Trump wanted to put an official willing to promote the theory of electoral fraud as attorney general

Former US President Donald Trump tried to place as attorney general to a Department of Justice official named Jeffrey Clark with the aim of promoting investigations that would support the unfounded thesis of electoral fraud in the defeat of the tycoon in the presidential elections, according to Europa Press. As The New York Times has … Read more

“We are all Jarrio”, new motto of the neighborhood struggle in defense of the hospital in Coañés

“People have to wake up and move, we need a stable and complete staff, that all casualties are covered and that they stop making excuses. In Jarrio there is an important problem and promises are not worth it, I want facts, we have to find a way ”, he says. Therefore, he asks the Northwest … Read more

With the music put into context | National …

Today is the National Musicx Day, in homage to the birth of Luis Alberto Spinetta. Its mention and music in itself mean a meeting place; For this purpose, the Committee of Musicians Collectives -which brings together different self-convened groups of the city- carries out the National Music Day 2021, whose activities began on Thursday and … Read more

Village renewal put to the test | Dietramszell

Where can we save? The Dietramszeller municipal council discussed this question in detail and controversially at its meeting on Tuesday evening. It was about the 2021 budget. Dietramszell – 5.5 million euros deficit. That is the result of the previous planning for the asset budget for 2021. In the following year, the minus grows by … Read more

Villanueva de Sijena’s lawyer says that the arguments of the TS put the return of the paintings from Catalonia at risk

The lawyer of the Villanueva de Sijena City Council, Jorge Spanish, has warned that the ruling of the Supreme Court confirming the Aragonese ownership of the assets of the Sijena Monastery also opens a jurisprudential line that allows the sale of pieces from national monuments and thus endangers the return of wall paintings. The Supreme … Read more

Silvina Escudero did not care about the weather, she put on a psychedelic bikini and posed from the deck chair

January 16, 2021 23:19 Through her Instagram account Silvina Escudero shared with her followers a relaxed photo in a bikini, which caused a furor. Silvina Escudero and a photo in a bikini from the deck chair that was a success Silvina Escudero She is one of the most popular Argentine artists on Instagram. With more … Read more

“When you have no other choice, you have to put two noses into life”

Encarna Salazar has an indecipherable gaze, the history of Spain gripped by her throat and the gaits of those who have stepped on the asphalt since she was very young. Every time he speaks, he puts music to his present continuous. Every time he sings, he recounts the memory of his past perfect. And every … Read more

Red Sox put their eye on Garret Richards and Matt Moore after losing Kluber

The Red Sox de Boston are interested in starters Garret Richards and Matt More after seeing how his main objective signed with the Yankees for the MLB 2021. Corey Kluber was the primary choice for Red Sox At the free agency, however, he ended up signing with the New York Yankees for one season and … Read more

Does the national government put the ‘cross’ on the night entertainment sector?

The extension in the time of selective isolation in the country, especially in cities or departments that exceed 70%, 80% and 85 of occupation of the beds of Intensive Care Units (ICU), implies that the rulers (mayors and governors) must adopt measures such as Queda, Pico and Cédula and restrictions on the sale and consumption … Read more