Elena Irureta: “I prefer to take risks and seek my life as an actress, I don’t like having a permanent job”

After receiving the Forqu award for her role as Bittori in ‘Patria’, Elena Irureta feels fortunate to have starred in this series, already sold to 62 screenings Donostia – Elena Irureta, Bittori and Homeland, has recently won the Forqué award, one of the most recognized in the world of film and television. His character in … Read more

The Theater Museum will restore Dalí’s designs

The National Museum of the Almagro Theater, dependent on the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music (Inaem), will invest 40,000 euros in the restoration, cataloging and digitization of 394 textile pieces that constitute two collections of theatrical clothing acquired through the modality of donation, among which are Salvador Dalí’s designs for Don Juan Tenorio. … Read more

The EU after Brexit

NOr it is possible, when only a few days have passed since the signing of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (ATT) between the EU and the United Kingdom (UK), to make a well-founded assessment of a text that, to begin with, extends throughout of no less than 1,246 pages through which a particularly complex matter … Read more

Education: the ministry denies having published a press release on the payment of salaries of academies

thursday, january 21, 2021 at 11:55 pm Rabat – The Ministry of National Education, Vocational Training, Higher Education and Scientific Research, denied Thursday having issued a statement about a possible payment, as early as next week, of executive salaries academies as well as grants for trainees from training centers. In an update in response to … Read more

Building society: many tenants will soon have to move | Free press

Limbach-Oberfrohna. The first task is already ahead: two large apartment blocks on Heinrich-Mauersberger-Ring in Limbach-Oberfrohna will be demolished in 2023. “Until then we have to master a huge relocation management”, says Norbert Gruss, the new managing director of the building company of the city. Around 60 apartments have to be renovated for this. The 54-year-old … Read more

Japan develops tear test to detect breast cancer | International Press

Tears to detect breast cancer. Kobe University in central Japan has embarked on the practical application of testing technology to detect breast cancer in tears. It would only be enough for one person to collect their own tears at home and send them to a laboratory for analysis. The goal is to improve the average … Read more

Meghan Markle wants to solve her problems with the press as soon as possible

Meghan Markle he wants to avoid as much as possible a public judgment on his problems with the British press. This would have been made known to the lawyers who represent her in the complaint against the publishing company of The Mail on Sunday. Through their mouths, the actress would have asked the magistrate again … Read more

Signing | Odegaard asks to leave Real Madrid and Real Sociedad tries his transfer

Odegaard, in Anoeta, in one of the few games he has played this season with Real Madrid. Javi Colmenero Donostia – The Real it keeps moving in the market. The big turn of the screw that happened yesterday was that Martin Odegaard He had been left out of the call for the duel against Alcoyano … Read more

Wine press donate for Croatian earthquake victims – region

Personnel issue makes a face-to-face meeting of the Remching municipal council necessary Höfen has to postpone the renovation of the bridge due to financial needs Pressing. “I didn’t expect that, I almost had tears in my eyes”, commented Leonhard Fritsch gratefully at the sight of the three fully loaded pallets with groceries and hygiene items … Read more

Political storm in the Basque Parliament due to the ‘scandal’ of the vaccine at the wrong time of two charges

The Basque Parliament has lived a row session after learning that the managing directors of the Basurto and Santa Marina hospitals, Eduardo Maiz and José Luis Sabas, respectively, had received the vaccine against covid-19 before the protocol for its administration. Both Maiz, 67, and Sabas, 68, were EAJ / PNV councilors in the Bilbao City … Read more