Fernando Alonso responded to Russell’s publication after recovering the podiumHalf time

He Saudi Arabian Grand Prix was full of controversy. First Red Bull, then Aston Martin and finally Mercedes. The last two equipments they saw each other involved in a accident that left the FIA ​​in a bad light, since Fernando Alonso got on the podium after finishing third, he then received a penalty and third … Read more

Questionable Australian publication is making the rounds on social media again

Peter Borgera molecular biologist and outspoken vaccine critic, shared an article from the blog on Twitter Dailycloutwritten by Steve Kirschabout one Australian scientific publication. Also a Dutch one blogsite refers to this. According to the publication, the corona vaccines are dangerous and do not protect against Covid19. That is not correct, there are several problems … Read more

The extravagant stage bombs of the director Lilia Abadzhieva, who plays a secretary in the series “Guilts”

The famous actress entered the film to see how Victor Bozhinov works Years ago, I don’t remember how many years ago, a German critic named Torsten Maas quoted my exclamation on the occasion of Lilia Abadjieva and the MGT “Behind the Channel” play “The Sorrows of Young Werther” in Germany: “We are already starting to … Read more

Artist Reggie Sebastian of Malayalam Manorama Publication passed away

Reggie Sebastian (48), Senior Illustrator of Malayalam Manorama Publication, passed away. He entered Manorama in 2013. Before that he was an artist in Balamangalam. He became famous for his excellent caricatures. He was a talent who gave color to many publications such as Lekkudukka, Magicpot, Balarama. Cartoon characters like Luttapi and Mayavi have been drawn. … Read more

Doctors MCL proud of publication in The Lancet: “Expensive medicine not always better”

An expensive drug against a form of lung cancer, the so-called EGFR mutation, is not always the best choice. This has emerged from a study by the pulmonologists of the MCL hospital in collaboration with the IKNL (Integraal Cancer Center of the Netherlands). The results of the study have now been published in The Lancet, … Read more

Jennifer Lopez drops the filter in the middle of the publication and exposes her real skin

Jennifer Lopez drops the filter in the middle of the publication and exposes her real skin | People in spanish Skip to content Top Navigation Close this dialog window Discover People in Spanish Close this dialog window Share & More Close this dialog window View image Jennifer Lopez leaves the filter in a post on … Read more

Russia is no longer important enough to be hated

Indifference to Putin’s aggression in Ukraine baffles Western analysts, writes the political analyst in the “Financial Times”* After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, American analysts began to ask themselves the question: “Why do they hate us?”. A year after the start of Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine, another variation on the same question … Read more

If Russia wanted to defeat Joe Biden, it would only take 100 seconds

During the surprise visit of US President Joe Biden to Ukraine, it became clear that he could easily have been the victim of a Russian hypersonic Dagger missile strike. Beating Biden would only take 100 seconds. The Russian MiG-31K fighters, which are the carriers of the hypersonic missiles, were already in the air, and thanks … Read more

Hristo Grozev warned that real military aid to Russia is starting from China

I was banned from attending the BAFTA Awards because of danger to others as well. However, there was the presence of the cinema elite and a representative of the royal family – Prince William, who is the patron of the event. This commented in front of Nova TV the investigative journalist Hristo Grozev, whom the … Read more