China builds an ‘artificial moon’

Chinese scientists have just built an ‘artificial moon’, a research facility that will allow them to simulate low-gravity environments using magnetism. The Chinese moon will come into use this year and will use powerful magnetic fields inside a 60-centimeter-diameter vacuum chamber to make gravity “disappear,” he explains. Live Science. The chamber is the first of … Read more

Lunar magnetic mystery solved

American scientists, released through years of research, a valid explanation of the magnetic fields possessed by the moon, which in ancient times rivaled the earth. Studies from this experiment were published in the journal Nature Astronomy, and indicate that the moon possesses a kind of field generator courtesy of its own magnetic dynamo. A magnetic … Read more

What to expect from the French Presidency of the EU? Interview with the Ambassador to Latvia / Article

Interview with the French Ambassador Latvijas Radio: First of all, I would like to know in general about the French presidency. How do you assess the current situation in Europe and the world? How important is the French Presidency and what are its main objectives and priorities? Aurelia Rioja-Gunnen (answers in Latvian): For France, the … Read more

They discover the most eccentric exoplanet ever observed that could host water

An international team of astrophysicists discovered an unusual exoplanet that has an unusually eccentric orbit with respect to its host star, it was baptized as TOI 2257 b, the celestial body could have the necessary conditions to host liquid water, reported the Sputnik web portal. TOI 2257 b has a radius 2.2 times that of … Read more

Chinese explorer travels more than 1,000 meters on the far side of the Moon

The Center for Lunar Exploration and Space Program of the National Space Administration of China reported that the lander and explorer of the Chang’e-4 probe had traveled 1,003.9 meters on the far side of the Moon until midnight. January 6. According to the website of the Xinhua news agency, the so-called Yutu-2, or Jade Rabbit-2, … Read more

Know Why are the planets of the solar system different in color?

All the planets in the solar system are divided according to their size and characteristics, but the specific color that each of them depends on its composition, origin, atmosphere and its proximity to the Sun. There are several hypotheses about the formation of the solar system, but one of the most accepted by astronomy is … Read more

These are the enigmatic images of Mars captured by the Chinese mission Tianwen-1

The China National Space Administration released four images taken by its Tianwen-1 mission on the planet Mars. It is worth mentioning that a camera deployed by said mission has captured an apparently frozen ice layer on Mars and other extraterrestrial color shots that are almost enigmatic. The images also include a kind of selfie of … Read more

The underside of the resignation of Opaline Meunier, excluded from the presidency of the Young CDH for having denounced a theft

Opaline Meunier left the presidency of the Young CDH after a long internal conflict. The departure of Opaline Meunier from the presidency of the Young CDH is it the result of a resignation or a dismissal? A bit of both. To understand it, we have to go back through the chronology. On December 31, the … Read more

What does France want from the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union

On January 1, the six months of rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union began for France, the body composed of a representative of the government of each country of the Union, which changes according to the topic being discussed: the country who chairs it manages the agenda of meetings and negotiations, and … Read more

Mike Feghali’s shocking expectations regarding Bashar al-Assad’s stepping down from the Syrian presidency of his own volition

Lebanese astrologer Mike Feghali predicted a series of predictions for the development of political events in Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states in 2022. On the Syrian file, Feghali expected that Bashar al-Assad would leave his post for peace of mind and conscience, and because of his tiredness from politics. He expected that … Read more