Putin’s journalist was raped in Ukraine. Kadyrov’s nephew was supposed to be among the attackers

Chechen fighters were supposed to have raped Russian pro-regime journalist Olga Zenkova in Ukraine, who was filming a propaganda report in occupied Melitopol. Allegedly, among them was the nephew of their leader Ramzan Kadyrov, a great ally of Vladimir Putin. A letter from the management of the Russian television NTV addressed to the authorities, in … Read more

De Magistris on La7: “Zelensky can’t really be watched in Sanremo. Enough with the war propaganda”. Brawl in the studio

fight a The wind that blows (La7) on the speech of the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in the final evening of San Remo Festival. Fuse of the debate is the leader’s position Popular Union, Luigi de Magistris, who explains his complete opposition: “This is a further step in trying to convince an Italian population, which … Read more

Sikorski talked about Ukraine and again recorded Russian propaganda

V the beginning of the interview Sikorski said that he agrees with Henry Kissinger’s turn of opinion that after the events of the last year there is no other option than to invite Ukraine into NATO after the end of the war. He pointed out that the Ukrainians chose a pro-Western orientation only ten years … Read more

″President Xi has put a lot of pressure on all areas of Chinese society, including the propaganda system″

What is the power of propaganda in China? Is it organized in a quasi-scientific way, or does it show contradictions and even reflect some struggle between different CCP factions? The propaganda system in China is huge, it includes not only the media, but also the education system, the internet, culture, entertainment, everything… We can consider … Read more

Conte and Di Maio against Salvini: on Open arms he made propaganda

Of John Bianconi The duel in the courtroom. The Northern League: “I’m disconcerted, only I risk prison” The former government allies and colleagues, now lined up on opposite sides, find themselves a few meters away and almost ignore each other, forced into their respective procedural roles: Giuseppe Conte and Luigi Di Maiowitnesses, e Matteo Salvini, … Read more

Too expensive? Nationalist propaganda? Tom Waes responds to commotion about his program “The story of Flanders”

Even before the first episode was broadcast, there was already outrage because of the more than two million euros in subsidies that the program received. That money came from various subsidy pots, with the support of the Flemish Government. This went down the wrong way with Hannelore Goeman, group leader in the Flemish Parliament for … Read more

Moscow denies fighting Kiev but says it is destroying its army

There is a parallel reality in Russia. It’s not an opinion, it’s facts: the government is preparing to criminalize anyone who uses maps of the country without annexed regions; the Ministry of Defense continues to proclaim unrealistic numbers; and the secretary of the Security Council, on the day that a missile killed two women and … Read more

Russian “truce”: – Typical propaganda play

– Putin says he is fighting Satanism in Ukraine – and wants to portray Russia as a defender of the true Orthodox faith, says the retired lieutenant general to Dagbladet. On Friday at 12 p.m. Mosvka time, the much-publicized “truce” with Russia came into force, according to state-run Russian TV. The “truce” will reportedly last … Read more

Putin ordered the screening of propaganda films about the war in Ukraine in Russian cinemas

Specifically, the ministry is supposed to ensure that films dealing with the “special military operation”, as they officially call the invasion of Ukraine in Russia, and “the fight against the spread of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist ideology” get into cinemas. It is with the alleged effort to fight Nazism that Russia explains its campaign against Ukraine, … Read more

The Russians are getting tired of the propaganda on TV

A transcript from Dagens Nyheter, 2023-01-02 17:55 Original address of the article: https://www.dn.se/varlden/ryssarna-borjar-trottna-pa-tv-propagandan/ Updated Yesterday 10:21 Published Yesterday 06:57 Margarita Simonjan has a direct line to Vladimir Putin. Here, the two appear at St. Petersburg’s international forum this summer. Photo: TASS Without the lies and incitement in the television box, Putin would not be able … Read more