The increase in fuel prices in the UAE for the month of February 2023… Know the new price list

Fuel prices in the UAE for the month of February 2023, which were approved by the Fuel Prices Follow-up Committee in the UAE, which includes the added tax at a rate of 5%, as the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation announced on its official page on Twitter that the prices of gasoline and diesel prices increased … Read more

The official price for the Oppo Reno 8T in Indonesia, check the full specifications and prices for the Oppo HP for February 2023

TRIBUNKALTENG.COM – Oppo Reno 8T will soon be officially released on the Indonesian market on February 7, 2023 starting at 12.00 WIB. The specifications for the Oppo Reno 8T are quite capable, especially since there are two models that will be marketed in Indonesia, namely the Reno 8T 4G and Reno 8T 5G. In addition, … Read more

The farmers’ association: – It is difficult for consumers to understand why prices are increasing so much

– We need more transparency about what is behind the price increase, says Bjørn Gimming, head of the Norwegian Farmers’ Association. On Wednesday, it is expected that prices in Norwegian grocery stores will increase. In Norway, we have two annual price windows on 1 February and 1 July where prices normally increase after the grocery … Read more

Gold prices in Saudi Arabia.. today, Wednesday, February 1

Main economy Wednesday, February 1, 2023 – 12:26 am Gold prices today gold prices.. Gold prices in Saudi Arabia witnessed, during the beginning of trading today, Wednesday, February 1, 2023, changes in the buying and selling price in Saudi riyals, against U.S. dollarWhere we present to you the price of gold today in Saudi Arabia … Read more

Prices were on the rise in December but inflation is lower in Guadeloupe than in France

Food, tobacco, manufactured goods, energy and services, in December 2022, consumer prices increased by 1.1% in Guadeloupe compared to the previous month. The INSEE study published on January 26 indicates that the rise in prices therefore concerns all sectors of activity M. Bastide with FJO. • Published on January 31, 2023 at 09:00 In detail, … Read more

Coal prices are falling, they may show the most significant monthly decline in history

A ship with a cargo of coal sails down the Sava River through Belgrade, Serbia. Photo: SITA/AP A mild winter and demand prospects are sending coal prices down sharply in one of the most important global markets for supplies from Australia. Their price has already fallen by more than a third this month, and according … Read more

Ford reacts to lower Tesla prices in the USA >

On behalf of the German Volkswagen Group, its CEO Oliver Blume announced at the weekend that not responding to Tesla’s global price cuts earlier this year to want. At Ford, however, things are obviously different: On Monday, the company announced prices for its Mustang Mach-E electric car in the USA, some of which were noticeably … Read more

We spent considerably more in stores, mainly due to higher prices | Economy

Door onze economieredactie 31 jan 2023 om 08:09Update: 2 dagen geleden Retailers were able to receive more shoppers in 2022 after two years of corona lockdowns. Consumers spent 6.7 percent more than a year earlier, the largest increase since 2005. This is mainly due to higher prices, as the sales volume fell by 0.6 percent … Read more

Will we ever get ‘normal’ prices in the supermarket again? | Exclusively for subscribers

“These are absolutely abnormal figures.” Even with inflation falling slightly to around 8% in January, there seems little cause for euphoria. “Once products have passed a certain price level, they rarely go down again.” Are the current high prices really the new normal? Robb van Lier 31-01-23, 06:00 Latest update: 31-01-23, 06:30 Free unlimited access … Read more

Grocery, Price | Kiwi raised prices by more than 50 per cent: – People get angry

The online newspaper: On Monday, broccoli more than doubled in price at the discount chain Kiwi. It went up from NOK 8.90 to NOK 19.90. That’s a price increase of a whopping 124 percent in one day. The biggest price jumps Oranges, avocados in nets and apples also increased by more than 50 percent from … Read more