Prince William, Kate Middleton, their first meeting when they were only nine years old and their first joint portrait

At the wedding of the decade a few years ago, Prince William married his girlfriend from Kate Middleton University in front of a global television audience of over 60 million people. With their “yes”, the couple became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – and 10 years later they are now proud parents of three … Read more

Prince William Father’s Day – Glamor

The fathers day it is celebrated worldwide on the third Sunday in June, although there is less talk of it compared to Mother’s Day, but in fact it looks back on quite a long tradition. Vilmos always allows himself only small gestures towards his children in front of the public, but these also show how … Read more

“He exceeded the limits”: Prince William, angry at his brother Prince Harry, leaves “little chance” for reconciliations

Prince William is furious and “mourning” for the brother he lost, according to The Mail+. Relations between Harry and William are currently “at rock bottom” as Prince William believes his brother has “crossed the line”. Prince William would be “in mourning” for the brother he lost, according to The Mail+. According to the British newspaper, … Read more

Prince William gives Queen Elizabeth II ultimatum

Prince William has given his grandmother an ultimatum Queen isabel II and made the reasons very clear. Here we tell you. After the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee that marks 70 years on the throne of the Queen isabel II The whole royal family gathered. You can read: Queen Elizabeth II: 6 curious facts about … Read more

On the street, Lithuanians met Prince William, who had sold the magazine: they did not recognize it immediately Names

The unexpected meeting of Lithuanians with Prince William also circulated the foreign media. As Laura and Vitalijus Zuikauskas told The Post, they saw the Duke of Cambridge just four hours before the flight home. “At first we didn’t even realize Prince William was standing here. We passed by him, “Laura admitted to The Post. “We … Read more

When members of the English royal family violated the protocol

Central Media Group Ltd. From being members of the English royal family, even they are human, so it happens to them that they break the protocol – not so infrequently! Nothing surprising is that like everything in the royal familyso II. Queen Elisabeth there is no shortage of rules around his house either, some of … Read more

Prince William, Kate Middleton, the visit to Scotland and the changed royal titles

Prince William and Kate Middleton do not stop when it comes to their royal duties. The couple is currently visiting Scotland, and the goal is to support the development of early childhood mental health. William and Kate were again ahead of Harry and Megan What will be their role in the anniversary of the queen … Read more

“Prince William, child and sulky”: this touching video of Diana and her two sons which resurfaces

(c) 1ladyydianawales on Tiktok Fans of British royalty are delighted. A video showing Princess Diana with her two sons, William and Harry, then aged 4 and 2 has resurfaced on social media, showing the eldest of the two children sulking as he does not want to come out of hiding. In these old images, widely … Read more

Kate Middleton, her outfit for Anzac’s Day and Prince Louis’ birthday

More than once Kate Middleton surprised us with her fashion decisions. We all know how sometimes she allows herself to be bold and challenging, other times she decides to be simple and practical. Kate’s dress, which angered William The prince has an opinion on his wife’s outfits It was on practicality that the Duchess of … Read more

Prince Louis Celebrates Fourth Birthday: Shares Invisible Photos Names

On this occasion, the happy parents of the three offspring traditionally shared unseen photos of the young man. Pictures taken on the occasion of Prince Louis’ fourth birthday are said to have been taken on Norfolk Beach. Almost all of the children’s portraits published on the official pages of the palace are photographed by Duchess … Read more