China’s real estate crisis is coming… riot after protest

[앵커] Recently, in China, the number of places where apartment construction has been suspended has rapidly increased, causing the real estate market to falter. Residents took part in protests saying they would refuse to repay the bank loan if the construction was not resumed. The Chinese government has urgently taken measures, but the situation is … Read more

Komodo Ticket Protest, Labuan Bajo Tourism Actors Strike During August

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Association of Tourism Actors and Individual tourism actors in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) unite perceptions in a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to stop tourism activities in tourist areas in August. The ‘simultaneous strike’ agreement is part of their protest over the government’s plan to increase ticket prices … Read more

Dior’s skirt burning problem 50 Chinese students protest in front of a store in Paris asking for an apology –WWD JAPAN

SCREENSHOT / XIAOHONGSHU / WWD ©︎ FAIRCHILD PUBLISHING, LLC WWD ©︎ FAIRCHILD PUBLISHING, LLC It is controversial among Chinese net users that the middle-length skirt that Dior unveiled at the 2022 Women’s Fall Collection resembles the traditional Chinese Ming dynasty garment, the Mamian skirt. About 50 Chinese students gathered in front of the Dior store … Read more

How much does a nurse and a doctor earn in Latvia? The protest is not only about wages…

Protesters went to the campaign with various posters with inscriptions such as “I want to see a doctor today, but not after death!”, “The government does not hear us!”, “Government, love doctors, because you will not be healthy forever!”. Photo: Timur Subhankulov LETA, “Latvijas Avīze”, JSC “Latvijas Mediji” Most read Russia has prepared Putin’s evacuation … Read more

Fourteen farmer actions along roads last night: burning hay bales at Bathmen and Markelo | peasant protest

Met video & updateIt was a relatively quiet night and start of the day when it comes to farmers’ protests. In our region, the fire brigade only had to turn out for burning hay bales along the A1 at Bathmen and Markelo. Remco Regterschot, Michel van Ballegooij 29 jul. 2022 Latest update: 29-07-22, 11:45 Those … Read more

Threatened contractor André refused to clean up rubbish at A1: ‘Wouldn’t have gone if I knew it was a farmer’s protest’

Highways have been closed in several provinces due to farmers’ protests. Waste, car tires and substances such as asbestos have been dumped on the road. Contractors engaged by Rijkswaterstaat to clean it up are under threat. André is one of them. “I also fully support the farmers,” says André, whose father used to own a … Read more

Asbestos in blockades, Rijkswaterstaat: ‘Really very dangerous and costs us all money’ | peasant protest

In dozens of places, especially in the east of the Netherlands, farmers dumped asbestos sheets, manure, sand, hay, rubble, car tires and household waste on the road. In some places it was impossible to get through. A motorist drove into a roadblock at at least one location near Meppel, causing considerable damage to the car.

Rugby players boycott their team’s match to protest a shirt bearing the slogan “Gay Pride”

Posted in: 26/07/2022 – 10:42 Seven Australian National Rugby League players have decided to boycott a major game for their team after the management decided to put the “Gay Pride” logo on their shirts. The Manly Warringah Sea Eagles will become the first team in this tournament to wear a shirt bearing the “Gay Pride” … Read more

In Russia, the former editor of “First Channel” Ovsyannikova was detained after a new protest / Article

Photos published on Ovsyannikova’s Telegram channel on Sunday show how the policemen put her in a minibus. It is reported that she was taken to one of the Moscow police stations. The non-governmental organization “OVD Info”, which keeps track of Russian political prisoners, reports that she was later released, referring to the lawyer assigned to … Read more

Strong reactions in several countries to storming of protest camps – VG

THE STORM: Soldiers arrived at the protest camp of many Sri Lankans on the night of Friday, chased them away and tore down the tents. Photo: Rafiq Maqbool/AP On the night of Friday, soldiers went into action against a protest camp in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. It has provoked strong reactions in several countries. Sri … Read more