Statement by President Mattarella on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the law establishing the Order of Social Workers

The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, on the occasion of 30th anniversary of the law establishing the Order of Social Workers, made the following statement:   «Thirty years have passed since the approval of Law no. 84 of 1993, which established the Professional Order of Social Workers. A special grateful thought goes to Paola … Read more

Marcelo Ebrard promises to continue with the 4T if he wins the presidency in 2024 Grupo Milenio

Marcelo Ebrard va for the middle classes. He winks at them: “they have always been important”. And besides, you already have a key concept for your campaign for Morena’s presidential candidacy: he wants to be recognized for deepening the legacy of Andrés Manuel López Obrador by a fourth reloaded transformation. At “4T 2.0”within the framework … Read more

NASA tracks asteroid that could hit Earth in February 2046

NASA’s Office of Planetary Defense is tracking a new asteroid that has “a very small chance of hitting Earth” 23 years from now, in the year 2046. The asteroid, named “2023 DW,” is 50 meters in diameter, about the size of an Olympic swimming pool, and has a one in 625 chance of hitting Earth, … Read more

A dinner that brought Hariri together with a figure nominated for the presidency?!

The media advisor to former President Saad Hariri, Hussein Al-Wajh, commented on his account via “Twitter”, according to what was reported by “Nidaa Al-Watan” newspaper, this Friday morning. He wrote: “The nightmares of some, the dreams of others, and in both cases fantasies that have no basis in reality.” Nightmares of some, dreams of others, … Read more

A second Big Bang? The explosion of dark matter that could be the origin of the universe

Everyone knows the Big Bang theory, how the universe started out as just a point in space until a “big bang” forced it to become what it is now. Scientists believe that this cosmic event occurred approximately 13.7 billion years ago, and was the origin of everything. He Big Bang may not have been alone. … Read more

Greenhouses with solar panel for urban agriculture proposed

An example of this proposition is in agrivoltaics, which focuses on the simultaneous use of land for both solar power generation and agriculture. For example, replacing greenhouse glass with solar panels could power greenhouse light fixtures and water control devices with their electricity. A team that includes, among others, Yepin Zhao and Yang Yang, both … Read more

This is how Pablo Sandoval undergoes hard physical training to recover his form

The Venezuelan baseball player Pablo Sandoval, better known as the “Kung Fu Panda”, is trying to improve his physical condition to have a better performance on the playing fields and this is demonstrated by a video where he is seen doing hard training. Sandoval stopped playing in the Major Leagues in the 2021 season when … Read more

The presidency is at a “dangerous juncture”.. Is there an election session before Ramadan?

5 – March – 2023 Lebanese Parliament The presidential election entered a dangerous turn, under the weight of the sharp debates in the last hours, which in turn further complicated the presidential crisis and pushed it into a dark tunnel from which it is difficult to get out, without a miracle that turns things upside … Read more

NASA confirms the cancellation of the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket

This Monday, February 27, the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration, for its acronym in English (NASA), affirmed the cancellation of the launch of the Falcon 9 rocket, launch Dragon and Crew-6, of the private aerospace company Space X, from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, United States. The information was released by the company, … Read more

New advances towards the conquest of space

«Our generation is being the protagonist of a great event that, perhaps, will be considered by historians of the future, as the time in which the transition in the history of the human species took place, between its Terrestrial Era and its Space or Extraterrestrial Era. ». With these words, Eduardo García Llama, a Spanish … Read more