Psychiatrists for children are not enough, the state has fallen asleep

But he ran into a long-term problem. The offices of child psychiatrists and psychologists are overcrowded, and there are desperately few experts in child psychology in the Czech Republic. “We were looking for a doctor for two months. The psychiatrist in Motola, to whom we eventually got through an acquaintance, told us that the wait … Read more

Be careful! Often Stress Triggers Depression to Early Death

Jakarta: Many people take the stress they often feel lightly. In fact, this condition is dangerous for the health of the body and triggers a number of diseases. Especially if the stress takes place continuously. Let’s get to know stress further to avoid various risks of disease! Definition of stress Launching the official website of … Read more

Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress… why sport is beneficial for mental health

Sport is (also) serious. We are of course thinking of its benefits, which are widely documented, in terms of physical health. What is less known is that it participates in the treatment of even severe mental illnesses. A top athlete and psychiatrist, Dr. Jérôme Palazzolo has been firmly convinced of this for a long time. … Read more

Why passive happiness is more effective for your well-being (and 4 places where you can find it)

when you wear your favorite song or plan a weekend in the country with your family what you do is actively build your happiness. That is, you do something concrete to create a moment of happiness. When you incorporate into your life happy habits as do exercisetake care of your social relationships o be thankfulit … Read more

Are crafts the new meditation? I am a wellness editor and that’s how I found the one that was best for me

For being a way of experience the flow and of connect your body and mindit is said that the crafts are a way of to meditate. His quirk? The movement. The moving meditation It is an alternative as valid as the one that is done sitting down and paying attention to the breath. perfect for … Read more

Mental health in Europe.. What are the countries that consume the most antidepressant drugs?

Global consumption of antidepressant (AD) drugs has increased dramatically in the past two decades, with Europeans being the largest consumers. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, antidepressant use increased by nearly two and a half times from 2000 to 2020 in 18 European countries. The average antidepressant consumption in 18 European countries … Read more

Preventive internet CBT against sexual abuse of children opens in Swedish

An online anonymous cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment program for people with a sexual interest in children showed good results in an English-language pilot study. Now the crime prevention CBT program also opens in Swedish, German and Portuguese. The treatment, which has been developed by researchers and psychologists at Karolinska Institutet (KI), will be evaluated … Read more

They present an algorithm for the ethical distribution of vaccines and other medicines

An international research team led by Spaniards has questioned, in an article published in Frontiers in Public Health, the distribution of vaccines against covid-19 between different countries and propose an algorithm to satisfy the properties that medical ethicists consider essential. In the study they have participated Carlos Alós-Ferrer from the Center for Neuroeconomics of the … Read more

Immerse yourself! Game “Flow Experience”: The Psychology of Video Games That Make You Forget Time | Cultural Perspective | udn Global

2023-02-24 22:19 United News Network Corner Game Instrument The picture shows a video game show in Cologne, Germany in 2010. A woman is immersed in a bathtub playing video games.Photo / Agence France-Presse “What is the reason why people are addicted to video games and can’t sit still in front of them?” This question once … Read more

Accounts together or separate?: Psychology of money in the couple

For men, what generates the greatest subjective well-being is the amount of money they earn, while for women it is the way they manage money In traditional couples, money had a more communal meaning that symbolized the couple’s own union. Currently, relationships are more individualized and there is a commitment to greater independence in money … Read more