Educational institutions could be allowed to use purchased hygienic masks

Despite the government’s goal of moving only to wearing medical masks and FFP2 respirators in public places, educational institutions could be allowed to use previously purchased hygiene masks until their supplies are depleted, according to the minutes of the January 3 meeting of the Operational Steering Group (OVG). The Ministry of Education and Science made … Read more

These Two Best Selling Foods on Tokopedia, Have You Ever Purchased?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Online shopping platform Tokopedia has just released the latest report on sales trends during 2021. For the food category, there are two types of products that are the best-selling during 2021. What are they? “Coffee and snacking at home are popular activities for the community during 2021. This can be seen … Read more

Bulgaria has purchased “own-foreign” reconnaissance systems for the army

The news comes amid the expected new F-16 fighters Bulgaria has purchased “foreign” reconnaissance systems for the army, BNR reported. The deal has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defense, after a specialized foreign language publication announced it a month ago. The contract covers the modernization of a number of monopulse radars, the necessary network … Read more

Argentina receives the first shipment of the 20 million doses purchased from Moderna

After much controversy, and a recently signed agreement in July of this year, The country will receive the first shipment of vaccines against the coronavirus from the North American laboratory Moderna. These are 2,643,340 doses of the more than 20 million purchased from the firm. The shipment is scheduled to land this morning on Latam … Read more

Yamaha XMAX Dream, New Not Purchased, Used Version Is More Affordable – Yamaha XMAX so the dream motorbike to be taken touring, but buying a new one is not enough money? You can lyric the used version which is more affordable. Matic 250 cc has a sporty design and body gambot that many people are attracted to have. Not only an attractive design, the MAXI … Read more

The Sultan of Dubai Doesn’t Buy Carelessly, the Rafale F4 Purchased by the UAE Secretly Has This Sophisticated Ability On November 3, 2021, the United Arab Emirates (UEA) has signed a purchase contract fighter jet Dassault Rafale F4 variant as many as 80 units. Reported from that the contract value for the sale of the H225M Caracal and Rafale helicopters is 17 billion euros (Rp 279.4 trillion). Apparently UEA which is … Read more

STI questions await residents who have purchased cars under the “kaffir”

“The main purpose of these measures is to find out whether the resident actually bought the vehicle directly from a foreign national or whether he still sold the car to him. Citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, possibly engaging in illegal car trade activities and concealing the received income and evading taxes “, says STI … Read more

Godfall: Challenger Edition can be purchased separately for a reduced price of $ 15

When the December PS Plus games for PS5 and PS4 we discovered that the filtration that pointed to what Godfall was going to be one of them was right, but only half: finally what will be available to subscribers of this gaming service online pay be one Challenger Edition, something like a trimmed version of … Read more

Xbox fights the scalpers!Microsoft sends exclusive links to “honored customers”, and orders for Xbox bundled consoles are guaranteed to be purchased | T客邦

Whether it is Xbox Series X/S or PlayStation 5, these two game consoles have been launched for one year, and they continue to be out of stock so far, which can be called a spectacle. In order to cope with stocking scalpers and order-grabbing robots, Microsoft has now decided to provide a benefit for “honored … Read more