“It’s like a smartwatch in your skull”: Elon Musk presents his new brain implant prototype

“It’s like a Fitbit (smartwatch) in your head,” Elon Musk enthused Friday, during an online talk about the progress of his brain-to-computer interface project, which is getting a lot of attention. skepticism in the scientific community. The futuristic entrepreneur (Tesla, SpaceX) presented a year ago a chip with ultra-fine threads, which can be implanted in … Read more

A supposed prototype of AirPower unveils its underside on the web [photos]

Despite its abandonment, AirPower continues to raise many questions. iClarified (via Mr.white) just posted a video on bilibili showing the disassembly of an alleged AirPower prototype and revealing a rather complex design. We can see fourteen wireless charging coils, superimposed to allow multiple products to be loaded at the same time. We also note that … Read more

Sony to road test a prototype of the Vision-S, its 100% electric car

At CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, Sony surprised audiences by presenting a prototype of a 100% electric car : Originally, this Vision-S was designed as a simple technological showcase to present the know-how of the brand to car manufacturers, but it seems that Sony has other plans for this project … Indeed, the … Read more

a “gigaleak” reveals the prototype of many games of the Super NES era

The source code of many classics, including Mario Kart, F-Zero, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past or that of prototypes like an unknown version of Yoshi’s Island, has surfaced. Mentioned in a hint during May, on Reddit then on the 4chan forum, a security breach would have affected Nintendo and would have allowed … Read more

Hatching medical innovation in the face of respirator shortages | Companies

If there is something that has revealed the crisis for Covid-19, it is the shortage of supply of medical devices and medical devices, not only due to high demand, but also due to the globalization of production to the detriment of local manufacturing. This is what has happened, among others, with invasive ventilators, essential to … Read more

Someone compared photos from Google’s Pixel 4a camera to a Redmi Note 7

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Look what we need, Skoda! Skoda Kodiaq Blue Spark Cross Coupe shown – Russians are waiting

The coupe-shaped Kodiak captures with an unexpectedly daring appearance. Skoda Kodiaq declared itself in 2016 as a mid-size crossover sharing the platform with the Tiguan, not surpassing the latter in terms of practicality, because the Kodiak has a seven-seater version, and in general it is more spacious than the “brother”. In Russia, Skoda Kodiaq is … Read more

In Rodez, the epidemic makes the future of diesel workers even more uncertain

Will reopen, not reopen? At the Bosch factory in Onet-le-Château, near Rodez, since the start of the health crisis, the question arises every week. On the one hand, the factory management ensures that sufficient barrier gestures are put in place, with distances of one meter between employees and a gradual restart workshop by workshop to … Read more

Why the unfulfilled LADA Siluet would be relevant in our time

If the Togliatti brought the prototype to mind, then foreign cars would not be needed. LADA Vesta, which appeared back in 2015, quickly conquered the Russian market, thanks to its appearance, spacious interior and new units. It was assumed that AvtoVAZ will be able to reach high sales due to the release of a new … Read more