Violation of rules on notification and privacy

In 2018, Chief of Police Hans Vik reported to the Directorate of Police that the routines for notification had been followed. Now, four years later, the controversial whistleblower case has been investigated. Conclusion: Several breaches of the rules for both notification and privacy. Published: Published: Yesterday 06:20 Read the whole story with a subscription Already … Read more

A concrete ‘bunker’ with a lot of privacy, but lots of light: looking inside the house of Pieter and Joeri

A concrete ‘bunker’ with a lot of privacy, but lots of light: looking inside the house of Pieter and Joeri — © Billie An apartment in the city of Antwerp or their dream home in Limburg? The choice was made quickly. As a student, Pieter already dreamed of a sleek home inspired by Japanese and … Read more

Data protection at Microsoft: Regulators have serious concerns

WThe extent to which data protection has become detached from everyday reality can now be observed in almost every office. While the Microsoft world dominates everything there and team video conferences have long been the order of the day, the supervisory authorities have considerable data protection concerns about the cloud-based programs. Even after two years … Read more

Kim’s daughter in public for the first time. She appeared at her father’s side during the missile test

The weapon the pair is looking at is a Hwasong-17, according to KCNA. It was supposed to take off from Pyongyang International Airport and then fly almost a thousand kilometers. The DPRK tested a missile capable of hitting the US, a Japanese minister said Kim said the test was intended to clearly demonstrate his country’s … Read more

Margot Robbie struggled with lack of privacy at the start of her career | Backbite

Door onze entertainmentredactie 15 nov 2022 om 14:41Update: een dag geleden Margot Robbie had a lot of trouble with the lack of privacy at the beginning of her career, she says Vanity Fair. The 32-year-old actress therefore considered stopping acting. “I experienced it as a terrible period,” says de The Wolf of Wall Street-actress. “I … Read more

André Hazes pays a considerable amount for a new home, even if he does not have much privacy

The Dutch singer André Hazes (28) has bought a new house. Price tag: 848,000 euros. A high amount, and that for not even a villa. Tom Vets Yesterday at 03:00 After all, the house is an average semi-detached building, located in the small hamlet of Wilnis, a few kilometers from his mother Rachel in the … Read more

what they can control and the risks to our privacy

Municipal police officers equipped with super glasses with built-in infrared cameras to read license plates and documents and proceed, if necessary, with immediate fines. This is an experimentation, which will start in December in Arezzo (test city with Lecce) but there is already controversy over the protection of privacy and the Guarantor has also intervened. … Read more

Apple is being sued for spying on iOS users. The company promised complete privacy

Apple may collect personal data from users even if they have disabled iPhone Analytics to track in-app activity. This was reported by the developers of the Mysk application, pointing to the App Store, Apple Music, Apple TV, Books and Stocks – these programs have access to data in any case. Against this background, they filed … Read more