Two suspects arrested for waste dumping on A7 during farmers’ protests

ANP NOS News•yesterday, 13:03 The police have arrested two people suspected of dumping waste on the A7 during farmers’ protests. The suspects are a 20-year-old man from Gorredijk in Friesland and a 19-year-old man from Opende in Groningen. The two men are said to have dumped waste on the A7 on July 28 and August … Read more

the protests in San Paolo- Corriere TV

Many people took to the streets to the chorus of “murderer”, addressing the off-duty lieutenant accused of the murder of the wrestler After the death of Leandro Lo, martial arts legend and eight-time world champion in jiu-jitsu, dozens and dozens of people took to the streets of Sao Paulo in the night between 7 and … Read more

protests by farmers. The Rutte- government falters

from Irene Soave A “Memorandum for rural areas” of the longest-lived government in the history of the country displeases the countryside: and the “Peasants’ Party”, in the polls, is tailing the government Placid, white and red, white and black, dappled cows are as much a part of the Dutch cliché landscape as mills and poppies. … Read more

Laurer: The cabinet set a record – protests already on the third day

The head of the crisis staff assured protesters that the gas connection with Greece will receive Act 16 by October The official cabinet set a record – it caused protests after only three days in office. The former minister of innovation and growth Daniel Laurer from “We continue the change” commented this to bTV. He … Read more

Ferrieri Caputi, difficult debut: two penalties, a goal disallowed and protests – Football

ROMA – The most important season of his life does not start with a simple evening. It wasn’t the first time that Maria Sole Ferrieri Caputi refereed a Serie A team: it had already happened to her in October, the Cagliari in Italian Cup. It’s still in the Italian Cup the girl from Livorno transplanted … Read more

Mass rape has sparked violent protests in South Africa. Illegal immigrants are blamed by the local population.

Eight women were raped in Krugersdorp outside Johannesburg last week. This has caused the local population to crack down on illegal miners. Large protests flared up outside Johannesburg in South Africa on Thursday, in the wake of a mass rape last week. House fires and fights have characterized the area. Photo: Themba Hadebe / Ap … Read more

At least 15 people died during the protests against the UN peacekeeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo

I’m at least 15 the people who died during the protests against the mission’s peacekeepers MONUSCO of the United Nations in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. According to a UN spokesman, the people killed are 12 civilians and three employees engaged in the UN mission, which has been present in … Read more

PSI Spokesperson Protests Paspampres Car Guarding Former Vice President Reckless, Here’s What Happened

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Francine Widjojo protested the treatment she received from the Presidential Security Forces or Paspampres bodyguard of the former Vice President in the South Jakarta area. The protest was delivered openly by Francine, who is the spokesperson for the Central Executive Board of the Indonesian Solidarity Party or PSI the field of manpower … Read more

Hungarian tax hike ratified despite days of protests

AFP NOS News•Monday, 23:36 Despite massive day-long demonstrations in Budapest against a significant tax hike, Hungarian President Novák has endorsed the tax reform with her signature. As a result, the self-employed and freelancers, who currently still benefit from a low rate, will pay much more tax from 1 September. For six days, demonstrators blocked bridges … Read more