The trend, which is spreading across Europe, is similar to price manipulation in the stock market

The purchase of shares by the company itself is a technical operation little known to the lay public. It manifested itself more massively in the US stock markets in 2019 and since then this wave has continued, driven by “accommodative” monetary policies such as quantitative easing and zero interest rate policies that facilitate the use … Read more

Eika’s stock fund dumped salmon shares for close to 300 million before the price crash

Fresh shareholder lists show that the mutual funds Eika Spar, Eika Norge and Eika Balansert sold off almost half of their shares in SalMar in one day. The sale probably took place on Monday this week, i.e. two days before the news about ground rent taxation hit and the salmon shares crashed on Oslo Børs. … Read more

The price of the dollar in Egypt continues to breach historical levels against the pound

The dollar exchange rate witnessed new rises against the Egyptian pound, which ended the week’s trading sharply lower, to break new records for the first time, above 19.6 pounds for sale at the Central Bank. While flexible or orbital flotation takes place For the Egyptian poundExpectations indicate that the Egyptian currency will continue to decline … Read more

Tamron 20-40mm f/2.8 for Sony: Definite specs, date and price

While the Japanese third-party lens manufacturer has greatly reduced its range of lenses for (D)SLRs in recent years, it is continuously expanding its range of lenses for mirrorless cameras. At the moment, the focus is primarily on lenses with an E-mount for Sony cameras. As another novelty for the Alpha models from Sony, Tamron introduced … Read more

Huawei FreeBuds SE, analysis: Price, opinion and characteristics

Image: July Cherry If you take a look at the catalog of the big headphone manufacturers, you may be surprised by the number of sophisticated features that are added to their devices. What if a little bit of spatial audio here. Some active cancellation noise over there. And why not a dash of adaptive equalization … Read more

Undriven Favorit included in the Octavia price. A unique time machine found a new owner for 600,000

It is often claimed that old Škoda cars are only sold in the Czech Republic for huge and often senseless money. But as the unused Favorit from Greece proves, high sums are not avoided for relatively normal cars from the Mladá Boleslav manufacturer, even abroad. In Greece, for example, the price of a white hatchback … Read more

Check out the price of a used car for the 2017 Suzuki Ertiga, the price tag of Dreza is really passionate – Check out the price used car Suzuki Ertiga 2017Dreza’s price tag in the used car market (mobkas) is really passionate, friend. Yep, on the used car market for the 2017 Suzuki Ertiga, the Dreza type, the price tag is only like this. Suzuki Ertiga 2017 used car engines are stubborn and economical. Check … Read more

Make homemade toilet bombs. The advantage is the beautiful smell and the price, a piece costs 2 crowns

No doubt you clean the toilet regularly, but still it doesn’t smell the way you want it to. You don’t need to run to the drugstore to make your toilet smell beautiful. You can create your own perfume bomb for the toilet, thanks to which it will always smell luxurious. It is a more ecological … Read more

Leaked Wuling Almaz Hybrid Price

Jakarta – The Wuling Almaz Hybrid for the first time appeared at the Indonesia Electric Motor Show or IEMS 2022 exhibition. The vehicle that became the center of attention of visitors is said to be launching soon, between the end of this year or early next year. Then, how much is the leaked price? One … Read more

My eyes are broken! Look at the price of Chompoo Araya airport look after traveling to Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week, despite the lack of a mother superstar like Chompoo Araya, because last night (September 30, 2022) Chompoo appeared at Suwannaphum Airport. ready to go France to attend Paris Fashion Week this season and for the airport look, I can tell you that it’s not normal. Because Mae Chompoo comes in a chic … Read more