Liqwid Finance – Open source financial protocol for algorithmically automated lending and liquidity provisioning. Bringing DeFi to Cardano – News

Hi everyone! My name is Matías and I am the Technical Leader of Liqwid Finance. I would like to introduce you to this idea that we are developing for the entire Cardano community. Here you can find the link to our Medium article in Spanish:é-es-cómo-funciona-y-para-qué-sirve-b974a61b1505 We will be publishing more information related to our … Read more

Futsal | The Valdepeñas-Barcelona is postponed by protocol

The RFEF has resolved to accept Barça’s request and postpone the match against Valdepeñas scheduled for this Sunday at 12 noon, following the protocols set by the health authorities because some members of the first team are direct contacts of a positive person for COVID. Given the circumstances, the team cannot travel to Valdepeñas due … Read more

Fixed Income Loans with Yield Protocol – BeInCrypto

A new DeFi platform called Yield Protocol wants to make it possible to take out fixed-interest loans. Currently, DeFi loans only have a variable interest rate. This makes it difficult for borrowers to predict what amount they will eventually have to repay. In the worst case, there is a risk of the security deposited being … Read more

Protests October 21: District withdraws and will not apply two points of the new protest protocol | Bogota

In compliance with a sentence of the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, he National government issued on Tuesday Resolution 1139 of 2020, with an “express” protocol for social protest. In other news: Regarding this, the District Legal Secretary announced that it departs from this protocol on two points that contradict the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca. First: … Read more

The protocol for marches and demonstrations is ready – Government – Politics

By resolution, the National Government, through the Ministry of the Interior, issued the protocol that, in the short term, includes the most urgent measures that guarantee the right of citizens to demonstrate publicly. This, after the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, when failing a guardianship, decreed as a provisional measure for the National Government to set … Read more

Summer 2021 protocol: a prior coronavirus test will not be a requirement to travel

The world exceeded 40 million cases of coronavirus but the actual number of cases is estimated to be much higher. The Old Continent imposes new restrictions. Belgium, France, Italy and Spain had to confine regions or close bars, restaurants and cultural activities. Deaths are estimated at 1,116.00 .

Shifts, distance and extended hours: how is the strict protocol to vote in Bolivia amid the coronavirus pandemic

The lines that have formed at the doors of the schools move slowly before the protocol that must be followed to prevent covid-19, which includes that the voter is sprayed with disinfectant liquid at the door and receives alcohol gel on their hands before going to your corresponding table

Larreta proposed to the President a protocol design for return to school and children’s recreation – Télam

The head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, transferred this Wednesday to President Alberto Fernández the intention of his administration to begin preparing a protocol for the gradual reopening of schools that remain closed since the start of the quarantine due to the coronavirus, as well as install entertainment for children and adolescents … Read more

Bolivia could be sanctioned for breaking the protocol

The Times and Page Seven The biosecurity protocol was broken during the qualifying match between Bolivia and Argentina, last Tuesday. According to the complaint made by one of the FIFA observers, people without accreditation entered and accommodated 40 to 50 people in a single space. “Regret the attitude of authorities, there were people who were … Read more