Users claim that Nintendo has returned the money for Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple is on the lips of the vast majority of users of Nintendo Switch and the world of video games in general. Players are reporting more and more technical problems, such as fps drops to incomprehensible figures or various bugs. These damage the immersion in the video game. Nintendo, faced with the … Read more

ALL Pokemon exclusive to Scarlet and Purple

You may also be interested in: When the main installments of the series Pokmon come on the market with two different editions always offer a exclusive pokmon listand in this aspect the new Scarlet Pokmon and Purple Pokmon follow keeping current this long tradition of the Nintendo franchise. This means that once again both games … Read more

An evolution so rare, that it resisted even hackers and miners: this is the Pokémon Finizen / Palafin duo – Pokémon Scarlet / Purple

As becomes tradition in the saga, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Purple have suffered a mass leak during the weeks leading up to the launch —which, of course, we at 3DJuegos were neither authorized nor willing to share— bringing an encyclopedic knowledge of names, statistics and other details equally treasured by the developers to all corners … Read more

Scarlet and Purple Pokémon: characteristics, history and everything you need to know about the new installments of the saga | Price | Switch | Spain | Mexico | USA | TECHNOLOGY

On November 18th the new games of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple, exclusive to Nintendo Switch. The titles will introduce the ninth generation of Pokémon with a new story, creatures, region, and more. Scarlet and Purple are the first open world titles in Pokémon RPG history. So far, we know some details of the exclusive history, … Read more

If you mix purple onion in milk and drink 3 spoons before meals… The effect is incredible!

If your toe and hand nails break quickly, rub your nails with purple onion juice. Said to reduce the risk of stomach and breast cancer You should mix purple onion juice with honey and eat it for the treatment of laryngitis (throat inflammation), beautifying the voice, nervous disorders, cough, bronchitis and sore throat. Eat 3 … Read more

Choose whether to buy Pokémon Scarlet or Purple with these differences between versions

The hype is already being noticed by Pokemon Scarlet and Purple. After all, it is the new generation of Pokémon, one that promises to revolutionize the foundations of the franchise. Although the latest games in the series have generated a little more controversy, it seems that this time the public supports these titles. Many classic … Read more

Fans think Shinobu’s panties are purple — Kudasai

In comment forums in Japan, a previous collaboration between the franchise of Kimetsu no Yaiba y Bandai Fashion, which launched the “official underwear” based on the characters in the series. The products in question are based on the characters Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko Kamado y Shinobu Kochobut since it is lingerie, only the Shinobu Kochothe “Insect … Read more