The CSTO has completed the withdrawal of troops from Kazakhstan

“The peacekeeping operation in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which was decided by the KSSO Collective Security Council, has been completed,” said Russian Andrei Serdiukov, who led the KSSO mission. A total of six former Soviet republics belong to this Moscow-led bloc. The withdrawal of the KSSO peacekeeping force from Kazakhstan has been … Read more

There are no fears of sanctions on the agreements with Jordan and Egypt

Gulf Dot: The United States has told Lebanon that it should have no concerns about US sanctions law regarding plans to receive energy supplies from countries in the region, according to the office of Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Friday. A statement from the Prime Minister’s office stated that the US Ambassador to Lebanon, … Read more

US Protests Chinese Flight Cancellation, Threatens Retaliation

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The United States government criticized the decision China canceled many flights from the US due to passengers who tested positive for Covid-19 and warned they could take retaliatory action. “China’s actions are not in line with the US-China Air Transport Agreement. We are engaged with (the Chinese government) on this and we … Read more

Minister Hoekstra tests positive • Multiple light protests against corona policy

The closure of the catering industry, culture sector, shops and event industry is no longer justified, writes the Overijssel Council of the Provincial Executive. in a fire letter to the cabinet. The deputies are making an urgent appeal to the cabinet to reopen society in the short term. The letter also states that the college … Read more

Kazakhstan, the Tokayev dolphin uses protests to erase the ‘father of the fatherland’ Nazarbayev: but the economic revolution is still utopia

After days of fighting, dozens of protesters killed and at least 8 thousand arrests, the calm seems to be back in Kazakhstan. A calm linked to the heavy repression that the regime has put in place, also supported by CSTO troops, a Russian-led security organization. With the succession of events and declarations it is becoming … Read more

VIDEO: Widespread protests against restrictions in Bulgaria

In the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, on Wednesday, clashes broke out between police and protesters protesting against the restrictions imposed by the pandemic as protesters tried to break into the parliament building. Protesters failed to break into the building due to the large presence of police forces. Several protesters have been detained. Several people, including police, … Read more

China is ready to resist “penetration of external forces” into Kazakhstan

Kazakh military in Almaty block street during protests China fears that the unstable situation in Kazakhstan will threaten energy imports and joint projects, experts say. China is ready to step up law enforcement and security cooperation with Kazakhstan and help resist interference from “outside forces.” This was stated by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, writes … Read more

“4” The open channels that carry the African Nations Cup 2022

We show you our most important and recent visitors news details “4” open channels that carry the 2022 African Nations Cup | Nilesat Watch the teams of Algeria and Egypt today in the next article Omar Shuwail – Jeddah “4” open channels that carry the African Nations Cup 2022 | Nilesat watch the teams of … Read more

Protests in Kazakhstan sparked power struggles: ‘Clans are fighting for their interests’

“I think the power struggle got over the protests,” says Deen. He points to the dismissal and the subsequent arrest of Karim Masimov, former prime minister and former head of the security service. Masimov is suspected of high treason. “There’s something strange there,” says Deen. “Either he was sacrificed as some sort of scapegoat, or … Read more

The frequency of the new Moroccan sports channel Arriadia TNT 2022 in HD quality on Nilesat and Arabsat

The frequency of the new Moroccan Sports Channel 2022 in HD quality on Nilesat, Arabsat and all satellites. We review it with you in this article through our “Educate Me” website. The Moroccan Sports Channel is one of the prominent channels on the television scene in the State of Morocco. It has become of great … Read more