Hundreds defendants in failed coup in Turkey face life in prison

Hundreds of suspects sitting on the bench for their alleged involvement in the failed 2016 military coup against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan face life in prison on Thursday at the end of a macro trial in Ankara. This is the main trial of the attempted coup, which focused on what happened on the night … Read more

Serial killers and rapists received aid checks for Covid-19 in prison

The government of California reported that dozens of prisoners received aid checks for Covid-19 they didn’t have to receive. Investigators in the case have said it is one of the largest scams in the state’s history. Among the people who received these checks are rapists, serial killers, human traffickers and other violent criminals. The prosecutors … Read more

International meeting seeks to link art with women deprived of liberty to make the prison reality in Chile visible

The Latin American Art in Flight Encounter is an initiative that seeks to reveal the conditions in which Latin American women face deprivation of liberty, and to highlight the structural gender violence that these women have experienced throughout their lives, which, in many cases , is responsible for ending up in prison. The initiative that … Read more

Indian hemp trafficking: two defendants receive 5 and 15 years in prison

Diourbel, Nov 24 (APS) – The Diourbel District Court on Tuesday sentenced two defendants prosecuted for criminal conspiracy and domestic drug trafficking to 15 and 5 years respectively. In addition to having to serve 15 years, the named Moussa Diouf is fined 3 million CFA francs. The court ordered the confiscation of the drugs seized … Read more

Zamora | The Prosecutor’s Office demands 18 years in prison for mistreating and raping his wife

The defendant enters the trial. A man accused by his wife of routinely rape her and physically and psychologically mistreat her in the last years of marriage you face 18 years in prison, 22 years of removal and 15 years of probation at the request of the Office of the Prosecutor for Gender Violence, the … Read more

Video – Salé Prison 2: inauguration of a multifunctional studio for the education of prisoners

Rehabilitation. The Salé 2 prison has just acquired a distance learning studio as part of an action program signed between the Institute for International Cooperation of the German Confederation for Adult Education (DVV) and the Mohammed VI Foundation for the reintegration of detainees. This studio was put into service last Friday, indicates a press release … Read more

Pas-de-Calais: 25 years in prison for the father-in-law of Yanis, 5, died after a punishment

At the end of a five-day trial, the Pas-de-Calais Assize Court in Saint-Omer sentenced Yanis’ stepfather, who died at five years of age during a punishment in 2017, to 25 years of criminal imprisonment for murder and regular violence, this Friday, November 20. The mother of the child was meanwhile sentenced to four years in … Read more

They ask for sentences of three and a half years in prison for two accused of cheating in a home purchase in Córdoba

CÓRDOBA, Nov. 22 (EUROPA PRESS) – The Prosecutor’s Office asks for sentences of three years and six months in prison for two men accused of crimes of fraud on housing allegedly committed on two people with whom they entered into a housing lease with the option to buy. The trial is expected to be held … Read more

He had a hand amputated to cheat the insurance for US $ 900,000: it was reimplanted and he will go to prison for three years

Julija Adlesic, 22, from Ljubljana, Slovenia, hatched a plot macabre together with her boyfriend with the aim of illegally making US $ 900,000. And for that he put his own body at stake, and at risk. Between them they devised a plan to get that amount of money from the various insurance companies. For that, … Read more