Fortnite video game leaves China

Epic Games announced earlier this month that it was going to stop the Chinese version of its game, which never earned it a penny for lack of official permissions. Fortnite and China are over. As he had announced in early November, the American publisher Epic Games on Monday cut the Chinese servers for its online … Read more

How to increase height in children? Does nutrition and basketball make you taller?

‘Alas, my child is shorter than his peers’, ‘Does he play basketball to make him taller?’, ‘Are there any miracle foods that will make my child taller?’… These are the most common sentences heard from parents who are worried that their child is not on a healthy growth path! Indeed, is short stature a destiny, … Read more

The Cabinet of Ministers has reduced the list of documents for receiving financial assistance :: Society :: RBC

Photo: gov / VK Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree to reduce the list of documents confirming the right to receive financial assistance. About it reports press service of the government. The report says that from November 1, 2020, it will be easier for low-income families to receive benefits for children from three … Read more