The cheapest car from Changan.. Check out the specifications and prices of the new Alsvin

Sole agent for the brand’s vehicle announcedShanjanGhabbour Auto, about the availability of the “Alsvin” model 2022 in the Egyptian market, through three categories of equipment, and a price starting from 227 thousand pounds. Technical performance of the engine of the “Alsvin” car model 2022 The 2022 Alsvin car was presented in the Egyptian market with … Read more

A new brand enters the Slovak car market. We know the prices! – News – Car

MG is entering the Slovak market with two SUVs marked ZS and EHS. Photo: MG MG wants to establish itself in Slovakia with a plug-in hybrid version of the EHS model. Most people associate MG with famous British roadsters. But at the turn of the millennium, the small producer of sports cars did not succeed. … Read more

Check out the specifications and prices of Renault Kadjar 2022 model after the latest increase

The car belongsRenault“The Kadjar has moved to the SUV category, and the car has seen an increase in its price due to the lack of supply and the increased demand for its purchase. fairy. Renault Kadjar engine features 2022 Renault has enhanced the capabilities of its distinguished car, the Kadjar, of the 2022 model year, … Read more

Check out the prices and specifications of the Geely Monjaro 2023 in the Saudi market

Chinese industry giant announcedjellyAbout the 2023 Mongaro, which is considered the latest model in the Saudi market, which develops into the SUV category. Specifications of the Monjaro 2023 in the Saudi market The Geely Mongaro 2023 is considered one of the best that the Chinese manufacturer has presented, as it has received a bouquet of … Read more

Energy crisis: Electricity prices – that’s why Germans are now paying much more than Swiss

published29. June 2022, 21:11 Germany and the Netherlands are struggling with massive increases in electricity prices. In Switzerland, the Ukraine war has not yet had any major impact on electricity prices. But in 2023 it will probably be more expensive. 1 / 8 In the first three months, electricity prices have risen by ten percent … Read more

International oil prices fall significantly. Heating oil is getting cheaper.

international market The slide in global crude oil prices continued yesterday. Brent crude oil is currently only $112 a barrel (September delivery). For once, it is the refineries that provide some relaxation. In the US and other regions, they bring additional quantities of diesel or gasoline onto the market. The supply situation is improving somewhat … Read more

Fuel Prices Rise, RI Survived the ‘Time Bomb’?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The price of fuel oil (BBM) cannot be sustained continuously if world oil prices continue to rise. Fuel subsidies are like a ticking time bomb ready to explode in the state budget. The spike in global commodity prices, particularly crude oil, poses a risk to inflation and fiscal direction in regional … Read more

One of the biggest stores has slashed food prices. People take it by storm, saving thousands of crowns

In the midst of all the negative news about ever-increasing prices, it’s good to see something more pleasant come along every once in a while. And even the traders themselves are aware of it. They managed to increase their margins very nicely in the previous months, especially when it comes to grocery stores. It is … Read more