PW in jumping. Kubacki’s profession in Ruka, the triumph of Graneruda and Kraft

Norway’s Halvor Egner Granerud and Austria’s Stefan Kraft shared first place in the ski jumping competition in Ruka, Finland. The Japanese Naoki Nakamura stood on the lowest step of the podium. The best of the Poles was Piotr Żyła, who took fifth place. Dawid Kubacki, who was leading after the first round, failed the second … Read more

After Being Disrespectfully Dismissed by the Police, Is This the New Profession of Tata Janeeta’s Husband?

Jakarta, Insertlive – Raden Brotoseno, Tata Janeeta’s husband, caused a stir because he was dishonorably dismissed by the Indonesian National Police last July. This Disrespectful Dismissal Decision (PTDH) was obtained after the National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, conducted a review (PK) of the trial decision against Brotoseno. Tata Janeeta’s husband was dragged into … Read more

Not a cleaner | The real job of the owner of the Koshary shop.. The profession is a surprise

The owner of the incident got angry Koshary shop Shockingly, a broadcaster on the air told him that he was asking for money to appear on programs, which he refused and confirmed that he was not asking for money from anyone. The announcer presented his true identity on the screen and the profession he works … Read more

The four new designs of the iPhone 15 are exposed, which may be the generation that has changed the most in recent years.

Double Eleven is approaching, should I buy the iPhone 13 or the iPhone 14, or choose the iPhone 14 Pro in one step? I believe that most of the friends who want to change to a new iPhone recently have struggled with this problem. Every year after the release of the new iPhone, consumers are … Read more

A famous US city was drowning in feces: the problem was solved thanks to representatives of the oldest profession

Check out the blog for more US travel “Bunny Journeys” We quickly ran past Gum Wall (chewed chewing gum the wall – now the whole street). Here, anyone who wants to leave a DNA trail can stick their chewed up, perfectly legally. By the way, the border is still in 2015. was cleaned clean by … Read more

”Hot chocolate”, a profession that is tasted every day without paying attention to it

‘Rabat – The theatrical play “Hot Chocolate” by director Bouselham Daïf was presented on Monday evening at Salle Bahnini in Rabat. The humorous work which plunges the public into the world of café waiters and their working conditions was performed on the initiative of the Ennoujoum Association for Theater and Cultural Development, with the support … Read more

The iPhone 15 broke the news again, this time even the power and volume buttons were wiped out – yqqlm

In recent years, led by Samsung, major mobile phone manufacturers have been working hard to study folding screen mobile phones, and are committed to promoting the development of smart phones. Today, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO, and vivo have all launched their own folding screen products to fill their gaps in this field, but the … Read more

“A relationship without sex is a relationship on the verge of breaking up.” Profession – sex coach

Ieva is aware that her occupation is something unusual for a Latvian, but she is happy that sex is being talked about more and more openly. Ieva welcomes both individuals and couples for consultations. She has noticed that the trends have changed over the last year – if in the past mostly women “after 30” … Read more

85 Million Jobs Lost in 2025, Get Ready to Change Profession

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – With the development of technology, many changes will occur in society, including the loss of some jobs in the future. This is in accordance with the 2020 Future Employment Survey Report from the World Economic Forum (WEF) which states that by 2025 there will be 85 million jobs that will disappear. … Read more