Europa League: Zaniolo show and Roma in the playoffs, 3-1 at Ludogorets – Sport

First the great fear, then the party. At the Olimpico it is a festival of emotions, but in the end it is Roma who fly to the Europa League playoffs thanks to a 3-1 win over Ludogorets. Rick’s goal in the first half, however, scares the Giallorossi, forced to comeback, by Nicolò Zaniolo. Two penalties … Read more

The lifeless body recovered in Punta Penna is by Jois Pedone

VAST. And of Jois Pedestrian the lifeless body that was recovered in the late morning today in Punta Penna. After the appeal and the report of disappearance, which took place between 20 and 21 August (Laws)the research has begun which unfortunately gave the sad result after the discovery among the rocks (Laws). “Jois flew to … Read more

Punta Cana: In this Caribbean destination, beaches have already become (almost) accessory | report

A huge wood stove holds two pots: expertly avoiding the flame, Simón Duran tilts the first, whetting the group’s appetite at the sight of a succulent chicken minutes from being served. The aroma of coconut bread that escapes from the second pan makes waiting for lunch almost unbearable. “My friends, this is the true Dominican … Read more

Contraband of merchandise valued at more than 22 million pesos seized at Punta Cana airport

Santo Domingo, DR. The General Directorate of Customs (DGA) announced this Thursday the seizure of a million-dollar shipment of electronic devices, who intended to enter the country irregularly through the Punta Cana International Airport. Through a press release, they indicate that the stash of 14 bags came from the city of Miami, Florida, under a … Read more

They seek to turn Punta Cana into a smart city

Punta Cana, La Altagracia. The Punta Cana-Macao Energy Consortium (CEPM) has invested US$140 million to expand its power generation capacity and thus supply 98% of the energy needed by the large hotel chains in the area. Con InterEnergy Group, as parent company, in two years CEPM has expanded its generation capacity by 85 megawattsincorporating a … Read more

Farruko concert suspended in Punta Cana

“Issues outside the local organization have made the unfortunate decision.” This was reported by the organizers of the concert of the Puerto Rican reggaeton Farruko which was scheduled for July 8 at Caribbean Lake Park in Punta Canathe suspension of the event. This would be the Puerto Rican’s first presentation on Dominican soil after his … Read more

Jaimito was rejected in the worst way by a blonde in Punta Sal

Jaimito (Jorge Guerra) met a beautiful woman (Karime Scander) on the beach of Punta Sal and was struck by the beauty of the blonde. He couldn’t find out who he is, much less ask his name because he was distracted by a call he received on his cell phone. The young woman went to the … Read more

‘There is room in the background’ | AFHS shares images of their recordings in Punta Sal: Did they present the new Jaimito? | Jorge Guerra Farándula | SHOWS

‘In the background there is sitio’ made recordings of the new season of the series in Punta Sal, Tumbes. The members of the González family starred in an emotional photo that anticipates its soon premiere. MIRA: Gisela denies Magaly indirectly: “If she provokes me, I tell her face to face, don’t make things up for … Read more

Juan Luis Guerra closes series of concerts in Punta Cana

Mexican husbands Ansuel and Reyna raised the sign in the crowd. “The rain did not leave us on 02/05/22, we returned to the DR, we love you JLG”, read the message hanging in his arms and that reached the eyes of Juan Luis Guerra, who read it, causing him the most splendid smile of the … Read more