How do central banks protect banks from collapsing?.. “Barter Lines”

Barter is a system of monetary exchange for the same currency, whereby two parties cooperate to provide the other party’s need for dollars. Violently, many countries around the world, including the European Union and the United States of America, began to hedge against banking crises through tools, some of which are unconventional. One such tool … Read more

App helps online artists protect their art from generative AI

A new app gives online artists the ability to (for now) protect their artwork from analysis for generative AI. It is a research project of the University of Chicago. The university developed an app (which is explained in this paper) that should prevent the improper use of images for training AI. In practice, Glaze overlays … Read more

Why and how to protect yourself from invasive pneumococcal disease?

Invasive pneumococcal disease is an infection caused by the bacteria Streptococcus pneumoniae, known as pneumococcus. These infections are considered invasive, because they break into parts of the body that are usually free of germs. The pulmonologist and medical director of the Hospital Menonita Caguas, Dr. Edgardo Cartagena Ayala, reported that they can affect children and … Read more

Aida urges Poles to put on a “vest”. It is to protect in the event of a crisis

Life and style Monday, March 20 (13:51) Aida Kosojan-Przybysz, a Polish clairvoyant, regularly shares predictions and advice with her fans. This time, he suggests Poles to let a little more good energy into their hearts. Such a “shield” in the form of good humor will be useful to us in the coming weeks. Clairvoyant Aida … Read more

Protect your sons and daughters with the Measles vaccine – Expanded Immunization Program – PAI

Measles presents with symptoms of fever and skin rashes that spread over the entire body. Cough, conjunctivitis and nasal mucus may also appear. The best way to protect children from dangerous and contagious diseases is through vaccination, which is safe, effective and free. From the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI), they highlight the delicate situation that … Read more

Revealed! Pep Guardiola wants to “protect” Lionel Messi’s record from the pursuit of Erling Haaland

Pep Guardiola seems to still be very fond of Lionel Messi’s shiny record, to the point that Erling Haaland can’t overtake him… Haaland made another hat-trick vs Burnley Guardiola replaced it in the second half Worried that Messi’s record will be broken by Haaland WHAT HAPPENED? Cristiano Ronaldo may still be listed as the all-time … Read more

Common cold can protect children against covid – Smålänningen

About Smålänningen Smålänningen was started in 1921 by Elfrid Dürango, in 1935 Älmhult’s newspaper was also incorporated. Today, the newspaper is printed in 12,200 copies and is read by 35,000 people, above all in the municipalities of Ljungby, Markaryd and Älmhult. Smålänningen is part of Bonnier News Local, which is Sweden’s leading local media group … Read more

An ancient genetic mutation would protect us from Covid-19

The Black Death epidemic, which caused millions of deaths in the middle of the 14th century, is said to have led to a genetic mutation that would have helped survivors fight off this bacterial disease. According to a British study, this genetic variation is still present in our time in some people and that it … Read more

Laeticia Hallyday reacts for the first time exclusively, “what Joy has been through is intolerable, it’s my role to protect her” (video)

16 years ago, Johnny went to seek a little “anonymity” with his family, in Los Angeles. “It was the freedom to be unknown. It made it possible to protect our children from all this media court, sometimes atrocious to live, from the judgment of each other, “says Laeticia. Who, today, must step up to protect … Read more

Portaltic.-Firefox for Android introduces ‘Total Cookie Protection’ to protect the user from tracking between websites

MADRID, 15 Mar. (Portaltic/EP) – Mozilla has implemented the security feature ‘Total Cookie Protection’ to protect the user of the Firefox app on Android from cross-website tracking, thereby preventing personalized ads from following them as they browse. Cookies are a digital element that web pages use to monitor user activityfor remember your preferencesalthough sometimes they … Read more