Dear energy, how much does it affect the purchase and use of an electric car –

by Emiliano Ragoni The increase in energy has made the electric car cheaper. However, despite the rise in electricity, the electric car still remains competitive against the thermal car The current context for consumers is very difficult, since the delicate geo-political situation due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has caused an increase in … Read more

Comments on: Eilands: The amount donated by “Bayraktar” will be directed to the purchase of “Atlas Pro” drones

I wouldn’t wait too long for the lack of flow, the amount is large for one technique. The same Ukrainians (civilians) are found in only 2, 3 of the companies assigned to them. Also, as far as the use of money is concerned, it would also be necessary to buy some anti-drone equipment. Those Iranian … Read more

Dollar in Peru | Exchange rate closed higher at S/ 3.91 after Fed rate hike | SBS | Sunat | BCR | Ocona | rmmn | ECONOMY

The price of the dollar in Peru closed higher on Wednesday, in the midst of a global advance of the dollar, and after the rise in interest rates by the United States Federal Reserve (Fed). The exchange rate ended at S/ 3,910 per dollar, an advance of 0.20% compared to Tuesday’s close of S/ 3,902, … Read more

AC Milan is hit by a complicated problem, Charles De Ketelaere is considered a failed purchase

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Loss to Napoli in match 7 Liga Italy A leaguemake Stefano Pioli squad aware AC Milan still far from perfect, and this is a problem that the bald-headed coach must solve, including Charles De Ketelaere which is in the spotlight. There are at least two problems to solve Stefano Pioli if you still want … Read more

1.45 million was allocated to the property bank. euros for the purchase of part of the solar power plant park | Business

In the first phase, Turto bankas intends to acquire a part of the solar park, which would provide electricity to five state office buildings managed by Turto bankas. The project must be implemented within a year and a half. At the moment, almost one-fifth of the costs of assets managed by Turto bankas are electricity … Read more

Stratospheric Naples: De Laurentiis has (perhaps) closed a historic purchase

A stratospheric Napoli overcame Milan with a score of 1-2. Aurelio De Laurentiis has perhaps hired a new top player. The performance of the Napoli against Milan it was as important as the one with Liverpool. Of course, the Neapolitans did not win 4-1 and the Reds are certainly superior to the Rossoneri. But the … Read more

The iPhone 14 recycling price continues to update | The purchase price of the fine machine collapses, and the ProMax continues to earn $2500

iPhone 14 Recycling Price Update | The Apple iPhone 14 series is on sale today. In addition to the new features of the new phone, many people are more concerned about the price speculation of the new iPhone. Unexpectedly, the iPhone 14 Pro series has a high recycling price for the first bite in the … Read more

The Community of Madrid allocates 19 million euros for the purchase of vaccines against seasonal flu

In the previous campaign, 1,499,452 people were immunized in the region. The Ministry of Health will begin this year on October 17, starting with the population over 65 years of age, to then add those between 60 and 64, those considered risk groups, pregnant women, chronically ill, health professionals and socio-health, caregivers and essential services … Read more

A purchase that costs 2,000 crowns in Lidl or Albert was purchased for 600 CZK. Smart Czechs gave advice on how to really save

For a long time in the Czech Republic we had the comfort that food was very cheap and widely available. So no one had to limit themselves in what they buy. But that has changed, and today food is one of the most dynamically rising items in the shopping basket. The supply of cheap food … Read more

RTL INFO answers your questions: what premium for the purchase of an electric bike to get to work?

Justine Pons answers this Tuesday a question that will interest all those who want to rethink their mobility. Given today’s fuel prices, one of the solutions chosen by many Belgians to get around is the electric bike. Anne wonders if she is entitled to a bonus if she buys a bike to go to work? … Read more