Seasonal vaccination with RTSS vaccine and Seasonal Malaria Prevention Chemo is now official! – MALI 24 INFO

The Radisson Collection hotel in Bamako served as a framework for the restitution of research results on seasonal vaccination with the RTSS vaccine (MOSQUIRIX). Were present at this ceremony, Pr Idrissa Cissé, Director of the National Malaria Control Program (PNLP), Pr Abdoulaye Djimdé Director of the MRTC. They had at their side, Youma Sall, representative … Read more

Causes and Prevention of Cytokine Storms Due to COVID-19

VIVA Cytokines are proteins produced by the immune system to perform various important functions in cell signaling markers. Cytokines can signal that the immune system is starting to do its job. However, if the release of cytokines in the lungs is too much, it is called cytokine storm, this condition can cause damage to the … Read more

Get to know heart disease and its prevention in this UI student video

JAKARTA – Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading causes of death globally. There have been 17.9 million deaths or the equivalent of 330 years of life lost due to this disease. As a result, there is a decrease in the quality of life due to heart disease. The Faculty of Nursing, University of … Read more

Recognize chronic shortness of breath in COVID-19 patients and their prevention efforts

loading… SURABAYA – Hard to breathe This is one of the symptoms that patients with COVID-19 must understand. There are early signs that can be studied to minimize the worst risk after exposure to COVID-19. Lung Specialist at Airlangga University Hospital (RSUA) Alfian Nur Rosyid, dr., Sp. P(K), FAPSR, FCCP said that shortness of breath … Read more

COVID-19 further delays cancer care and prevention in Canada

A national survey conducted at the beginning of the summer by the survey firm Léger suggests that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt oncology care in Canada, which could trigger a new public health crisis. The survey conducted from June 10 to July 4 shows that half of cancer patients in Canada say their cancer … Read more

The National Football Team cancels the training plan on the 26th, Qatar issues detailed epidemic prevention guidelines_testing

Original Title: The National Football Team Cancels the Training Plan on the 26th, Qatar Issues Detailed Epidemic Prevention Guidelines After more than nine hours of flight, the Qatar Airways chartered flight taken by the Chinese men’s football team arrived at Doha Hamad International Airport in the early morning of the 26th. All members of the … Read more

Covid: Calabria; 3 deaths, positivity rate and infections increase – Calabria

Three more hospitalizations in the medical area, stable in intensive care (ANSA) – CATANZARO, 04 AUGUST – What emerges from today’s Bulletin of the Calabria Region on the incidence of Coronavirus on the basis of data communicated by the Prevention Departments of the provincial health authorities is a negative picture. There are three more deaths, … Read more

prevention and treatment with fruits?

Eating fruits (like vegetables) has many health benefits, it’s a fact! In addition, the list of benefits continues to grow. For example, researchers from the medical school at Johns Hopkins University recently added one more benefit to this list. Published July 28, 2021 in the journal Science Translational Medicine, their study suggests that fruit consumption … Read more

Delta Variant Triggers Covid-19 Spike in US, Daily Cases Reach 72,000 – The United States recorded a rise in the number of cases, people treated and deaths from COVID-19 last week, even as vaccination rates continued to rise amid concerns over the highly contagious Delta variant. “We are still concerned that the rise in cases will continue, fueled by the Delta variant,” White House COVID-19 … Read more