Health reinforces recommendations to prevent the impact of respiratory diseases on girls and boys

Given the increase in the circulation of respiratory viruses and the consequent increase in consultations for respiratory infections that occur with the arrival of the cold, the Ministry of Health of the Nation is carrying out actions in coordination with the province of Buenos Aires and the City of Buenos Aires to reinforce the containment … Read more

«Off to the forfeiture procedures for buildings on the beaches» Il Tirreno

“Free access to the State for non-removable works – bars, restaurants, apartments in reinforced concrete – built by private individuals upon expiry of the maritime state concession”, states article 49 of the 1942 Navigation Code. In essence, the State takes all buildings or buildings built on state land that cannot be demolished. In the second … Read more

Health updates the recommendations for booster vaccination against COVID-19 and encourages its application to maintain adequate protection

The Ministry of Health of the Nation updates the recommendations for the application of booster doses against COVID-19, in accordance with what is proposed by the National Immunization Commission (CoNaIn) and with the consensus of the holders of the health portfolios of the 24 jurisdictions, and recalls that the reinforcement strategy is essential to maintain … Read more

The applied calendar vaccines are included in the Mi Argentina app

The Ministry of Health of the Nation, together with the Secretariat of Public Innovation, inform that the service that allows citizens with validated identity to see the National Vaccination Calendar vaccines applied during their profile is available in the Mi Argentina application. 2023, included in the Federal Register of Nominalized Vaccination (NOMIVAC). In this regard, … Read more

Understanding All LASIK Procedures

JAKARTA – Many treatment and medication options for various eye problems. One of them is LASIK, which stands for Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. LASIK itself is a type of surgery that is very effective with predictable results. According to global statistical data compiled by Seed Scientific, the success rate for LASIK worldwide has reached 98%. … Read more

The CNEA and the Province of Buenos Aires come together to fight cancer at the COE of La Plata

The president of the CNEA Adriana Serquis and the vice president Diego Hurtado signed a framework agreement with the Minister of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires Nicolás Krepak to collaborate in areas of Research and Development in Nuclear Applications to Health, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy, in its scientific, technological and academic aspects, which … Read more

La Mosca closed the “Every Vaccine Counts” Festival at the Garrahan Hospital as part of the Vaccination Week of the Americas

As part of the activities of the 21st Vaccination Week in the Americas (VWA), the Minister of Health of the Nation, Carla Vizzotti, participated today together with the representative of the Pan American Health Organization in Argentina (PAHO/WHO). , Eva Jané Llopis, from the #CadaVacunaCuenta Festival that took place at the “Professor Juan P. Garrahan” … Read more

Distribution of more than 208 thousand doses of vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease in Formosa

FORMOSA – Regional authorities of the National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (Senasa) they coordinated with the Ministry of Production and Environment of Formosa and the Provincial Institute of Comprehensive Action for Small Agricultural Producers (PAIPPA) the delivery of 208,800 doses of vaccines to use in the inoculation campaign against foot-and-mouth disease in animals of … Read more

National Registry of Health Amparo Trials against Prepaid Medicine Entities

Within the framework of Res. 1781/22 SSSalud, Prepaid Medicine Entities are reminded that they must report in the “National Registry of Health Amparo Trials against Prepaid Medicine Entities” the judicial processes in which they intervene as a party defendant, due to the benefits and coverage obligations linked to its users, with the exception of claims … Read more

Delayed clamping and stem cell harvesting. What are the main benefits and how can both procedures be performed?

Photo: In recent years, more and more women in Romania are documenting themselves, already during pregnancy, about the methods of protecting the baby. The most common options for this are harvesting stem cells at birth and/or delaying the cutting of the umbilical cord. Even if, in the online environment, the two procedures are usually … Read more