Humans sometimes like to forget, apparently forgetting is also part of the process of brain development Sometimes forgetting is normal. Forgetting is part of the learning process. – Friends must have forgotten something. Do not worry, forget It’s a normal occurrence that can happen to anyone. Sometimes forgetting can be annoying and troublesome, but did you know that forgetting is part of the learning process? In addition, forgetting has … Read more

Ham So-won, who had a controversy over ‘manipulation’ in the process of moving house, released a suspicious video

A video released by broadcaster Ham So-won aroused curiosity. Below is Ham So-won’s Instagram Ham So-won posted on his Instagram on the 20th, “Construction site. I’m busy today.” videohas been posted In the video, So-Won Ham showed the inside of the house under construction and introduced, “This is the master bedroom and the living room.” … Read more

What is a Nebula, how it was formed, and how is it different from a galaxy? Check out the explanation here

DIY NEWS – Check out the following definition from Nebula, Then, how process formation to the difference with the Galaxy. Maybe for lovers of astronomy are familiar with the term Nebula or Galaxy. But there are some people who don’t understand what it is about Nebula and what is Galaxy. Quoted from that Nebula … Read more

This is the Physical Process of Liquid Waste Treatment – Liquid waste is is a process given on liquid waste before the waste is discharged into the environment. This process is very important so that the waste does not disturb the environment. There are several ways of treating chemical waste, namely physically, chemically, and biologically. Liquid waste treatment is carried out so that … Read more

Assange must be released. The process of extradition to the United States must be stopped.

17. jan. 2022 20:00 Last updated yesterday 23:48 Posters with Julian Asange in front of the Storting in December last year. Photo: Terje Pedersen, NTB Norway must demand that the United Kingdom release Assange, and that the United States drop the case. DebateThis is a debate post. Opinions in the text are at the writer’s … Read more

A French researcher dubbed DiCaprio in ‘Don’t Look Up’: ‘What struck me was the slowness of the process’

His name is Michael Marsset, he is 32 years old and he is from Finistère, France. One day, while opening his emails, he sees an ad to double Leonardo DiCaprio. “Asteroid specialist search to double Leonardo DiCaprio”, this is the kind of announcement received by Michael Marsset. At first he thought of a “bad” joke, … Read more

Perseverance Ways to Overcome the Gravel Blocking the Process of Collecting Stones on Mars

JAKARTA – NASA’s Perseverance recently faced a formidable challenge, which was discovered to be blocked by gravel during the process of collecting rock samples from Mars. Can the rover robot handle it? “This is only the sixth time in human history that samples have been taken from rock on a planet other than Earth, so … Read more

The process of aligning the mirror of the James Webb Space Telescope begins, which will last several months

Published: 14 ene 2022 10:34 GMT The operation is carried out by nanometric precision movements at the speed at which the grass grows. The James Webb Space Telescope on Wednesday began the process of moving the 18 segments of its primary mirror to align the instrument’s optics, reported at NASA. In the first instance, the … Read more

Twitch plans to update its user complaints and appeals process in 2022 | TECHNOLOGY

The streaming platform Twitch has announced the goals set for 2022, among which it has highlighted that it plans to update its process for user complaints and appeals, as well as to introduce improvements in the detection of suspicious users. YOU CAN SEE: Do you want to become a streamer? This is the price of … Read more

Increase in infected may extend vaccination process until summer

When the vaccination process started a year ago, precisely on December 26, 2020, the great difficulty faced by the task force to implement the designed plan was the shortage of vaccines and when would they arrive in our country to be to be able to vaccinate the almost 3 million people who were part of … Read more