There are no fears of sanctions on the agreements with Jordan and Egypt

Gulf Dot: The United States has told Lebanon that it should have no concerns about US sanctions law regarding plans to receive energy supplies from countries in the region, according to the office of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Friday. A statement from the Prime Minister’s office stated that the US Ambassador to Lebanon, … Read more

US airlines warn of potential ‘chaos’ if 5G isn’t limited near airports

The presidents of 10 american airlines launched the alarm on Monday before the authorities, to warn of the potential “chaos” that the deployment of ultrafast 5G network technology in the vicinity of airports would represent, in a letter obtained by AFP. “We write for urgently request that 5G be implemented from January 19 anywhere except … Read more

NASA: the ‘green’ surface of Mars in impressive image | THE PRESS

Lima, 07/28/2017 10:04 pm | Updated 07/28/2017 09:03 pm PHOTOS. space agency U.S (USA–USA), NASA, has revealed a strange Martian relief. The image, which was obtained with the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO), shows the bedrock from an ejecta blanket from an unnamed crater in the region Sea Serpent of the planet Mars. The ejecta, when … Read more

WhatsApp prepares the option to blur images in its editor

The WhatsApp messaging application is preparing new functions for its image editor with which it allows its users to pixelate or blur certain parts of a photograph directly from the ‘app’. WhatsApp tests a series of new functions in its editor in the latest beta of its Android app, in its version, as reported … Read more

Private commercial credit portfolio exceeds RD$740 billion

The Superintendent of Banks, Alejandro Fernández W, highlighted the preponderant role played by the national financial system in facing the collapse of the economy in 2020, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and its recovery in the year just concluded. Fernández W said that, as a monetary policy, in such an extraordinary and surprising … Read more

Chef Herrera is fired from ‘MasterChef Mexico’; finds out through the press – El Financiero

Adrian Herrera, better known as the Chef Herrera, has taken great relevance in the media field thanks to its participation in MasterChef Mexico, reality show in which he has participated for nine seasons over six years. His role on the show is ambivalent due to his controversial personality, but endearing way of being. The truth … Read more

These are the most common scams in the cryptocurrency business

In recent years, interest in digital currencies, popularly known as cryptocurrencies, digital assets that use cryptographic methods to secure transactions in the digital market, has grown. Cryptocurrencies form a decentralized system in which, through the block chain -also called ‘blockchain’ technology-, each of the agents that participate in these transactions guarantee their security. With this, … Read more

Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro, a couple of success and rhythm

Last September, on the occasion of singer Rosalía’s 28th birthday, she and Raw Alejandro published photos together on their respective Instagram social network profiles. This wink was interpreted as the officialization of a relationship that many of his followers already suspected existed. Last November, both went together to an award ceremony in Spain, in which … Read more

Julian Assange, Press | If it becomes more important to blacken Julian Assange than to tell the truth, the Norwegian press has a big problem

The debate post expresses the writer’s opinions. I have been a teacher of media studies for 13 years. One of the most important things I emphasize in teaching is the press’ social mission in democracy: to inform, criticize the abuse of power and create debate on important societal issues. In recent years, fake news and … Read more

Wake-up call 14/1: First corona press conference new cabinet • Strike at Heineken

Are you hitting the road? Here you will find it Overview of the work. View the rail timetable. What can you expect today? For the first time in almost a year, a non-caregiver cabinet is meeting for the weekly Council of Ministers. Prime Minister Mark Rutte offered the resignation of the cabinet on January 15 … Read more