Complaints about Bank CIMB Niaga’s KPR Take Over Process

Jakarta – I am a customer of CIMB Niaga Bank Housing Loans who use two facilities (KPR IB Flexi MMQ Annuitas and Ann Arr Housing-IDR). In connection with one of these facilities already being subject to floating interest, (fixed interest of around 8% to a floating interest of 13.5%), I intend to transfer a KPR … Read more

Leslie “N” is linked to the process, implicated in the attack against Ciro Gómez Leyva

Written in NATION he 17/3/2023 · 21:51 hs Leslye Soledad “G”, sister of Pool “G”probable leader of the criminal cell that planned and carried out the attack on journalist Ciro Gómez Leyvathe night of December 15, 2022, was linked to proceedings for the crime of aggravated criminal association related to this case. A control judge … Read more

Surprise in the doping process: judgment postponed again – Vuskovic cries in court

Also on the third day of the hearing there was no verdict in the doping trial involving HSV professional Mario Vuskovic. The court wants and must advise further in the case, it said at the hearing in Frankfurt this Friday. “We need a reasonable amount of time to make a decision. This is the only … Read more

Process in Innsbruck – girls abused: eight years in prison for Tyroleans

He tapped his feet nervously. No wonder: the allegations against the 37-year-old weighed heavily. For years, the Tyrolean is said to have sexually abused the daughter of his ex-partner, friends and even his own child. “I don’t remember how it came about and what I was thinking,” the accused confessed in court, but was otherwise … Read more

Get to know the names of the stones and their formation process, check it out!

There are various names of stones from several types of rocks in the world. Some of them have a high selling value and are very difficult to find. Gemstones are one example of a group of rocks that are much sought after as jewelry. Several types of natural stone are also widely used to make … Read more

Hive suspends SM takeover process… Remaining stake, what happens to platform collaboration

As Hive suspended the process of taking over SM Entertainment, Kakao took over SM. Instead, Hive decided to do platform business with SM and Kakao. However, issues such as how to handle the 15.78% stake in SM that Hive has secured so far and the platform collaboration method remain controversial. Hive issued a press release … Read more

Getting to Know Artichokes, Benefits, Nutrition, and How to Process them Latest Riau News

RIAUHEADLINE.COM – Artichoke or cardinal is a vegetable that comes from the Asteraceae family. Here are the benefits, nutrition and how to process it. Artichokes have thick, fleshy leaves and are gray-green in color, with large flowers growing in the center of the unopened leaves. Artichokes are found in the Mediterranean region, including in Italy, … Read more

5 tips to speed up the home loan process

Normally, the home loan process takes up to a month, but it can take longer if certain steps are not taken. Olga Kazanavičienė, Head of the Credit Products Department of Luminor Bank, explains what homework should be prepared for persons applying for a home loan and who want a smooth and fast process. “Every resident … Read more

“I am not the person who claims the United States”: Ovidio Guzmán rejects his identity during his extradition process

“I am not the person they believe, that the United States is demanding today,” Ovidio said on Tuesday. The mouse Guzmán, son of former drug trafficker Joaquín El Chapo Guzmán, during the judicial hearing called to analyze the extradition request presented by the United States government. Ovidio was arrested on January 5, 2023 in Culiacán, … Read more