They could not withstand the pressure of the Turks: the 18-year-olds, who made mistakes very often, missed the semifinals of the European Championship

The Lithuanians coached by Karolis Abramavičius played in the tough quarter-final match in the Turkish city of Izmir on Thursday evening. 61:64 (17:22, 10:10, 21:13, 13:19) did not hold up against the Turkish hosts supported by a full arena. Having lagged behind their rivals for most of the non-productive game, in the middle of the … Read more

Under American pressure, OPEC agrees to a minimal increase in its oil production

Saudi Aramco oil processing plant in Abqaiq, Saudi Arabia, September 20, 2019. FAYEZ NURELDINE / AFP A lot of noise for nothing. While the calls of the foot of the West had multiplied in recent weeks, and that the American president, Joe Biden, even went to Riyadh in mid-July to get Saudi Arabia to open … Read more

According to the Experts, this is the ideal pressure for car tires that don’t waste gas – According to the experts, this is the ideal pressure ban mobile which doesn’t waste gas. Yes, low tire pressure can be the cause of wasteful fuel consumption. Because the car tire pressure that is less than the specification has a significant effect on fuel consumption. Always keep the car tire pressure so that … Read more

High diastolic blood pressure: causes, symptoms and prevention

Several factors contribute to high diastolic blood pressure. While a person can control some, such as obesity, others are not preventable. Doctors describe blood pressure using two numbers: systolic and diastolic. They present a reading with the systolic number appearing above the diastolic number. Systolic measures the pressure during the contraction of the heart, while … Read more

Tottenham, strong pressure on Udogie from Udinese: the details

Il Tottenham is strongly pressing to find an agreement with Udinese for Destiny Udogie, left-handed winger born in 2002, great protagonist of the last Serie A season in Friuli. The club coached by Antonio Conte would also be willing to leave Udogie on loan for a year in Udine. The operation between Spurs and bianconeri … Read more

What is High Blood Pressure, Causes it and How to Lower it? High Blood Pressure Symptoms and Treatment

What is high blood pressure, why is it and how to lower it? In this content, we will tell you what is high blood pressure, why is it and how can it be lowered? We’ve gathered important information about high blood pressure symptoms and treatment. Here are the curiosities about high blood pressure… What is … Read more

Instantly lowers high blood pressure! The most effective foods against high blood pressure

It is estimated that almost one billion people worldwide are affected by high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. High blood pressure, which triggers heart disease, can get worse over time. A nutritious, heart-healthy diet is recommended for anyone with high blood pressure, including those taking blood pressure-lowering medications. FOODS EFFECTIVE AGAINST HIGH TENSION Citrus … Read more

Do you take many naps? This study says you are more likely to have high blood pressure and stroke

A new study reveals that people who nap frequently are more likely to develop high blood pressure and have a stroke. “This can happen because, although napping is not harmful, many people do it for lack of rest. Poor sleep at night is associated with poor health, and naps are not the most effective solution,” … Read more

How much (and which) chocolate to consume to lower high blood pressure

If doctors and nutritionists suggest consuming a square of dark chocolate a day, it is because the flavanols present in cocoa bring numerous benefits to the health of body and mind. Some studies, in particular, have found that this substance is capable of lowering blood pressure and arterial stiffness as much as some hypertension medications. … Read more