Ukraine’s president in the trenches, while Russia threatens – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

It is possible that Russia “will have to” intervene to defend “Russian citizens” in eastern Ukraine, with President Putins visestabssjef yesterday. – An escalation will be the beginning of the end for Ukraine, added Dmitry Kozak. He was born in Ukraine and is Putin’s chief negotiator for Ukraine. But Russia has long claimed that troop … Read more

The crash of the plane with President Kaczynski near Smolensk divides Poles even 11 years after the accident – ČT24 – Czech Television

Protesting entrepreneurs argue that if they cannot have their trades or businesses open, even the Polish government should not organize mass reverential events. “Only a few dozen businessmen have arrived at the square, where there is also a monument to the Smolensk catastrophe,” said Lukáš Mathé, a Czech television reporter from Warsaw. “Where is everyone? … Read more

PDIP Secretary General Called that BRIN Will Be Directly Under the President – After the Ministry of Research and Technology (Ministry of Research and Technology) melted down to the Ministry of Education and Culture (Ministry of Education and Culture), the fate of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) became a question. However, according to the Secretary General of the PDI-P DPP (PDIP) Hasti Kristiyanto, the … Read more

Real Madrid News: The possibility of Perez as president of Real Madrid without elections!

Sport 360- The Spanish newspaper “Marca” confirmed that Florentino Perez will be re-named president of Real Madrid until 2025 next Monday if no one runs to compete with him in the elections this year. On Friday, Florentino Perez, the current president of Real Madrid, officially announced his candidacy for the next royal club’s presidential elections. … Read more

Pre-election duel in AfD. The radicals want to get rid of the moderate president

The coronavirus pandemic complicates the functioning of German political parties. The ruling CDU had to reschedule its congress several times last year. In the end, a new chairman was elected in January only online and by correspondence. The opposition party Alternative for Germany (AfD), unlike the CDU, met physically in the autumn and repeats the … Read more

During his first hundred days in the White House, ‘Sleepy Joe’ Biden reveals himself to be an energetic president with a radical social agenda

US President Joe Biden opens the door to his office in the White House on Friday.Image Dutch Height He was called ‘Sleepy Joe’, the man who campaigned from his basement in Delaware, said few memorables and mainly presented himself as the anti-Trump. A decent person who could seldom be caught with an inspiring thought and … Read more

Conference of the Regions, the new president is Fedriga: the governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia elected unanimously. Emiliano deputy

Change at the top of the Conference of the Regions. The new president is Massimiliano Fedriga, governor of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, who was unanimously elected. His deputy will be Michele Emiliano. The two take over from a Stefano Bonaccini e Giovanni Toti shuffling the vertices between center-left and center-right. The president ofEmilia Romagna had … Read more

Americans want Dwayne Johnson as president

Almost half of Americans would consider offering their vote to Dwayne Johnson if he ran for President of the United States. • Read also: Dwayne Johnson, President of the United States? Indeed, 46% of adults polled would vote for “The Rock” if he runs for office in 2024, reveals an online survey of 30,000 people. … Read more

Turkey. No chair available for Ursula von der Leyen during her meeting with President Erdogan. Turkish Foreign Ministry and Italian Prime Minister commentary

The protocol, which was applied during the meeting in the office of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, met the demands of the EU side, said Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish Foreign Minister on Thursday. He referred to the accusations that the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, had been disregarded on Tuesday’s talks in Ankara … Read more