SOLVED FOR YOU: Protected stone marten damages roof (Pelt)

A stone marten puts René at a heavy cost. To repair the damage the animal has caused, the entire roof must be removed. — © Karel Hemerijckx Pelt – A stone marten has wreaked havoc in René’s attic in Pelt. The repair costs 35,000 euros. The government does pay compensation for damage caused by game, … Read more

Your mind protected! This simple habit helps fight Alzheimer’s

One of the most discussed topics by health authorities around the world is the one that involves the prevention and fight against Alzheimer. Incidentally, not only this disease, but also others that are degenerative of the central nervous system deserve to be highlighted. In this regard, recent research has found a habit that is capable … Read more

Messina Money protected by politics? For Minister Piantedosi it is more about the past: “There are no elements”. The words in A7

Dear user, we inform you that articles 4 and 6 of the “Conditions of Use of the Services offered through registration to Readers” relating, in particular, to access to the contents and news published on the site have been modified. We therefore invite you to read the new version of the “Terms of Use of … Read more

What COVID vaccine did you apply? This mathematical model reveals how long you are protected

Would you like to know how long you are protected after receiving a dose against COVID-19? The answer is now possible thanks to the fact that a team of experts, led by the Hospital General de Massachusetts (MGH)developed a mathematical model that allows calculating the protection and duration of reinforcements against the coronavirus. According to … Read more

Mazda “rotary engine” revival, why now? At the mercy of regulations and management streamlining, the rotary fire that Mazda protected – AUTOCAR JAPAN

rotary engine revival mazdaMazda Europe, a European subsidiary of Mazda, will present the “MX-30“We will reveal the range extender to the world for the first time. A range extender is a type of EV (electric vehicle) that is equipped with a motor such as an engine exclusively for a generator in order to extend the … Read more

Apple AirTags now protected against stalkers thanks to update

After some bad publicity about the Apple AirTags, the Californian technology giant has finally taken proper measures to prevent misuse. AirTags also useful for tracking people Apple AirTags are small, handy and you can always follow them. Ideal for finding your keys, for example. Or other things that you often lose and that you really … Read more

Coti’s strategy to avoid running into Julieta and Romina in the Big Brother house: “I’m protected there”

In Big Brother 2022, there was a tremendous fight that had Julieta, Romina and Coti as protagonists. A few days ago, it became known that the young woman from Corrientes betrayed her other companions, but she denied it every time she was asked, but the screams from the public left her in evidence. After the … Read more

in 2030, 30 percent of the earth must be protected area

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 09:45•Amended yesterday, 5:00 PM The nearly 200 countries participating in the UN Summit on Biodiversity in Montreal have agreed on measures to protect ecosystems and animal and plant species. After almost two weeks of negotiations, an agreement has been reached. It has been agreed, among other things, that by 2030 at least … Read more

PROFESSOR SOUNDS THE ALARM: Two groups must be protected

PROFESSOR SOUNDS THE ALARM: Two groups must be protected The spread of respiratory infections continues to increase throughout Sweden. – RS has really taken off and many children are now falling ill. Corona infection is also increasing throughout the country. At the same time, there are many other viruses that are spreading right now too, … Read more

Several Kremlin oligarchs are protected from European Union sanctions / Article

Several Kremlin oligarchs are protected from European Union sanctions Following Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the EU has imposed extensive sanctions against Russia, including blacklisting several oligarchs close to the Kremlin. These persons can no longer enter the EU, but their assets in Europe are frozen. The President of the European Commission (EC), Ursula von … Read more