It came to the agenda with the punch he threw in the Turkish Grand National Assembly! Became one of the most unlucky names in the epidemic, 3 times caught in corona

Vahit Kiler, AK Party Deputy of Bitlis, became one of the most unlucky names in the corona epidemic that swept the world. The AK Party deputy, who lost his father from the virus, caught coronavirus 3 times, the first in July. Kiler, who had a severe illness period due to the coronavirus he was caught … Read more

Mike Tyson reveals the secret of having a deadly knockout punch

TWITTER.COM/BOXINGNEWSED Mike Tyson’s action (right) when facing WBC heavyweight boxing champion Trevor Berbick in a match at the Las Vegas Hilton, Paradise, Nevada, United States, November 22, 1986. <!– –> BOLASPORT.COM – Legend boxing heavyweight from the United States (US), Mike Tyson, uncovering the secret about the enormity of his punch which often knockout opponents. … Read more

Threats from Sarah Fraisou, punch from Ahmed, Rania balances everything on her clash

In this fourth season of Holiday of the Angels, the agreement is not in good shape in the villa. Since the start of the adventure, two clans have emerged. On the one hand, the “elders”, made up of Raphaël, Toto, Sarah Fraisou and her darling Ahmed, hold the coveted status of vacationers. On the other … Read more

“One Punch Man: The Strongest Man” “Transformed Jenos” is unstoppable and limited-time recruitment of blood and fighting passion is rekindled! -Technology

“One Punch Man: The Strongest Man” “Remodeling the Jenos Suit and Vest” sale will be available for a limited time from April 12th to 19th! “One Punch Man: The Strongest Man” is a rare moment for the leap forward! The exclusive recruitment event for “Reconstructing the Jenos Tactical Suitcase” is about to appear! The original … Read more

“One Punch Man: The Strongest Man” “Awakening and Shaking Tornado” limited-time recruitment and shock! -Technology-Technology

The original work by Mr. ONE, Mr. Yusuke Murata, and the copyright committee of Japan Shueisha, fully supervised by the copyright committee of Japan Shueisha, the first “One Punch Man” licensed animation mobile game “One Punch Man: The Strongest Man” developed by Wancra Technology is now in the traditional Chinese version (31 ) Announced on … Read more

Punch Worakan opened his heart after rumors that he was in need and had to come out to sell lottery tickets | The Thaiger Thai news

Punch Worakan opened his heart after being rumored to be underdog that he had to sell lottery tickets and cleared the issue of love and marriage for more than 3 years but still has no successor After a rumor of a young singer Punch Worakan Rojanawat With news that life is in need and have … Read more

Covid made poison, punch, punchworakan, cleared, caught under the underdog Sell ​​lotteries, make money

How many years have you been married?“Over 3 years after marriage, it hasn’t changed the same, maybe because we have been together like friends for 7-8 years, it may just change that he has come to live with us He is a Chumphon native to Bangkok. Nia, we already have an address and don’t want … Read more

“Think of Philippe”: a punch action to fight against drink driving

The Vias institute and the association Parents of children victims of the road have joined forces to carry out an awareness campaign against drinking and driving. This weekend, the police will increase the number of controls against drink driving. All this while the Bob campaign celebrates its 25th anniversary. To further raise awareness on this … Read more

The tremendous punch that Ryan Reynolds has unleashed on Mark Ruffalo on the set of his new movie

Actors Ryan Reynolds y Mark Ruffalo They will star in the new Netflix production titled ‘The Adam Project’. It is a science fiction film in which we will see how a young man (Reynolds) will travel back in time, so that his 13-year-old ‘me’ helps him face his late father (Ruffalo). Although the first script … Read more