THE BALL – Have you learned to pronounce Andreas Schjelderup and Casper Tengstedt? They teach and say it’s not even difficult… (video) (Benfica)

We won’t be exaggerating if we say that for the vast majority of Benfica supporters (and supporters in general, even from other clubs), trying to pronounce the names of Benfica’s Nordic reinforcements (they arrived in January) is a mission that seems almost impossible. Well, Andreas Schjelderup (18-year-old Norwegian winger) and Casper Tengstedt (22-year-old Danish forward) … Read more

FC Barcelona in the ‘Negreira Case’: Sevilla and Espanyol pronounce on the arbitration scandal that shakes Barça | LaLiga | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

After the FC Barcelona was directly splashed by the ‘Negreira Case’, the Sevilla has been the first club of Santander League to raise their voices and demand responsibilities on the matter in question. The Andalusian entity has expressed its concern and discontent with the facts known to date, and has requested a thorough investigation to … Read more

How to pronounce this uncommon character? iPhone can “read” to you directly! – Saydigi-Tech

How to pronounce this uncommon word? iPhone directly “read” to you! What should I do, whether I see translated Chinese names that I don’t know how to pronounce after watching dramas, see rare characters when reading articles, or suddenly see characters that I seem to have learned but forgot how to pronounce? It turns out … Read more

7 Names of Prehistoric Animals That Are Hard to Pronounce, Here’s How to Say them

loading… Sometimes some names of prehistoric animals are found that are difficult, even almost unpronounceable. This difficulty is due to the complicated naming of prehistoric animals, such as Opisthocoelicaudia. Photo/wikimedia JAKARTA – Paleontologists have identified thousands of prehistoric animals, including every dinosaur like Tyrannotitan or Raptorex. Sometimes several are found no prehistoric animals that are … Read more