Wild protests in France – over a hundred police officers injured

Protests, strikes and civil resistance over changes to pension laws continue to rock France. On the streets of the capital Paris, as well as in other big cities such as Rennes and Marseille, hundreds of thousands of protesters gathered on Thursday. The demonstrations are the largest in a wave of protests against the government’s and … Read more

Protests continue in France… Macron “will not acquiesce in violence”

Protesters angry at the pension reforms proposed by the French president continued to organize sporadic demonstrations today, Friday, while Emmanuel Macron stressed that he “will not succumb to violence.” The latest developments Today, trains slowed down and rows of trucks blocked access to the commercial port of Marseille. Rubble still littered the streets of Paris … Read more

King Charles III’s visit to France has been postponed due to protests

The trip to Paris and Bordeaux was due to start on Sunday, but Thursday saw one of the worst incidents of violence in France since January. demonstrations that have started. Buckingham Palace said the delay was due to the “situation in France”. The statement said: “Her Majesty is very much looking forward to visiting France … Read more

Indian Law Prohibits Residents Changing Religions Reap Protests

CNN Indonesia Friday, 24 Mar 2023 15:44 WIB 1. Indian Law Prohibits Residents Changing Religions Reap Protests 2. Anti-Conversion Law Violates Indian Constitution Illustration. Several states in India have passed laws that prohibit people from changing religions. (iStockphoto/da-kuk) Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Commission United States of America for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) protested the legislation … Read more

Auto green, Italy’s protests: “Disadvantageous agreement with Berlin”

BRUSSELS Synthetic fuels to save internal combustion engines are making inroads in Europe, but the openness of the EU Commission to German requests does not convince Italy, which contests a “disadvantageous” agreement by now almost defined between Brussels and Berlin. In fact, the draft compromise would not take into account the biofuels around which Rome … Read more

Environmentalist blitz at Palazzo Vecchio, Selvaggia Lucarelli: “I’m with the dauber”

A voice out of the choir. After the myriad of indignant phrases against the environmental blitz of recent days at Palazzo Vecchio, a counter-trend comment arrives. The journalist Selvaggia Lucarelli, in an episode of the podcast Upside down of Choramedia, wanted to underline how the demonstrative actions have often had a strong “character” over the … Read more

Trump predicts he will be arrested. He calls for protests

Donald Trump assured on Saturday on his social network Truth Social that he would be “arrested” on Tuesday and called for a demonstration before his possible indictment in the case of paying a porn star to keep silent about their sexual contacts. The prosecution invited Donald Trump before the grand jury The Manhattan District Attorney … Read more

after protests, police chief sacked

He will not have withstood the crisis. The head of the Greek police has been sacked, the government announced on Saturday March 18, after the clashes between the police and demonstrators which have multiplied since the train accident of February 28, the deadliest in the country’s history. Constantinos Skoumas has been dismissed from his post, … Read more

The government wants to destroy the constitutional court and seeks absolute power, says an Israeli living in the Czech Republic about the protests | iRADIO

“Some army pilots are already refusing to go to work, saying that they signed a contract with a democratic state and not with a dictatorship,” describes Nitzan Hollander, an Israeli living in the Czech Republic, who participated in protests against the planned judicial reform in Israel last week. the goal is to bind the constitutional … Read more

Israeli Prime Minister with Justice Reforms Despite Protests

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pushing ahead with judicial reforms, rejecting President Isaac Herzog’s proposed arbitration amid continued unrest in Israel. C. Rubini CTC, Vatican News Prime Minister Netanyahu has insisted his administration will press ahead with controversial justice reform programs despite President Herzog’s warning that Israel is on the brink of civil war. Netanyahu … Read more