Police involved in accident during searches of Vieira with minor injuries – Benfica

The two police officers involved in a road accident on Wednesday night, in Braga, during the proceedings of the case involving the president of Benfica suffered minor injuries and did not need to be hospitalized, indicated this Thursday to the PSP. In a statement, the Public Security Police explained that, at 22:30 on Wednesday, two … Read more

Sony will continue to buy PSP video games from the PS3 and PS Vita stores after the closing of the PSP store

MADRID, 2 Jul. (Portaltic/EP) – Sony maintains the closure of the official video game store for its PSP handheld console, but it will be possible to continue buying video games for this device in the official stores of PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PS Vita. The video game division of the Japanese company decided in april … Read more

Digital PSP games will continue to exist on the PS3 and Vita

After Sony backed out of shutting down its PlayStation Store, it had not been confirmed that PSP games would be available through other Stores. While the PlayStation Store officially closed its doors this Friday, July 2 on PSP, it seems that Sony wants to allow gamers adept at retrogaming to still be able to buy … Read more

You can now circulate without restrictions. But pay attention to the location of the radars! Because “whoever warns you…”

PSP prevention and information campaign for the next week from June 21st to 27th From 3pm on June 18th, until 6am on Monday, June 21st, movement to and from the Lisbon Metropolitan Area was restricted. Now, if it’s time to hit the road to return or leave this area, be extra careful. Not only because … Read more

PSP files criminal complaint against newspaper ‘Público’ because of cartoon

In a statement, the PSP says that the design, which makes up for the satirical supplement ‘Inimigo Público’, “associates the PSP with any political-ideological movement, publicly affecting the exemption and non-partisanship that characterize the institution, resulting not only from a statutory obligation and the police condition, but also the conviction of the policemen who are … Read more

PSP rescues otter and returns it to the East River in Braga

The lawyer Pedro Bourbon, from Braga, sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder, in March 2016, of the businessman, of whom he had been a friend, João Paulo Fernandes, asked, on request, the judge who oversees the execution of sentences, authorization to give an interview to the SIC television station. The magistrate authorized … Read more

Find out where the PSP radars will be in August

Article | 08/03/2020 08:34 As part of the ‘Who warns you …’ campaign, the Public Security Police (PSP) today announced the locations where their radars will be in August. Thus, the days and times when the inspection will focus on speed are: 05-ago-20 13H00 VR1 Km 9.4 East-West – Câmara de Lobos05-Aug-20 14H00 Av. das … Read more