Clouds discovered on Saturn’s largest moon

On the largest moon of the planet Saturn, Titan, a bright cloud was detected in the northern hemisphere and, shortly after, a second cloud was detected in the atmosphere. The James Webb Space Telescope captured the largest cloud over the satellite’s north polar region, near the Kraken Mare, the largest known liquid sea of ​​methane … Read more

New study suggests origin of the oxygen we breathe

One of the most important elements for life to develop on our planet is oxygen; however, in the Neoarchean era, between 2.8 and 2.5 billion years ago, it was almost non-existent. Currently, it is known that this gas makes up about 21% of the atmosphere, but the geophysical processes that underlie the oxygenation of the … Read more

Venezuela seeks the practice of scientific methods to build well-being and good living

The Vice President of Science, Technology, Education and Health, Gabriela Jiménez, assured that Venezuela seeks in the daily practice of the scientific method and popular knowledge the appropriate answers to build well-being and good living. «We talk about well-being and good living because the concept of development, which they gave us, has shown us, in … Read more

Central – Macron is trying to separate the “nuclear” from the presidency… and visits Lebanon for hours on Christmas Eve

While the Lebanese are witnessing today the eighth “episode” of the chapters of transforming the electoral sessions to elect the President of the Republic into an unfortunate charade that has become the most severe condemnation of the House of Representatives and all the political forces and parliamentary blocs walking in the footsteps of the metamorphosis … Read more

They engineer new construction technologies to build lunar bases

As NASA plans for long-term human exploration of the Moon under the Artemis program, new technologies are required to meet the challenges of living and working on another world. One of those challenges is to build habitable enclosures and other infrastructure on lunar soil. NASA has formalized a contract with the ICON company, based in … Read more

Hubble telescope captures remnant of a supernova

The Hubble Space Telescope captured the supernova remnant DEM L 190, the brightest ever found in a neighboring galaxy. The formation is located 160 thousand light years from Earth, in the satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, the Large Magellanic Cloud. The long, thin filaments of incandescent gas are the remains of a supernova explosion, … Read more

Regenerative medicine one of the main attractions on the Scientific Route at the IVIC

Students from the José Gil Fortoul District Educational Unit and the Vicente Emilio Sojo Bolivarian District School toured the Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Research (IVIC), which is part of the Scientific Route of the National Scientific Seedbeds program, promoted by the Ministry of Popular Power for Science and Technology, to observe advances in regenerative medicine … Read more

Presidency of the National Assembly: “The fruit is ripe to change our way of working”, launches Nathalie Roy

Nathalie Roy set the table for her term as President of the National Assembly, emphasizing that “the fruit is ripe” for institutional reform and insisting on the importance of creating a climate of respect after “summits of wickedness” have been reached on social networks. • Read also: Refusal to take the oath to the king: … Read more

They launch an “app” to increase physical activity in young people

With regard to the World Cup in Qatar, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar and FIFA have launched a new digital application designed to help increase physical activity and improve health and well-being. Of the youngs. «GenMove Season1″ is a gaming app that uses advanced motion tracking combined with … Read more

Scientists discover mysterious ocean life forms that predate dinosaurs

Mysterious oceanic life forms existed on our planet before the appearance of the dinosaurs, approximately 460 million years ago, and they do not resemble any animal alive today. The creatures, which had no eyes and propelled themselves thanks to their rounded fins, could be an intermediate evolutionary link between two different types of organisms and … Read more