Wanatoe Prize 2022: Vote for the Wanatoe Audience Award 2022 (Showbiz and culture)

You can vote until 4 p.m. Friday via the poll at the bottom of this page. Please note: you can only cast one vote. Failure to follow that rule may result in a candidate being disqualified. The winners will be announced on Saturday between 7 and 8 p.m. in the Hasselt cultural center. You can … Read more

Reward for fast sailing: a solid prize for an Italian and Rūta Meilutytė ‘s prizes Sports

5.7 million $ 5.4 million, a cash prize fund for the World Water Sports Championships in Budapest, Hungary, last weekend. The International Swimming Federation, whose bulk of revenue comes from broadcast sales and promotional deals, confirmed that amount back in the spring. Almost half of it (EUR 2.6 million) will go to swimmers, including at … Read more

10,000 euros – The James Barnor Prize endowment

At the initiative, in 2021, of the 92-year-old Ghanaian photographer, the James Barnor Foundation is a charitable association which aims to promote African talent and improve their international visibility. As a first permanent initiative, it created the James Barnor Prize, which will be awarded each year to an artist residing successively in one of the … Read more

Muratov’s Nobel Peace Prize medal sold at auction for $ 103.5 million to help Ukrainian children

Dmitry Muratov, editor of Russia’s independent newspaper Novaya Gazeta, sold his Nobel Peace Prize gold medal for $ 103.5 million at an auction on Monday to help Ukrainian children who have fled the Russian invasion. The medal was bought by an as yet unknown auctioneer over the phone. All proceeds from its sale will go … Read more

Young man hits the Euromillions combination but loses prize

A young British woman checked out the winning EuroMillions combination and believed she was a millionaire, but the joy was short-lived. According to ‘ABC’, after several months of betting on the same numbers, these were finally the winners, but the prize could not be withdrawn due to insufficient balance. Rachel Kennedy, a university student from … Read more

What are the NBA prize money?

The Golden State Warriors were officially crowned the NBA League “NBA”, at dawn on Friday, June 17th. The Golden State Warriors won the NBA title, after a 103-90 victory over the Boston Celtics, in the Best of 7. The Warriors won the title by winning 4-2 in the series that is decided on the basis … Read more

Total prize money of 6 billion ‘Squid Game’…Where did you put my passport?

[뉴스더원=이현화 기자] Find the main character of the squid game. Netflix announced on the 14th (local time) that the Korean drama that was popular around the world last year. He announced that he would produce a reality program based on Netflix today In a statement announcing the production of the series, it said, “The largest … Read more

Messina, twist. De Luca: “Basile has the majority prize”. But not everyone agrees

Twist of the scene. Federico Basile’s coalition would have obtained the majority prize, having exceeded 40%. To give the news was Cateno De Luca live on Facebook from Palermo. “The lists will have 19 councilors. Now I will be president of the city council for a few months, before becoming mayor of Sicily on November … Read more