’s lawsuit against his ex-wife, who had previously accused him of domestic … Read more

After losing 200 thousand subscribers, Netflix enables a new service to explore content in another way – Prensa Libre

Are you interested in discovering new productions of Netflix? If the answer is correct, you have come to the right place. As usual, one of the main platforms of streaming seeks to provide unrepeatable experiences to its users, and in that sense, it has launched Category Huba service that will allow people find content in … Read more

The challenge of administering more than a million Sputnik V before they expire, when the vaccination posts are almost empty – Prensa Libre

Although the vaccination posts have the first and second components available, the influx of people requesting the Russian biological is low, a scenario that occurs a few days after the Health authorities made the use of the mask more flexible and a traffic light was published of health alerts that registers more municipalities in yellow, … Read more

MS13 leader asks to be extradited to the US because prison in El Salvador is “a real punishment” for Bukele’s measures – Prensa Libre

The prosecutor of The Savior, Rodolfo Delgado reported that one of the leaders of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) gang asked to be extradited to the United States, a country that is requesting him to face justice for four crimes, because “now he no longer has any benefit.” The head of the Public Ministry explained, through … Read more

Minister Coma talks about the return to school for children, mask, vaccination and the requirement that Guatemala will ask travelers – Prensa Libre

The Guatemalan Minister of Health, Francisco Comaparticipated in an interview this April 29, in La Redwhere he gave details of the new anticovid measures that will be implemented in the country and also spoke about the return to classes, the use of a mask in educational centers, vaccination in minors and about a single requirement … Read more

the unusual moment in which the actress’s lawyer opposes his own question (and Johnny Depp’s reaction) – Prensa Libre

Johnny Depp y Amber Heard they are starring a defamation trial after the actor sued his ex-wife for having declared that suffered from domestic violence during their marriage. Since last April 11, both artists are facing each other in this trialin which their lawyers they have presented audios, videos and testimonies as evidence to check … Read more