FC Groningen hires attacker Antman with a purchase option

Tuesday, January 31, 2023 at 9:00 PM FC Groningen hires Oliver Antman for the rest of this season. In the summer, De Trots van het Noord has the opportunity to exercise a purchase option in the agreement with the 21-year-old attacker. Finnish international Antman comes over immediately from FC Nordsjaelland from Denmark. Oliver Antman was … Read more

Pareto on Bosch share purchase in Husqvarna: “Wants to block” potential structural deals

Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT “Some may argue that Bosch, despite being a large industrial company, may not be able to allocate enough capital to cover all development costs itself. Another possible explanation for the share purchase could of course be that Bosch wants to block other interested manufacturers of outdoor products or industrial players from bidding … Read more

Estonians sign a contract for the purchase of ten more passenger trains from Škoda

Estonian the state-owned passenger train operator “Eesti Liinirongid”, working under the “Elron” brand, has signed an agreement with Czech Republic “Škoda Group” for the delivery of ten more trains. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The company said that the number of train passengers has increased rapidly in recent years, so the number of … Read more

Insurance associated with the purchase of a mobile phone? Don’t watch ships – News

At first everything seems easy, the insurance is the best there is, it covers everything from theft to accidental damage, but when the time comes to activate the policy the answer is a resounding no. To SAPO24 Several reports arrived, but the small print excuse no longer serves and there are sales practices that are … Read more

Purchase of products for the Armed Forces of Ukraine at inflated prices: Zaluzhny’s reaction – tsn.ua

Zaluzhny called for an investigation into the incident. Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny reacted to the scandal with inflated food prices for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He noted that “zero tolerance for corruption” is practiced in the Ministry of Defense. About this he wrote in social networks. Zaluzhny stressed that … Read more

Teillier’s role as lawyer in the purchase of a Santiago clinic

In the disputed purchase of the clinic Sierra Bella What did the Municipality of Santiagothe legal chief Jean Pierre Chiffelle Sotohad a fundamental role. The communist lawyer was part of the negotiating team in the sale, validated the deed, participated in the controversial appraisals and has defended the legality of the business before the Municipal … Read more

Price of the dollar today in Peru | Exchange rate How much is the dollar? check how much the exchange rate closed this Friday, January 27 | Dollars to soles | Dollar today | purchase and sale | BCR | Ocona | Buy | Sale | ECONOMY

The dollar in peru closed lower this Friday, amid a global advance in the greenback, as investors focused their attention on the start of the main central banks’ monetary policy meetings that will take place next week. The exchange rate ended the day at S/ 3,832 per dollara fall of 0.15% compared to Thursday’s close … Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 at only €1 to purchase thanks to this offer from Bouygues Telecom

Want to treat yourself to Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone, but don’t have the budget to pay more than €950 cash? Do not panic ! Bouygues Telecom thought of all the other fans of the Korean brand through its new promotion. Thanks to the latter, the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is more accessible to … Read more

Why you should care about the tag that comes with your online purchase – 01/26/2023

Brazil is among the countries that record the most data leak. About 137.3 thousand keys Pixalong with names, CPF and bank details of users leaked last yearfor example. The numbers worth of warning, but it’s not just virtual data you should be concerned about. Personal information exposed in your online shopping packages and invoices must … Read more