Aubameyang Has Heart Problems?

Jakarta – Shocking news came from Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Arsenal striker who is now joining African Cup was diagnosed with a heart problem. Reported from Mirror, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang actually defending his country, Gabon in the event African Cup in Cameroon. However, from the two matches that have been played, Aubameyang has not played either. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang … Read more

Cancellation of the climate package? “It’s a distraction from real problems”

Words of Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin, uttered during an interview in Polsat News, may prove that the Polish government is going to join the next tightening with the European Union. Previously, government representatives had directly pointed out that the EU climate policy, and more precisely – the burden imposed by the CO2 emissions trading … Read more

Loprais reached the finish line of Dakar. After technical problems, he was already driving well

Ales Loprais, Jaroslav Valtr Jr. and Petr Pokora with Prague in Instaforex Loprais Praga Team colors finished Dakar Rally 2022 in 21st place in the truck category. Technical problems eliminated them from the fight for the highest places in the final quarter of the competition. After repairing the procedure, that on Wednesday did not withstand … Read more

Gabon, Aubameyang and Lemina stop for heart problems

After losing the captain’s armband and ending up on the sidelines of theArsenal, a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang – negativized to Covid but still out of the game of Africa Cup of Nations against the Ghana – heart problems have been reported. This was announced in a note by the Federation of Gabon, explaining that teammates Lemina … Read more

PS4 not available in Polish and foreign stores. Serious delivery problems for Sony consoles

Sony said this week that it will be strong supporters of the PS4 throughout 2022 and still produce said console in parallel with PS5. It seems that the company needs to intensify its efforts in this direction, as the last-gene platform is becoming poorly available in stores. In an interview with the Bloomberg editors, Sony … Read more

Examples of Problems and Discussion of Materials about Planets in the Solar System

maxpixel Examples of questions on the discussion of planetary sequences in the solar system. – Along with the development of science, we are getting to know more about outer space. We can observe the planets-planets in the solar system us with more sophisticated and modern equipment. Therefore, we can learn more to increase human … Read more

Giselle Blondet made the decision to remove her breast implants due to health problems

The host Giselle Blondet announced through her Facebook page that she will soon undergo surgery to remove breast implants for health reasons. “I made a very important decision for me and I want to share it with you because it seems to me that it can be beneficial for many women,” she said. “In a … Read more

Corrosion end: Scientists have solved many annoying problems – figured out how to stop rust

Rust – it is iron oxide and iron is the main component of steel. Stainless steel exists and is rarely used in ships and cars. Steel is more often stored in some coating, such as paint or some aluminum-containing mixture. The research was published in the journalCorrosion Science“. However, the salt-rich marine environment shatters such … Read more