Parsley water to lose weight, eliminate gas and reduce swelling: this is how it is prepared

Parsley is a herbaceous plant that is part of the ‘Apiacea’ family and is usually ideal for seasoning some dishes, however, few are aware of its health benefits. Specifically, this herb commonly used in the kitchen contains magnesium, iron, potassium, zinc, calcium, and vitamins A, B, C, and E. According to the magazine Sports world, … Read more

“We must be prepared for the collapse of Russia.” General Hodges – about Ukraine’s path to victory and advice to the Lithuanian authorities

In Vilnius, B. Hodges participated in a conference organized for the generals of the countries of the region, where the war in Ukraine and the restructuring of NATO in response to the Russian threat were discussed. During the conference, he gave a detailed interview to the portal 15minwhere he presented his assessment of the further … Read more

Gerard Timmer prepared to answer questions about DWDD | Culture of fear at DWDD

Gerard Timmer, the current director of the NOS, says he has not taken note of the abuses The world goes on. Timmer was general manager at BNNVara from 2014 to 2018, during the period when the daily talk show celebrated its heyday. Timmer, who does not want to respond when asked, says he is cooperating … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: According to the US, Ukraine is better prepared than Russia for winter combat

More and more evidence is emerging that the Russian invasion of Ukraine “is accompanied by systemic war crimes” committed in every region where Russian forces have been deployed, says US Special Envoy for International Criminal Law Beth Van Schaack. According to Van Schaack, the Russians murdered, tortured and kidnapped Ukrainians in a systematic way, and … Read more

They all tried it: Diego Leuco prepared a live “traveling fernet” and opened a debate on the Juana Viale program

Like every Sunday Juana Avenue introduced the guests who would accompany her at the table and, as usually happens, the talks were filled with anecdotes and experiences of the attendees🇧🇷 In between the homage of Jimena Monteverde to the Argentine national teamby wearing an albiceleste apron with the number 10, and the delay of Jonás … Read more

A charged atmosphere and a “sedition” plot is being prepared.. What is happening in Byblos?

“spot shot” Lebanon, the country of 18 sects, which represents a formula for coexistence, had it not been for what happens from time to time, and strikes this formula so that the sectarian language returns and controls the behavior of the mixed regions, especially in the Byblos region, where the sects are diverse. There are … Read more

Banyuwangi Airport Prepared To Be A G20 Summit Delegation Plane Parking Area

Jakarta – Banyuwangi Airport is prepared to be a parking lot for a number of delegations from high-level conference member countries (Summit) G20 in Bali. These planes will initially land in Bali, then will go to Banyuwangi for RON (Remain Over Night). Reported by detikJatim, the G20 Summit in Bali will be held on November … Read more

Putin has a plan for Poland. “We can see it in action. We must be prepared”

Vladimir Putin it is waging a classical war in Ukraine, and a hybrid war probably with the whole world, and certainly with its neighbors. We are aware that (Putin – editor’s note) aims to destabilize the state and we must be prepared for various variants – said Maciej Wąsik on Radio Plus on Tuesday. – … Read more

Facts about the Yamaha RX King 270cc in Indonesia, Have Prepared Money But Must Be Disappointed Because of This – Some time ago automotive lovers in the country were shocked by the 270cc Yamaha RX King. Where Yamaha RX King 270cc believed to be the latest generation of Yamaha RX King in Indonesia. In fact, not a few fans of the motorbike have prepared money to buy it Yamaha RX King 270cc. But … Read more