Former soldier co-orchestrated Capitol storming – now facing 20 years in prison

“Let the fight begin there. Then President Trump will get what he needs.” Stewart Rhodes, founder and leader of the so-called Oath Keepers, a far-right militia, said during a meeting shortly after the US presidential election. Ever since it was clear that Joe Biden had won, Rhodes has inflamed his Oath Keepers with lyrics about … Read more

Nurses who take care of their fake protections remain in prison

Two nurses suspected of accepting a bribe, abusing a security clearance, and possessing drugs who provided their fake protections for money remain in prison. dr. Veronika Barber, the deputy spokesman of the Komárom-Esztergom County Prosecutor’s Office said to our interest in the case that the investigating judge in the case agreed with the prosecutor’s motion … Read more

Save the soldier Lazzari, free him from the prison of the titolarissimi

Sarri prefers Hysaj and Marusic. And he, the involuntary protagonist of a famous performance by Caressa, must be satisfied with the crumbs in which he also scores (as in Salerno) Salerno 15/01/2022 – Serie A football championship / Salernitana-Lazio / photo Insidefoto / Image Sport in the photo: Manuel Lazzari goal rejoicing Someone thought that … Read more

Murder Robert Kennedy, the murderer remains in prison after 53 years of imprisonment: “He lacks judgment, he could do the same thing”

The governor of the California, Gavin Newsom, denied the probation a Sirhan Sirhan, the man who the June 6, 1968 killed Robert Kennedy a The Angels during the electoral campaign for the primaries of Democratic party. The reports it Cnn, specifying that Bob Kennedy’s killer remains in jail despite being the California Parole Board and … Read more

He refuses to present his Covid Safe Ticket and stabs the bar owner: 15 months in prison

The Brussels Criminal Court on Friday morning handed down a 15-month prison sentence suspended for three years against a man accused of the knife attack on the owner of a cafe. On October 16, this man attacked the manager of a drinking establishment in the city center of Brussels, when he wanted to enter without … Read more

Assad Regime Military Leader Sentenced to Life in Prison

loading… A German court on Thursday sentenced a former Syrian colonel, Anwar Raslan, to life in prison for crimes against humanity. Photo/Reuters BERLIN – Court German on Thursday convicted a former colonel Syria with life imprisonment for crimes against humanity. This is the first trial conducted for a regime official Bashar al-Assad . Anwar Raslan … Read more

Morocco: two years in prison for teacher who gave good grades in exchange for sex / News

A Moroccan university professor accused of giving students good grades in exchange for sexual favors has been sentenced to two years in prison. This is the first verdict in a series of high profile sexual harassment cases at Moroccan universities. The economics teacher at Hassan I University in the city of Settat was convicted of … Read more

Egypt, victim of sexual harassment, denounced the immobility of Cairo: activist sentenced to one year in prison. But she fled to Switzerland

In Egypt, if you are a political opponent, often the choice is between ending up in prison or fleeing into exile. He is a witness Amal Fathy, Egyptian activist, wife of Mohamed Lotfy, leader of the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms (Ecrf, the organization that has been following the case of Giulio Regeni), sentenced … Read more

Mark Two Decades of Guantanamo Prison, United States Frees Five Prisoners

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta -The United States has approved the release of five detainees from the Gulf military detention facility Guantanamo, Because. As reported CNN on Thursday 13 January 2022, the decision was taken as the prison marks 20 years this week since it opened under President George W. Bush, months after the September 11, 2011 attacks. … Read more

The history and long list of crimes of Zambrius, the young hacker from Ericeira who lived with his parents and grandmother (and was sentenced to six years in prison)

Tomás Pedroso, better known as Zambrius among the international hacking community, founded the team of hackers called Cyberteam, which has existed since 2011 but became popular in 2019 and 2020, with attacks in Portugal and Brazil. They became famous with DDOS attacks, targeting servers, Defacement of Websites, damaging Internet pages, and SQL-Infection, exploiting website vulnerabilities. … Read more