“Inside for prostate, outside with circumcision”: top doctors o …

Pedro Elias tackles his extreme fear of illness in the podcast ‘Patient Pedro’. “Enter for a prostate examination and go out with an appointment for a circumcision. Typically something for me. ” — © Fred Debrock Pedro Elias (46) is a lot at the same time. TV maker and presenter. Commentator in ‘The container cup’. … Read more

MMC offers MRI-guided biopsies to detect prostate cancer

Máxima MC is now offering MRI-guided biopsies to further establish the diagnosis of prostate cancer in patients. Using MRI images, a robot is controlled in such a way that the radiologist biopsies the patient exactly in the area with the suspected cells. According to the MMC a safe, friendly and reliable method to detect prostate … Read more

Major breakthrough in the fight against prostate cancer | Sherbrooke | News | The gallery

“This discovery will make the development of therapeutic targets more optimal, it is a great hope for patients with prostate cancer. It also opens the way to new avenues in terms of diagnosis and more personalized therapy, ”explains the first author of the article published in Cancer Research, doctoral student in biochemistry Frédéric Couture. The … Read more

2021 Prostate Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments Market Research Report, Growth, Top Manufacturers with Share, Product Sales, Top Revenue, Business Overview, Forecast to 2023

Global Prostate Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments Market report offers to study useful source of information for market players, business overview, CAGR status, growth, product demand, major developments actors. The report guarantees a 360-degree assessment, bringing out comprehensive key information about the industry. The Prostate Cancer Diagnostics and Treatments Market analysis on industry share, latest trends, … Read more

Let’s Beware of Prostate Cancer Symptoms, While Preparing Insurance Products …

loading… JAKARTA – Prostate cancer is one of the health problems that often threaten men. In Indonesia, this disease ranks 4th of all types of diseases, due to the lack of early detection that has not been optimal. Some time ago, child psychologist Seto Mulyadi was diagnosed with prostate cancer. The Chairperson of the Indonesian … Read more

Prostate Cancer Medicine Market Size, Share, 2021 Trend Analysis, Growth Status, Revenue Expectation, Competitive Landscape, and 2026 Regional Forecast

The Global Prostate Cancer Medicine Market report (2021) revolves around the major creators of the Prostate Cancer Medicine market globally with supreme data such as contact information and revenue, cost, segmentation, drivers, significant company profiles , value, limitations, opportunities, challenges and barriers. Examination of downstream applications as well as upstream primitive hardware materials and solutions … Read more

Men, this is the most appropriate time to detect prostate cancer early

VIVA – Sufferers prostate cancer most are over 50 years old, although it does not rule out the risk of this disease also attacks younger men. Urology specialist and teaching staff at the Urology Division of the Department of Surgery, FKUI-RSCM, Prof. dr. Chaidir Arif Mochtar said, the older the age, the greater the chance … Read more

Is it true that prostate cancer arises because of infrequent sex? Here’s the Doctor Said

INDOZONE.ID – Uro-Oncology specialist Dr. dr. Nur Rasyid. Sp.U (K). explained that sexual intercourse for a man indicates that his erectile ability is still functioning properly. He said, a weakened erection is a sign of problems with blood vessels, one of which is prostate cancer. “So a man who regularly performs sexual activity will certainly … Read more

Making love every day is effective in preventing prostate cancer? These are the facts

VIVA – Routine ejaculate diligently make love every day considered to be the answer to prevent prostate cancer in men. In fact, research has not been able to prove a correlation between the two things. Uro-Oncology specialist Dr. dr. Nur Rasyid. Sp.U (K)., Confirmed that erectile problems could be a sign of problems with blood … Read more