“My son himself is in a relationship with me.” Why did the prosecution refer the YouTuber, “Umm Ziyad,” to the felonies?

11:27 p.m Thursday 08 June 2023 Books – Mahmoud Saeed: The Public Prosecution Office referred the famous YouTuber, Heba Sayed, owner of the “Diary of Umm Ziyad Wahba” channel, her son, and her husband to the Criminal Court on charges of human trafficking. What is the story of the famous YouTuber Heba Sayed? Communication from … Read more

IDB urges prosecution of ex-police general for killing person during hunting

The IDB informed that during a hunt in the fall of 2022, a police officer fired a shot from his hunting weapon and hit a person, who died from his injuries. During the pre-trial investigation, a non-custodial security measure was applied to the former State Police official. The Office of Internal Security reminds that no … Read more

October bridge storm | The Public Prosecution Office reveals those involved in the collapse of the advertising banner.. and issues urgent decisions

An urgent decision by the Public Prosecution in the incident of the collapse of the banner at the top of the October Bridge A catastrophe.. The Public Prosecution Office reveals a shocking surprise in the collapse of the October Bridge sign Formation of an engineering committee from Cairo Governorate to inspect the land on which … Read more

Trial of the Brussels attacks: the prosecution demands the guilt of Salah Abdeslam as a co-perpetrator of the attacks

At the trial of the Brussels attacks, the federal prosecutor’s office embarked on the third day of his indictment. Federal prosecutors have demanded the guilt of Salah Abdeslam as a co-perpetrator of terrorist assassinations and attempted terrorist assassinations. And this, even if he was arrested on March 18, 2016 and was therefore in prison during … Read more

Brussels attacks: for the prosecution, that Abdeslam was behind bars on March 22 does not in any way diminish his participation

For the federal prosecutor’s office, the Molenbeekois must indeed be considered as a co-author of the assassinations and attempted assassinations perpetrated in Zaventem and Maelbeek. The writings he left behind, his determination to stay with the cell after Paris and even his silence in the face of investigators after his arrest on March 18 attest … Read more

Judges prohibit reimbursement request on behalf of patient – 05/28/2023 – Cotidiano

Health insurance have obtained, in court, the right to deny reimbursement for medical consultations, exams and other procedures carried out by non-accredited clinics and laboratories that use the patients’ login and password to request reimbursement from operators. According to court cases, the establishments make advertisements and promise the patient treatment at no cost in exchange … Read more

Talya died after being bitten by dogs in Strépy-Bracquegnies: a suspended sentence, required by the prosecution against the mother

The fifteenth chamber of the Hainaut Court of Appeal, devoted to environmental offenses, examined on Tuesday the file of the mother of little Talya, bitten by her dogs on July 12, 2021 in La Louvière. The 8-year-old girl did not survive her injuries. The defendant, who had left her daughter alone with her mastiffs for … Read more

The Supreme Court settles the Bernabé Cano vaccine process although it does not rule out that there are indications of crime

Case closed although without ruling out existence of evidence of crime. He supreme court has settled the criminal process open to the mayor of La NuciaThe popular Bernabe Canofor getting vaccinated against covid before it corresponded to him in a residence in his town linked to the City Council. Some events that led to the … Read more

Belgian police arrest seven suspects for preparing attack

NOS News•Thursday, 6:57 PM•Amended Thursday, 7:45 PM The Belgian police have arrested seven suspects because they may have been preparing an attack. The arrests were made during house searches in West Flanders and Ghent, Belgian media report on the basis of the Public Prosecution Service. According to the Belgian OM, four suspects have a Chechen … Read more

A purge on the dark web. 288 people arrested, thousands more face prosecution

The operation resulted in the arrest of 288 people suspected of drug trafficking. Police officers also confiscated more than 50 million euros in cash and virtual currencies (1.18 billion crowns), 850 kilograms of drugs and 117 firearms. The operation focused on the illegal Monopoly Market. Most of the drugs seized were amphetamines, but the police … Read more