Conte’s press overshadowed everything: the 28th round of the Premier League in a nutshell

What is the most discussed topic in England after the weekend? About Arsenal’s four-goal concert led by conductor Bukaya Saka? About Wolves’ Jonny Castro or Newcastle’s Alexander Isak’s exclusive volley? No. Everything was overshadowed by the press conference of the coach of Tottenham, Antonio Conte, who was badly bitten by the crazy 3-3 draw in … Read more

Russian press: figure skating champion’s body has changed significantly | Sports

Olympic champion Roman Kostomarov was hospitalized in Moscow on January 10, a few days after an ice show that took place in an outdoor ice rink in minus 20 degrees. He was diagnosed with pneumonia, blood circulation was impaired, and there was a risk of sepsis. The 46-year-old Russian had his legs amputated, and for … Read more

SNCB will put 10 stations up for sale in 2023

“Some have lost their usefulness over time and changing uses, says Marianne Hiernaux, spokesperson for the railway company. “The SNCB is therefore putting up for sale various buildings which it no longer needs for its public service missions. […] The objective is to give these buildings of character a second life and revalorize them”. ”Contacts … Read more

Mikel Arteta’s press conference after being knocked out of the Europa League

After the second leg against Sporting, Mikel Arteta answered the following questions from the press: about the result… “This is the biggest blow for us. We really wanted to go further and fight for the win. Today we tried all 120 minutes and in the penalty shootout, but it was not enough. First of all, … Read more

[Frankly Masuzoe]Putin’s true intention is “Challenge to the unipolar system of the United States”, gradually spreading supporters Not only China and Iran, but also India and South Africa are quietly supporting, US diplomacy breaks down (1/5) | JBpress (JB Press)

Not only China and Iran, but also India and South Africa are quietly supporting, and US diplomacy may be broken A Russian Su-27 approaches a U.S. drone MQ9 Reaper in international airspace over the Black Sea March 16. The Russian aircraft drops fuel, obstructing the MQ9’s path. After this, the MQ9 collided with the Russian … Read more

Crisis in Belgium: nearly 600 supermarkets on the verge of bankruptcy

“Bankruptcy threatens them sooner or later,” says Eric Van Den Broele of GraydonCreditsafe. But many other Belgian supermarkets are also likely to face difficulties because one in two stores has too few reserves to cope with unexpected shocks. More than 100 Delhaize stores closed this Saturday The supermarket sector scores significantly lower than the average … Read more

Anno 1800™ is out today for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S|X, Ubisoft GmbH, press release

Ubisoft announced today that an Anno main game will be coming to consoles for the first time in 25 years. Players can now play the Anno 1800™ Console Edition on PlayStation® 5 and Xbox Series S|X. On this occasion, the game can also be tried out free of charge on all platforms until March 23 … Read more

Press review Africa – Headlines: wounds, bumps and fights in Dakar

Ousmane Sonko’s trial on Thursday (March 16) in the capital, Dakar, was marked by violent clashes between law enforcement and young Senegalese, as the main opponent of President Macky Sall appeared in court to answer for defamation against the Minister of Tourism. Atmosphere under high tension for this audience which turned into a fight, oil … Read more

Bono embarrasses U2 | The Press

Sorry, your browser does not support videos What many U2 ​​haters dislike about the band often boils down to one word: Bono. Posted yesterday at 7:00 a.m. His preaching side displeases them. His bombast irritates them. His militancy annoys them. David Letterman knows it and confronts the singer in Bono & The Edge : A Sort Of Homecoming “Are you … Read more

Concerned about the spreading bank crisis, press the SET to weaken 1,550 points, recommending 7 outstanding stocks to receive the energy price collapse.

Krungsri Securities Public Company Limited said that the SET’s assessment weakened to the support level of 1,550 – 1,555 points, despite the expectation that the FED will slow down the interest rate hike at the March 21-22 meeting after the US CPI index in February. .slow down However, concerns about the financial status of banks … Read more