In Russia they started selling iPhone with MDM. What is it, how to distinguish it from pure and remove the binding

Stop official deliveries of Apple equipment to Russia forced sellers of all stripes to look for workarounds for import. But it’s not enough just to establish a supply chain. It is equally important to find a supplier from whom you can buy electronics at the lowest price. While the ruble exchange rate was quite high, … Read more

on social networks, the “antivax” launch a movement to obtain “pure blood”

Published on : 26/01/2023 – 10:57 Misinformation about Covid-19 has given rise to a social media movement called “ Sang Pur “. Antivax propagandists use it as a keyword to find people who have not received a messenger RNA vaccine injection. And who agree to give their blood for a transfusion, in the event of … Read more

Windows 98 Resurrection Project (5): Executing Windows 98 Games through DOSBox Pure | T Kebang

Finally got the Windows 98 operating system installed in DOSBox Pure, the next job is to package and execute the game. Run the game without installation If the player wants to run the mini-game without installation or the green version of the game, just compress the file into a Zip format compressed file and change … Read more

Windows 98 Resurrection Plan (4): Install Windows 98 System on DOSBox Pure | T Kebang

After knowing how to use DOSBox Pure to execute DOS games, the next step is to install the Windows 98 operating system to facilitate the execution of corresponding games. Install Windows 98 DOSBox Pure can directly simulate the DOS environment. As for the Windows part, the player needs to install the operating system by himself. … Read more

Windows 98 Resurrection Project (3): Executing DOS Games through DOSBox Pure | T Kebang

After reading the introduction of DOSBox Pure, we will download the RetroArch emulator and the corresponding emulation core, and execute the DOS game. RetroArch installation and necessary settings In this series of teaching, the author will use the Windows version of RetroArch as an example, and the versions of other operating systems can also be … Read more

Comparatif Duel : Dyson V8 Absolute vs Tineco Pure One S12 Pro Ex

Is it still necessary to introduce the Dyson V8 Absolute stick vacuum? This colorful device is undoubtedly the best representation of a model in stick format; the motor, the waste container and the filtration system are placed near the user’s wrist so that the vacuum cleaner can be easily oriented in all directions (equipped with … Read more

What are the benefits of the growing trend of consuming pure cocoa?

Natural cocoa is one of the foods richest in polyphenols, natural compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and vasodilator properties, which are beneficial for health. In addition, it provides more than 50 nutrients, being a great source of energy of plant origin, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Natural cocoa is an ideal food for cognitive function and … Read more

Moon Ga-young Was this much glamor? A pure white wedding dress, an understanding of love

The behind-the-scenes stills of Moon Ga-young of ‘Understanding Love’, which unfolds a sympathetic reality melodrama, have been released. In the JTBC Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Understanding Love’ (script Lee Seo-hyun Lee Hyun-jung / director Cho Young-min / production SLL), Moon Ga-young’s pure white wedding dress draws attention, drawing sympathy from viewers with her dense and delicate emotional … Read more

Andrea Frigerio and her daughter Josefina enjoyed a day at the beach with pure complicity and smiles

Like every year, Punta del Este was filled with Argentine personalities who choose that landscape to say goodbye to the year and enjoy the first leg of their vacations. The former model and actress Andrea Frigerio She is one of the celebrities who is already installed in the Uruguayan city and this Thursday she was … Read more

Index – Belföld – According to Gergely Karácsony, it is pure luck that Viktor Orbán is not an ordinary actor

The mayor gave an interview to, which asked, among other things, whether he was surprised by the Chain Bridge reactions, after he did not suggest that cars would also use the partially completed bridge after its final completion. I can’t be surprised by anything anymore. However, I hope that a misunderstanding will be cleared … Read more