Coalition disagreements are holding back the poorest EU member from pushing for the euro

The Bulgarian government approved a plan for 2024 this week. the introduction of the euro, and Prime Minister Kirill Petkov said it would help the poorest ES attract investment, boost the economy and raise living standards. However, two younger members of his ruling coalition, the Socialists and the Anti-Elite People’s Party, known as the ITN, … Read more

Lithuania is pushing, and Poland is already bragging: it announces that a decision has been made – the United States is transporting weapons

The Polish press announces that Powidze in Poland will soon be fully hosted by the Americans again. This city is more than 500 kilometers away from Lithuania. This distance is covered by a car in about 7 hours. Speaking anonymously, Polish government politicians say the U.S. has already decided to build a permanent base in … Read more

Greenpeace activists are pushing a Russian tanker away from a berth in England

Greenpeace activists have taken a berth in England, where a tanker with 33,000 tons of diesel from Russia was to be moored, so the ship had to turn around and leave the Thames. Greenpeace said 12 activists had access to Navigatorn Terminals in Grace, Essex, where they arrived at the pier on Sunday night. Activists … Read more

Ukraine in the process of pushing Russian troops in Kharkiv back to the border

The Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region is making significant progress. Russian forces will probably be pushed back to the border, the think tank believes. One of the many bombed-out buildings in the city of Kharkiv. The city is Ukraine’s second largest city. Photo: Felipe Dana, AP/NTB May 8, 2022 12:07 p.m. Last updated today … Read more

Ukraine in the process of pushing Russian soldiers in Kharkiv back to the border – VG

BATTLE ZONE: A firefighter fights the flames after a Russian attack in Kharkiv on Tuesday. Photo: Felipe Dana / AP The Ukrainian counter-offensive in the Kharkiv region is making significant progress. Russian forces will probably be pushed back to the border, the think tank believes. Published: Just updated Institute for the Study of War writes … Read more

The Unexpected Story of a Meatball Maker Pushing a Cart Until It Enters the Toll Road

Jakarta – Meatball seller who is called Kang Dudung enters the Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road. Kang Dudung was able to enter the Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road because there was an unbarred access. Kang Dudung accidentally entered the Jakarta-Tangerang Toll Road, precisely at Km 12-B. Kainduk Turangga 02 Korlantas Police Headquarters AKP Suwito said this incident occurred on … Read more

Viral Meatball Maker Unaware of Pushing His Cart into the Toll Road, Dudung: What’s Important is Congratulations

A unique incident occurred at KM 12 B of the Jakarta-Tangerang toll road, on Thursday, May 5, 2022. A 50-year-old meatball vendor named Dudung entered the Jakarta-Tangerang toll road section. . The incident was captured by a police officer through a video uploaded to the @Newwilly86 Tiktok account. In the video circulating, a person who … Read more

The US Federal Reserve has been pushing for the latest rates since the arrest of the mill

MAccording to the United Nations Central Bank (Fed), the new board of banks raised the basic annual rate by half a percentage point to between 0.75 percent and one percent. The year is the highest in the last 22 years. In a statement, the Fed also announced that the five months will begin to reduce … Read more

Viral video of a police officer forcefully pushing a homeless person in Montreal

The Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) says it is analyzing a video that went viral yesterday, where we see one of its officers forcefully pushing a homeless person down an alley. “We can always count on the Montreal police to treat the homeless like humans,” ironically says Cornyturd, the Internet user … Read more

Ait El Hadj in D1B next season? Anderlecht is pushing to make this possible

As of next season, the B teams of four Pro League formations will join the D1B teams. The more experienced youngsters will not be able to participate but Anderlecht and Genk are pushing to change that. Bruges, Anderlecht and Genk are already guaranteed to play their B team in D1B next season. A final team … Read more