GLOSA: The pressure will increase on Slavia and Sparta, the head will be important

The main one is the current form. Sparta won the league for the seventh time in a row, beating Hradec Králové 2:0 in its Mladá Boleslav asylum on Saturday. She didn’t play spectacularly, she didn’t shine, but she got three points. That’s the main thing, in the final it doesn’t matter how you get to … Read more

the MR puts pressure on employment at the start of budget work

Deputy Prime Minister MR, David Clarinval, disputes the forecasts of his socialist colleague in charge of employment, Pierre-Yves Dermagne. According to him, there is no indication that Belgium will reach an employment rate of 80%. On the contrary, the country will be the European red lantern if a reform of the labor market is not … Read more

The price of the dollar is without controls.. and the banking judicial dispute increases the pressure on the lira

An economist told Al-Binaa that the exchange rate is affected by all events and developments in Lebanon, especially the banking sector strike, which prevented the Bank of Lebanon from pumping dollars through a banking platform, which dried up the dollar in exchange for the high demand for it from merchants and others to finance imports, … Read more

Maximum pressure on the federal government: let’s go for the budgetary conclave

Therefore, how to straighten this bar which seems? There are not a thousand ways to achieve this. “Opening the floodgates in the hope of reviving the economy and reaping the benefits. I don’t believe in it. In a small, very open economy like our country, it’s illusory. If we give more purchasing power to fellow … Read more

Pressure on the Milan stock exchange, which is losing ground together with the other European stock exchanges

(Tiper Stock Exchange) – Negative day for Piazza Affari, which trades heavily, together with the other Eurolists. While the US market shows a trend in the red. L’Euro / US Dollar it is substantially stable and stops at 1.063. Decisive leap uporo (+2.22%), which reaches 1,962.2 dollars an ounce. Oil sales (Light Sweet Crude Oil) … Read more

“Sectarian functioning”, “financial pressure” and on inheritances: former members of the PTB testify

How is the big collection organized to finance the PTB? Apart from a few high-profile gondola heads (Raoul Hedebouw, Sofie Merxcx or Germain Mugemangango), the members of the PTB cultivate discretion, while the internal functioning remains quite opaque. ‘I felt like my money was wanted’: Activists at PTB are required to pay part of their … Read more

It happened while you were sleeping. China wants to force Ukraine. Pressure on Kuleba – WP Wiadomosci

share Tweet Anger shook Paris after French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne used a special procedure to push an unwanted pension bill through the National Assembly without a vote on Thursday, Putin appeals to his rich friends, and American California is flooded with rains and mudslides – it was happening in the world overnight from Thursday … Read more

Why does the Japanese media silence Mr. Johnny Kitagawa’s sexual assault … What I talked about in an interview with the British BBC Why did Japan’s leading publishers yield to pressure | PRESIDENT Online (President Online)

“If you don’t put up with this, it won’t sell.” “Johnny Kitagawa is protected by the media and the police even if he dies.” Predator: The Secret Scandal of J-Pop aired on March 7 at 9:00 pm (local time) primetime on BBC Two, the British public broadcaster. In it the reporter said: Image = BBC … Read more

The industry: Grocers are under pressure despite price increases

Despite the fact that food prices, including non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee and soft drinks, have risen by 21 percent in the past year, the price-adjusted sales trend in the grocery trade is estimated at minus 11.9 percent. At the same time, sales themselves increased by 9.1 percent in February, compared to the same month … Read more

Interest rates turn sharply downwards again – Renewed banking crisis puts pressure – even Swedish interest rates fall back

German yields initially rose after sources told Reuters the ECB would raise 50 basis points as planned on Thursday, but rates have since fallen, with the two-year government bond 29 basis points down from Tuesday’s Swedish close. The euro has fallen from a high of 1:0750 on Wednesday to 1:0650 against the dollar. Dollar/yen is … Read more