A child on a quad and unexpected death: “I appreciate it, even if they think I’m crazy”

Lucía and Franco, when the boy was 2 years old The first thing was the contrast, like walking through a scented eucalyptus forest and suddenly falling off a cliff. It was the contrast because when the phone rang Lucía she was in Bariloche, the place where he had always dreamed of living. It was Sunday … Read more

Park Hyun-bin “I almost couldn’t walk for the rest of my life in a quad crash… I’ve been lying in bed for about a year and a half”

Photo = ‘Fantastic Family-DNA Singer’ video capture [아시아경제 김나연 인턴기자] Singer Hyunbin Park recalled the trauma of a car accident six years ago. Park Hyun-bin’s cousin appeared in the SBS entertainment ‘Fantastic Family’ broadcast on the 9th. Appearing as the second DNA singer on this day, he introduced the yet-to-be-disclosed star, “My cousin is the … Read more

With a quad rear camera, Samsung crushes its competitors with the Samsung Galaxy A73, its full specifications, and this is the price of all its categories!

You are now following the news of a quad rear camera .. Samsung destroys its competitors with the Samsung Galaxy A73, its full specifications, and this is the price of all its categories! And now with the details Riyadh – Ahmed Salah – Samsung owns many different phones, some of which are distinguished because they … Read more

Klopp wins Liverpool star’s bet in the race to a historic quartet

Jurgen Klopp pushed him at the break, and the Colombian Luis Diaz was at the good thought of his German coach, as he changed the face of his team and the course of a match that had been decided at the end of the first half in favor of Villarreal of Spain 2-0, to turn … Read more

Child killed by the quad, the driver under investigation for manslaughter – Corriere.it

from Fulvio Fiano The death of Lorenzo, who would have turned six yesterday. Parents’ pain: “We can’t believe it.” The mayor declares the city mourning from our correspondent in Olevano Romano The maze of dirt lanes that make up Contrada Colle Conchi has kept the tragedy of little Lorenzo Pizzuti hidden from the eyes of … Read more

Lorenzo died on the quad at the age of 6, proclaimed city mourning

Olevano Romano is in mourning. The death of little Lorenzothe child who just today – April 19 – would have turned 6, has turned a day of celebration into a nightmare. The town on the outskirts of Rome is “shocked and incredulous for the tragedy that has occurred”, explained the mayor Umberto Quaresima: “The unfortunate … Read more

The company “Haval” manufactures a powerful and advanced four-wheel drive… Meet the “Dargo” car (video)

The Chinese company Haval has announced its intention to manufacture Dargo’s premium SUV models in Russia. The new cars are characterized by a simple design that suggests strength and practicality similar to the designs of four-wheel drive Jeep cars. They also have a solid chassis with a length of 4 meters and 62 centimeters, the … Read more