All of Poland cheered for them! The Świętokrzyskie couple from the “Farmer is looking for a wife” program is planning a joint holiday. Kasia and Tomek in “Question for Breakfast”

The turbulent adventures of Kasia and Tomek from the 9th edition of the TVP program “The farmer is looking for a wife” made Kasia, a 24-year-old from the commune of Sadowie and living in Szydłów, in the Staszów district, cheer for the whole of Poland. Although some doubted the durability of the feeling that connected … Read more

Relive here the last chapter of the “Retro Tour” program dedicated to the history of the Cerro Tololo Astronomical Observatory

This month of November marked the 60th anniversary since a group of Chilean and North American astronomers selected the exact site where the Cerro Tololo Astronomical Observatorythe first international scientific center dedicated to astronomy in Chile. The search lasted for more than two years and considered the review of a series of hilltops located between … Read more

Jornal Médico – Education and Updating Program in Spine Pathology takes place this Saturday

Education and Updating Program in Spine Pathology takes place this Saturday The Portuguese Society of Spine Pathology (SPPCV) will hold a meeting within the scope of the Program for Education and Updating in Spine Pathology, on December 3, at 9:00 am, in a format online🇧🇷 The initiative will have as its theme “Traumatic spinal pathology … Read more

Final External Evaluation Capacity building program – Solidarité Sida

Solidarité Sida has set up the “Empowerment” program, with the support of the Paris City Hall and the French Development Agency. The Program thus aims to strengthen the capacities of 13 associations in 9 West and Central African countries, particularly in their structuring and development, the mobilization of resources and the recognition of their actions … Read more

Biotechnology Company Develops Program to Stop the Aging Process in Humans, Jakarta – Scientists are working hard to find out, change, slow down or hide the aging process that humans experience. of California, United States of America (USA), many biotechnology startups are working in this field, and although the miracle has not yet arrived, scientists are beginning to understand why and how we age. “If … Read more

The host of “Good Morning TVN” Damian Michałowski canceled the program

“Dzień Dobry TVN” is a breakfast show with a very large viewership – especially on weekends, when most people stay at home. Six host couples entertain viewers every morning and set them up for a good start to the day. An announcement in the form of a recording appeared an hour before the scheduled broadcast … Read more

The program «Iekodies» / Article will return to LTV with new stories about minorities

Host of the program Mārtiņš Kozlovskis: “I am very happy about this season, because I had the opportunity to “bite” not only on various traditional dishes of minorities, but also on culture. It is really interesting to learn how much Latvian culture has been influenced by the diasporas living here. Do you know what “hochma” … Read more

Panama will participate in the program against illegal unreported and unregulated fishing

Panama has been selected by the United States to participate in the program against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing, reported the Presidency of the Republic. The role of Panama will be to ensure the control and monitoring systems of capture and transport fishing vessels. With this, it seeks to strengthen trade ties between the … Read more

Jornal Médico – DGS presents “National Program for Diabetes: Challenges and Strategies” on November 30

DGS presents “National Program for Diabetes: Challenges and Strategies” on November 30 The Directorate-General for Health (DGS), through the National Diabetes Program (DGS/PND), in conjunction with the Directorate-General for Education, presents the “National Program for Diabetes: Challenges and Strategies”, as part of the commemorations of the Diabetes Month, which will take place on the 30th … Read more

Everything about Christmas markets in the Baltic States: opening, working hours and program

This year, after a longer break, Christmas markets will be in all three capitals of the Baltic states: Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. The first market will start its work on November 25 Tallinn It will open on the second Saturday, November 26, in the Town Hall Square Christmas market in Vilnius and the last one, … Read more