Proud mom: Madonna’s son puts on her clothes and “looks much better”

published13. August 2022, 22:35 proud mom: Madonna’s son puts on her clothes and ‘looks a lot better’ The pop icon was a guest on Jimmy Fallon’s “Tonight Show” on Thursday. The 63-year-old also mentioned her son David and raved about his sense of style. Here Madonna talks about her son David. Youtube/Tonight Show David (16), … Read more

Proud mom Veronika Žilková: That’s my handsome man!

As they say, when beauty and talent were being given out, Vincent went to get some. The likeable young man doesn’t just rely on his looks, he’s got a lot going on in his head too! Apart from acting, he is also involved in directing or screenwriting. Veronika pulled out Vincent’s photo and showed the … Read more

Park Chan-min’s daughter Park Min-ha, selected as the national shooting team… proud of the Taegeuk mark

Park Min-ha. photo| Park Min-ha SNS Park Min-ha. photo| Park Min-ha SNS Park Min-ha, a shooting player who used to be a child actor, was selected as the national youth shooting team. Park Min-ha posted several photos on her Instagram on the 7th with the words “Taegeuk Mark Youth Representative”. In the photo, Park Min-ha … Read more

Decatur Rare: I would give my all to be proud to play for Milan in this jersey – yqqlm

Original title: Decatur Rare: Proud to play for Milan and wear this jersey will give my all Dequet Lare: Proud to wear this shirt for Milan would give my all Live it on August 3. The Belgian teenager Decatur, who just joined AC Milan, accepted an interview with Milan’s official TV. This is his first … Read more

Mainland Chinese actress Du Juan appeared in a bright black dress at the Hundred Flowers Awards to show her proud body ratio –

Source title: Mainland Chinese actress Du Juan appeared in a bright black dress at the Hundred Flowers Awards to show her proud figure Recently, the 36th Hundred Flowers Awards was successfully held, and mainland Chinese actress Du Juan also appeared on the red carpet of the Hundred Flowers Awards. Du Juan, who appeared in a … Read more

Tour de France Women – Marion Rousse, director of the Tour: “I am very proud of the job done”

Marion Roussethe director of the Tour de France Women, gives a positive assessment of this first edition which ended this Sunday at the Super Planches des Belles Filles. “It was a bit of an unknown for us, but the media played the game and the audiences were there. I can only be happy as director … Read more

“I’m Flemish and I’m not proud of it”: a journalist victim of intimidation at home after writing an editorial

In his paper, reports RTBF, the journalist writes in particular that he is “happy that July 11 (Flemish Community holiday) is over”, that he is not proud to be Flemish, “any more than to be Belgian or Kortrijk. I don’t care: a person has to be born somewhere. Let’s say that I am lucky to … Read more

Indonesia Must Be Proud! There is a record for Taufik Hidayat that is impossible to break by Viktor Axelsen – All Pages

Taufik Hidayat talks about the experience of the 2004 Athens Olympic champion. SportFEAT.COM – There is one record Taufik Hidayat which is impossible for players to break men’s singles the best in the world today, Viktor Axelsen. Viktor Axelsen is a badminton player men’s singles the best in the world today. So far this year, … Read more

Letda Rafi Naufal Wins Adhi Makayasa 2022, Proud to Bring Parents to the State Palace

JAKARTA, – Second Lieutenant (Lieutenant) Rafi Naufal Afriansyah is a youth winner Adhi Makayasa 2022 from the Academy Military (Akmil). Rafi has been appointed as one Commissioned Officer President Joko Widodo with 291 other officers from the Military Military Command at the State Palace, Jakarta, Thursday (14/7/2022). At least there are a number of … Read more