Mino Raiola, for Bild “is in intensive care at San Raffaele. His condition has worsened”. The prosecutor’s staff denies it

The German newspaper Bild is sure of this: Mino Raiola, already hospitalized on January 12 at the San Raffaele in Milan, is in the intensive care unit. According to the tabloid’s sources, the condition of the famous Italian-Dutch prosecutor has worsened, albeit Alberto Zangrillo, head physician at the Milanese hospital, had immediately clarified to the … Read more

here is what the Federal Prosecutor’s Office reproaches Mogi Bayat

In the Footgate case, a thorough reading of the indictment of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office brings its daily share of revelations and surprises. Remember that this indictment is provisional, incriminating, and that each suspected person benefits from the presumption of innocence until his possible conviction by a trial court. In addition, the analysis of the … Read more

When the Terrorist Convict Presented by the Prosecutors Precisely Defended Munarman…

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The follow-up trial of the terrorism case with the defendant Munarman at the East Jakarta District Court on Wednesday (19/1/2022) went beyond expectations. The terror convict with the initials K, who was presented by the Public Prosecutor as a witness to incriminate Munarman, actually defended the former Secretary of the Islamic Defenders … Read more

Inefficiencies and inconveniences in vaccination hubs, hard fist in Bologna: the Prosecutor’s Office moves

Not only soiling of no vax to bring trouble to the vaccination campaign. The index also includes behaviors considered “instrumental” which slow down the regular performance of activities in the hubs. This is how some episodes that occurred in recent days in some points dedicated to anti-covid vaccines in the metropolitan area are branded by … Read more

the Public Prosecutor’s Office requests a two-year suspended sentence

Will Alain Mathot be sentenced a year after being acquitted? This Tuesday was the second day of his appeal trial. The public prosecutor requested a two-year suspended prison sentence against him, together with a deprivation of his civil and political rights (for 8 years) and a “commercial ban” for a period of five years. The … Read more

Poroshenko returned to Ukraine, the prosecutor’s office demands to set a billion hryvnia bail / Article

At Kiev airport on Monday, Poroshenko welcomed many supporters. The prosecutor’s office claims that Poroshenko, one of Ukraine’s richest businessmen, was involved in a coal sale that benefited financially from Russian-backed militant gangs in eastern Ukraine in 2014 and 2015. Poroshenko accuses his successor President Volodymyr Zelensky in an attempt to discredit him in order … Read more

Ukrainian prosecutor’s office requires Poroshenko to set a security deposit of 31 million euros

Prosecutor’s office in Ukraine has asked the court to impose a bail of one billion hryvnia (31 million euros) on the former president Petro Porosenko, who returned to Ukraine on Monday to face charges of treason, although he considers them politically motivated. Content will continue after the ad Advertising A spokesman for the prosecution insisted … Read more

Kazakh prosecutor’s office: 225 people killed in riots

In Kazakhstan, 225 people have been killed in the violent unrest that began as a peaceful protest against rising gas prices, authorities said on Saturday, saying the number of casualties is much higher than previously reported. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “225 people were taken to the morgues during the emergency, including 19 … Read more

Kazakh prosecutor’s office: 225 people killed in riots

“225 people were taken to the morgues during the emergency, including 19 police officers and soldiers,” Serik Shalabayev, a spokesman for the Prosecutor General’s Office, told a news conference. Among others were “armed bandits involved in terrorist attacks,” he added. “There are also peaceful people,” the official said. Kazakhstan has previously confirmed that there are … Read more

Kazakh prosecutors announce new riot death toll, say both civilian and ‘armed bandits’ have been killed

This is a much higher number than previously announced. “During the emergency, the remains of 225 people were delivered to the morgue, 19 of whom were law enforcement officers and soldiers,” Seric Shalabayev, a spokesman for the attorney general, said. Among those killed were “armed bandits involved in terrorist attacks,” Shalabayev added. “Unfortunately, civilians have … Read more