Air Arabia’s profits soar 95% to 451 million dirhams

Sharjah: «Gulf» Air Arabia announced the results of the first half of 2022, as the company continued to record strong commercial and operational results with the continued recovery of demand for air travel. Air Arabia recorded a net profit of 451 million dirhams during the first half ending on June 30, 2022, a growth of … Read more

Lenovo Legion 5 Pro: A laptop with advanced technologies for gamers

Laptops have evolved greatly and offer superior capabilities in graphics, audio, cooling, large screen and extended battery life, in a moderate thickness and weight that allow gamers to carry these computers with them wherever they go and enjoy extended gaming sessions with friends and family, or while traveling. Among the latest laptops belonging to this … Read more

The UAE Embassy in Washington: American lawyer Assem Ghafoor is convicted of money laundering and tax evasion

It confirmed that he had conducted financial transactions on his accounts in the country by an unidentified third party The Emirati embassy in Washington said that the case of the American lawyer, Assem Ghafour, has been exchanged between the UAE and the United States within the framework of intensive cooperation to combat cross-border money laundering … Read more

CDS talks about 100% increases

After the controversy surrounding price increases of around 40%, announced by the president of Endesa and which were quickly denied by the Government, the CDS points to increases of 200% this month, for business customers. Nuno Melo gave two examples of «Portuguese industries trying to survive» and their electricity bills, referring to June and July … Read more

“Kuwait Commercial” profits rise 14% in the second quarter to 21 million dinars

The bank’s quarterly profit increased Kuwaiti commercial By 14% compared to the corresponding period of last year, to record 21 million dinars. The bank attributed the increase in profits to an increase in interest income by 12% to 28 million dinars. The bank also recorded a 95% decrease in provisions to reach 180,000 dinars.

Corporate profits are high, the bill is on the consumer

ANP NOS News•Sunday, 07:02 Nina Bogosavac editor economics Nina Bogosavac editor economics It is perhaps the most pressing economic question of the moment: who pays the bill for the sky-high energy and raw material prices? A look at the quarterly figures of a number of large multinationals shows that that account is not with them … Read more

CAC 40: TotalEnergies, ArcelorMittal, Engie or LVMH… The giants of the CAC 40 post record profits

(BFM Bourse) – The giants of CAC 40 show sparkling health despite the outbreak of war in Ukraine and inflation at its zenith. The heavyweights of the Parisian dimension already cumulate nearly 73 billion profits in the first half. That is 24% more than in the first half of 2021. TotalEnergies, ArcelorMittal, Engie or LVMH … Read more

The profits of energy companies are enormous

ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell and TotalEnergies. The quartet of these companies, which dominate the global oil and gas market, earned a combined profit of almost 51 billion dollars (1.2 trillion crowns) in the second quarter of this year. That’s nearly double what they earned a year ago, Reuters reported. Consumers and some politicians accuse the company … Read more

Oil Giant Profits Huge From War in Ukraine

Jakarta – The global energy crisis and high inflation are causing concern and uncertainty for consumers, but for companies in the oil business, these are big harvest times. This week, oil giant BP reported a big increase in profit for the second quarter of the year. The British company posted its highest quarterly profit in … Read more

“A gain of 37,500 pounds” .. The National Bank certificate for one year and profits beyond expectations will not be regretted

Many banks publish from time to time some of their investment certificates in order to work on acquiring clients, and the National Bank of Egypt is one of these banks, which leads the financial banks in terms of saving certificates that it presents to its clients, and citizens are accustomed to having certificates that last … Read more