Can’t put up with the attitude towards Russia: Lithuania is preparing to announce a boycott in an international institution

It was expected that on Friday the Permanent Committee of the OSCE PA will consider and adopt the relevant amendments to the Statute, on the basis of which the membership of Russia, which started the war against Ukraine, could be suspended in the Assembly. However, the question was not even put to a vote, because, … Read more

How to put the screen display right side up when everything has gone wrong…

It can happen anytime and to anyone. One fine day, without anyone knowing why, everything displayed on the PC screen turned. The display flipped 90 degrees (a quarter turn), or even 180 degrees (a half turn). The taskbar finds itself glued to one edge of the screen or to its top… In short, everything is … Read more

Batthyány with a new woman in the company! This blonde put a loving smile on his face – Star cases – Cocktail

At the recent premiere of the film Superwoman, not only women – actresses caught the attention, but also one who appeared alongside a well-known Slovak comedian. Photo: CONTINENTAL FILM Peter Batthyány Actor Peter Batthyány also came accompanied by his new partner. In this case, we are talking about Petr Batthyány, whom the audience remembers well … Read more

Elon Musk opened another battlefront and put Apple in his sights

Elon Musk He raised waves again for a message posted on his Twitter account, the social network he owns. This time it was a comment against the most successful company in the world, Applewhich the South African claimed for his investment in advertising. It is that since Musk took over Twitter, some advertisers have stopped … Read more

This is the table of the group of Germany and Spain. Costa Rica put everything on M¦’s head

The Japanese after Wednesday’s win over reprezentacj± Germany (2:1) was also the favorite of Sunday’s clash with Costa Rica, which lost in the first round of the group stage to Spain as much as 0:7. Everyone expected a smooth Japanese victory that would put Germany in a terrible position: even in a draw with Spain, … Read more

Will 5G put an end to fiber internet? 4 reasons why it won’t become a reality

Although the speed provided by 5G has already caught up with the level of the fixed Internet offered a few years ago, experts emphasize that the fifth generation mobile Internet will not really “kill” fiber optic cable, as it is still inferior to it in several important aspects. Telia’s 5G connection is already 80% available … Read more

Eduardo Feinmann attacked Tini Stoessel’s father and a fan of the singer put the points on him: You ate…

feimann against stoessel – capture LAM.jpg Eduardo Feimann pointed against Alejandro Stoessel for the poor performance of the Argentine National Team in the World Cup. “He is doing business, apparently, with some players making them contracts so that they can film the intimacy of the delegation”slipped Edward Feinmann and fired at the footballers sliding that … Read more

Will 5G put an end to fiber internet? 4 reasons why it won’t become a reality

A couple of months ago, after the large-scale activation of 5G took place in Lithuania, the possibility of mobile internet opened up on smart devices of the population made some of them question the necessity of fiber optic internet. Although the speed provided by 5G has already caught up with the level of the fixed … Read more

Alessia Montalbán put Joel Gonzales in his place for snubbing Macarena

Alessia (Karime Scander) found out that Macarena was treated in the worst way by Joel (Eric Elera) during the music recording and the young woman had no qualms about going to the Gonzales house to confront Joel and reveal how badly he behaved. Alessia revealed that Joel was rude to point out that her aunt … Read more

Norbert Tarayre reveals why kitchen knives should never be put in the dishwasher | To eat

In a video posted on Instagram, chef Norbert Tarayre explains why kitchen knives should not be put in the dishwasher. And for good reason, the wire that ensures the edge of the blade risks being twisted by the heat. The one that was discovered in Top Chef recommends simply washing the blade under cold water … Read more