“Hadja Lahbib is making a name for herself in politics”

For the political scientist, this news marks a very good point for Belgium. “This demonstrates Belgium’s desire not to simply make an exchange between Olivier Vandecasteele and Assadi. The aim is also to show that we work for other European citizens. Belgium is doing very positively in terms of relations within the European Union and … Read more

Brescia in C, the night of fear of the prisoners in the stadium

In the balance of the clashes after the defeat with Cosenza also the assault on 3 stewards and Huard’s car burned. Players, family members and journalists locked up to escape the ultra madness The count of the wounded, nine. Of those arrested, five. And the stewards kicked, three. What remains the next day, in an … Read more

A picket in support of Belarusian political prisoners took place in Riga

In the center of Riga, near the Freedom Monument, on Sunday, May 21, a picket was held in solidarity with the political prisoners of Belarus, which was organized by the Association of Latvian Belarusians “Supolka”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The human rights organization “Vyasna” of Nobel Peace Prize laureate, political prisoner Ales … Read more

The number of prisoners in the European Union has increased; Some prisons in 8 countries are overcrowded / Article

«Eurostat»: The number of prisoners in the European Union has increased; In 8 countries, some prisons are overcrowded In general, in 2021, the number of prisoners in the European Union has exceeded 47,000, or 106 prisoners per 100,000 citizens of the European Union. Hungary and Poland have the highest number of prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants. … Read more

The three pilots were so valuable to the Russians that they released 45 members of the Azov Regiment for them

Ukraine on Saturday celebrated the return of 45 soldiers from the Azov Regiment, captured by Russian occupiers after the Battle of Mariupol, when they stopped defending the Azovstal steelworks on Kiev’s orders. Moscow, in turn, reported the release of three pilots from Ukrainian captivity. Neither side has yet confirmed that it was a prisoner exchange, … Read more

“People need to be slaughtered a little…” the executioner of prisoners from the occupying army tells his wife about his daily life

Shortly after a video of the atrocities of the Russian occupiers – the beheading of a prisoner from the Ukrainian army – once again appeared on the Internet, the Security Service of Ukraine (UDD) has published an intercepted telephone conversation. In it, the spouse sent to the front shares his everyday life with his wife … Read more

Wiretapped conversations reveal: Slitting the throats of Ukrainian prisoners after interrogation

28. apr. 2023 21:09 – Updated Apr 29 2023 12:45 “People who are prisoners of war… There’s no point in keeping them because we’ve got all the information out of them.” This is what a Russian soldier is said to have said in an intercepted telephone conversation. According to the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU), the … Read more

Wagner chief says his forces will take no more prisoners in Ukraine

CHASING in 2023 April 24 13:28 Yevgenij Prigozhin Photo: Reuters / Scanpix aA Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader of the Russian mercenary group “Vagner”, said that his forces fighting in the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut will no longer take prisoners of war and kill Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield. He was reacting to a post … Read more

No more prisoners in Bakhmut, kill them all

Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the Wagner Group mercenaries, ordered his men engaged to Bakhmut to kill all Ukrainian soldiers on the battlefield and to take no more prisoners. Turn on notifications to receive updates on “Take no more prisoners, kill them all.” The order came to Russian forces on the ground in Ukraine directly from … Read more