He disappeared 23 years ago.. Watch the appearance of Nour El Sherif’s son in the series..Hajj Metwally..and the biggest surprise in his current profession

The Egyptian artist Ayman Mohamed is one of the most prominent faces that shone and grabbed the spotlight by participating in artistic works in childhood, After his remarkable appearance in a limited number of artworks, including the series “Hajj Metwally”, as well as the video clip “Ana Lou Habeeb” by artist Mohamed Fouad. Some predicted … Read more

Greta, who drives the “Renatėlė” tractor: “There are those who think that I only turn the “baranka”” | Names

Let’s face it, when you think about the profession of long-haul driver, few people associate it with women. However, practice shows that more and more of them choose to drive a tractor. Greta Bulovaitė from Radvili added to the ranks of these drivers a year ago. Personal album photo/Greta Bulovaitė They are 15min the interlocutor … Read more

After the wedding, Inga and Arūnas Valinskas, who tried the lifeguard profession, are open: they also had to deal with an event that ended tragically

I. Valinskienė said that every year she spends the summer in Nida with her husband Arūnas Valinskas, because the family loves this city very much. The two of them discovered the seaside resort almost thirty years ago, worked here as lifeguards, and now they have also bought their own house. “Of course, we like Nida … Read more

Brigitte Bardot’s confessions without language of wood: “Cinema is a stupid profession because cinema has become stupid”

70 years ago, Brigitte Bardot became a legend: a look back at the birth of a myth Female figure of the 1950s and 1960s, world star, muse and muse of the greatest artists, emblem of the emancipation of women and sexual freedom of that time, just 70 years ago, in 1952, she made her first … Read more

The hidden was revealed.. This was the profession of Heba Qutb before the fame and the surprise of her real life, which he disappeared from everyone!

2022/07/21 It’s 11:40 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite Dr. Heba Kotb, a professor of forensic medicine at Cairo University and a marital relations consultant, revealed that she was awarded the best female singer in 1990, when she was a university student. And Heba Qutb added, during her dialogue on the “Bouduh” program, broadcast on … Read more

MUA Changes Pentol Sales Profession to Finance the Child

Jakarta – The figure of MUA (Make Up Artist) from Makassar is attracting attention because of his story of swerving in sales meatball. He did it for the cost of living the child. Many inspiring stories come from food vendors. Like the figure of a woman from Makassar who originally worked as a Make Up … Read more

These are 9 jobs that will disappear in 2030

loading… Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir and Minister of Education and Technology Nadiem Anwar Makarim. Photo/Ist JAKARTA – Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir conveyed, there are 9 types of jobs that have the potential to be lost in 2030. This is following the incessant digitalization of almost all sectors, which not … Read more

Do you recognize Nóci, the presenter of Való Világ? At the age of 47, he pursues a civilian profession – Domestic star

A Nights name still sounds familiar to many TV viewers: for the blonde presenter with a edgy hairstyle, Czifra for Noémi a country fan of Real world in its first two series between 2002 and 2004. In the third stage, we no longer saw her as the female host of the reality show. He turned … Read more

Finally, the secret was revealed.. That is why the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, was hiding his mother’s profession from everyone.. You will never imagine what he was doing without anyone’s knowledge!!

2022/07/02 It’s 10:10 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The legend, Mohamed Ramadan, succeeded in being the focus of the attention of critics and followers of Egyptian drama, after his remarkable performance in cinematic works. The young artist, Mohamed Ramadan, was born in Qena Governorate, Egypt in 1988. He loved acting since his childhood and … Read more