Telegram Group Admin ‘Nth Room’ Sentenced to 34 Years in Prison

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The South Korean Central District Court sentenced Moon Hyung-wook, one of the founders of the chat room ‘Nth Room’ on Thursday (8/4) local time. He was sentenced to 34 years in prison. Quoting from Koreaboo, Moon Hyung-wook was found guilty of several criminal acts including sexual exploitation, distribution of personal data, … Read more

Did he go “in tracksuits”? Soukalová’s hard offensive against EX

Already during Gabina’s participation in StarDance, it was speculated that everything was fine between them. Then last year Soukalová she admitted that she had filed for divorce. And since then he has been sharpening between the couple. Although the initial visions were still optimistic, in the end the former biathlon star did not avoid controversy. … Read more

Celebrates Easter mass without respecting anti-Covid measures, the priest in prison

Faithful gathered together, without masks, while they wait to receive the host from the priest, also without protection, or to be baptized. It happened in a church in the heart of Paris during the Easter Eve mass. To report the incident one of the faithful, who sent a video to the newspaper Le Parisien. The … Read more

Selling Counterfeit Vaccines, Fake Nurse Threatened 15 Years in Prison

The woman has been accused of “adulterating, tampering with, or modifying products intended for therapeutic or medicinal purposes.” – A fake nurse of Brazil threatened 15 years in prison. The woman is suspected of selling fake Covid-19 vaccines to make a profit of tens of millions of rupiah. According to The Sun, Wednesday (7/4/2021), … Read more

The Brazilian prosecutor’s office asks to bring Darthés to trial for aggravated rape against Thelma Fardin: the maximum penalty is 18 years in prison

In a press conference with Amnesty International and Argentine Actresses Thelma Fardin announced that the Public Prosecutor’s Office of São Paulo asks to prosecute Juan Dhartés (Franco Fafasuli) On April 6, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of São Paulo denounced Juan Darthés. The actor is accused of rape aggravated by the link in Nicaragua. And you … Read more

Drillrap shooting leads to demand of six years in prison against Kevin A. | NOW

The public prosecutor has demanded a six-year prison sentence at the court in The Hague against Kevin A. (20) from Rotterdam. He is one of the suspects in the violent confrontation between Amsterdam and Rotterdam drillrap groups at the Pier in Scheveningen. While a stabbing Nineteen-year-old Cennethson Janga (‘Chuchu’) from Rotterdam was killed. Two Amsterdam … Read more

Saudi Arabia, no ‘new Renaissance’ for Amnesty: ‘Human rights defenders in prison, enslaved migrants and dozens of executions’

Human rights defenders in prison, harsh repression of dissent, dozens of executions and persecution of homosexuals. Late in arriving “New Renaissance” proposed by Matteo Renzi during his last trip to Saudi Arabia, A country that even today, in an interview with Courier service, defined a “Bulwark against Islamic extremism”. According to the latest 2020-2021 report … Read more

COVID-19: major outbreak at Hull prison

About 30 inmates and correctional officers at Hull prison in Gatineau tested positive for COVID-19 over the long weekend. According to data from the Quebec government released Tuesday, 19 inmates and 13 employees, including 11 correctional officers, are currently infected with the virus in this prison establishment. However, according to the Union des agents de … Read more

In Russia, a CNN doctor and reporter was detained in front of Navalny Prison

“About 45 people gathered at the IK-2 correctional facility in the town of Pokrov, three dozen of whom were journalists and bloggers. Nine citizens committed public order violations and the police presented them to the police station for further clarification, “TASS announced, referring to the Ministry of the Interior. According to Kommersant, among the detainees … Read more

Prison entrance blown up: 1,844 prisoners freed | Abroad

The unknown attackers managed to free 1,844 detainees using explosives. “Witnesses said they saw a large number of gunmen on pickup trucks, they immediately attacked prison staff before blowing up the main entrance,” said a statement. The situation is under control, according to a spokesman for the state prisons. He called on residents to “get … Read more