If you want to produce cool content with a cellphone camera, here’s the trick

JAKARTA (RIAUPOS.CO) – Photographer and digital creator Dika Fidia shared tips on producing cool and neat content with a smartphone camera, both for photo and video content. The first tip, said Dika at the Nightography Tour event for the Samsung Galaxy A54 5G in Jakarta, Monday, is to activate the gridline on the cellphone camera. … Read more

Here’s a trick for Japanese farmers to produce special mangoes of IDR 3.4 million per fruit

Jakarta – This Japanese farmer attracted attention after successfully selling his mango crop at high prices. One mango costs IDR 3.4 million for this reason. Mango is one type of fruit that is popular because of its sweet and sour taste. Apart from that, mangoes offer health benefits if consumed in the right quantity. Starting … Read more

Eco house in Sweden – can Latvians produce? :: Daily Business

Wooden houses, parts for them, elements, colors, even dishwashers can be marked with Nordic Swan Ecolabel label in order to gain a wider response in the Nordic markets. In order to get a better idea of ​​what this labeling system is and what it means practically, Dienas Bizness asked questions to Stefan Björling, head of … Read more

Stock timer: The first meeting in the negotiations on the US debt ceiling did not produce results

The S&P 500 was down 0.46 percent, while the NASDAQ was down 0.63 percent. PayPal Holdings fell 12.73 percent after reporting first-quarter data. Shares of Airbnb fell nearly 12 percent in after-hours trading after the company released an earnings forecast that disappointed investors. After leaders of the US Congress met with President Mr. Biden, hopes … Read more

How to Use Augmented Reality to Learn Instruments and Produce Music – Innovations

In the current hype surrounding artificial intelligence, the squirrel that Silicon Valley was chasing after just a few months ago has been forgotten: the “metaverse”, also known in less buzzword-heavy circles as virtual reality or augmented reality. There are also some innovative application scenarios for this technology apart from gaming – for example when it … Read more

What is the easiest way to produce serotonin, the substance that regulates well-being

10-15 minutes of sunlight daily. It’s the easiest way to make serotonin, the feel-good hormone, but most serotonin is in the gut. The gut can increase the release of serotonin to speed up digestion. Serotonin also plays a role in reducing appetite while eating. We explain. Messages between two neurons, that’s what serotonin does. Chemical … Read more

Less talk, more work: the organic food producer will seek to produce products in an environmentally neutral way

Agricultural technology developer and organic food producer AUGA group presents a new line of what it claims are more sustainable organic products. It is highlighted that the current technological readiness allows the company to present products that are more environmentally friendly and less CO2 emissions were allocated for their production. The line of food products … Read more

Europe launches plan to produce 1 million ammunition a year. Breton: “States can also use Pnrr funds”

Il Recovery fund “was specifically built for three main actions: the green transition, the digital transition and the resilience. Intervene punctually to support projects of industrial moving towards resilience, including defence, is part of this third pillar”. This is the line announced on Wednesday by the commissioner for the single market Thierry Breton after Brussels … Read more

A mega-mosquito factory will produce five billion insects with a well-calculated purpose

The world’s largest “mosquito factory” is being built in Brazil and will produce up to five billion bacteria-infected mosquitoes a year. Although it sounds strange at first sight, the scientists involved in this project, in fact, aimed to stop an internationally spread disease, the Dengue disease, writes nature.com. The non-profit World Mosquito Program (WMP) has … Read more