World AIDS Day | Souhaila Ben Said, president of the Tunisian Association for Positive Prevention ATP+, to La Presse: “It doesn’t just happen to others…”

Interview by SBO It is a subject that has long been considered taboo. HIV or the human immunodeficiency virus is resurfacing according to the latest statistics which show that the number of contaminations has recently increased, especially among young people, given their laxity with regard to protection in sexual relations. As part of the international … Read more

Clear signal!China’s “epidemic prevention tsar” held consecutive symposiums to mention the weakening of the virus’s pathogenicity | Anue tycoon-Mainland Political Economy

China’s “anti-epidemic tsar” and Vice Premier Sun Chunlan held a symposium for the second consecutive day, mentioning twice that the pathogenicity of the Omicron new crown variant virus has weakened, and asked officials to create conditions for further improvement of prevention and control measures, releasing the official prevention and control position Soften the latest signal. … Read more

Beware of the Early Signs of HIV and Its Prevention

Jakarta – World AIDS Day which is held today invites people to recognize the dangers and prevention of HIV-AIDS. Even though everyone feels different conditions, there’s nothing wrong with being aware of the early signs of HIV. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) is a malignant virus that attacks the human immune system by destroying CD4 cells … Read more

China’s relaxation of epidemic prevention restrictions is expected, OPEC may expand production cuts, WTI crude oil knocks $80 | Anue tycoon

Crude oil futures prices closed higher on Tuesday (29th) due to signs that China may relax the new crown epidemic prevention restrictions, which will help ease market concerns about energy demand and provide support for oil prices. Speculation that OPEC’s meeting on Sunday could lead to production cuts also contributed to WTI’s rise, analysts said. … Read more

Many places protest against the blockade of the National Bureau of Disease Control and Prevention: Targeting excessive epidemic prevention

Mainland epidemic A residential fire in Urumqi, Xinjiang, where 10 people died caused dissatisfaction among mainlanders over excessive epidemic prevention. Mourning and protests took place in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Wuhan, Hubei, and Shenzhen, Guangdong. The person was taken away by the police. At the press conference of the State Council’s Joint Prevention and Control … Read more

The “White Paper Movement” broke out in China, and the three major central media spoke out in support of epidemic prevention and control | Anue tycoon – Mainland Political Economy

When the “White Paper Movement” broke out in Shanghai, Beijing and other places in China, the three major central media, including People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, and CCTV, all spoke out. The People’s Daily published an article signed by “Zhong Yin” on Tuesday (29th) titled “Insist on the Ninth Edition to Implement the Twenty Articles.” … Read more

Towards the end of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 2030

“Ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic, young people are ready” is the theme of the National Month of Action for the prevention and control of this disease which runs from November 10 to December 10. >> Vietnam among the countries with the best quality of HIV treatment >> The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria … Read more

Palu City Government intensifies HIV/AIDS prevention socialization – ANTARA News Palu, Central Sulawesi – ANTARA News Palu, Central Sulawesi

Palu (ANTARA) – The government of Palu City, Central Sulawesi continues to intensify socialization and education on HIV AIDS prevention through various media as part of the government’s efforts to provide health protection for the people in the area. “Education is not only carried out by the Health Service alone. The Palu City Government also … Read more

Case of Acute Kidney Failure, Victim’s Attorney Considers BPOM Failed to Take Prevention

JAKARTA, – Lawyers for families of victims of illness kidney failure acutely due to children’s syrup, Awan Puryadi assessed the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) too late to take precautions. In his view, BPOM should have a drug poisoning prevention protocol. “In the description of our lawsuit there are indeed the authorities, duties … Read more

Definition, Symptoms, Transmission, Treatment and Prevention

Jakarta – Diphtheria is an acute infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract. This disease predominantly affects children, usually the parts of the body that are attacked are the tonsils, pharynx, and larynx, which is the upper respiratory tract. This is explained in the book Infectious Diseases Around You by Obi Andareto. The special features … Read more