Counting the money CD Projekt: The best quarter in the history of the studio thanks to Cyberpunk: Edgerunners and the open world in The Witcher remake

The Polish company CD Projekt has published its financial report for the third quarter of 2022, which became the most profitable in the history of the company. And the main role in this was played by the anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, which not only brought money to the studio, but also spurred sales of Cyberpunk … Read more

6 Notes on the performance of the Saudi banking sector in the third quarter

Riyadh: «Gulf» Alvarez & Marsal issued the latest version of its report “The Performance of the Banking Sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” for the third quarter of 2022, which confirms the growth in profitability of the ten largest banks in the Kingdom at a significant rate, which was represented by an increase in … Read more

Pinduoduo made a net profit of tens of billions in the third quarter: Our consumer-centric rule makes simple profit not a priority goal–Fast Technology–Technology Changes the Future

Pinduoduo made a net profit of tens of billions in the third quarter: Our consumer-centric rule makes simple profits not a priority goal Last night, Pinduoduo released its financial report for the third quarter of 2022, with total revenue of 35.5043 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 65%.The net profit attributable to Pinduoduo’s ordinary shareholders … Read more

Salt claims to outperform the market in the 3rd quarter!

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NSIA Banque CI set a record at the end of the third quarter of 2022

(Ecofin Agency) – NSIA Banque Côte d’Ivoire added XAF159.3 billion in net outstanding loans to its customers between 1is January and September 30, 2022, can be seen from its unaudited financial results, published over the period. At the end of the third quarter, this performance indicator stood at 1077.6 billion FCFA, against 918.3 billion FCFA … Read more

Russia has already spent almost two trillion on the war, a quarter of the annual budget

At the same time, Moscow’s income from the sale of raw materials is falling due to sanctions, and the war is becoming more expensive for the Kremlin, writes Forbes. According to his calculations, Russia’s war expenditures doubled this fall. The fights cost Moscow at least ten billion dollars (234 billion crowns) a month. Expenditure has … Read more

NESDB reveals 3rd quarter GDP grows 4.5%, expects overall growth of 3.2% for the year

The NESDB announced 3rd quarter GDP growth of 4.5%, resulting in a 3.1% increase in the first 9 months. The overall picture for the year is expected to grow 3.2%. The economy is expected to continue to recover next year in a 3-4% range. Danucha Pichayanan, secretary-general of the Office of the National Economic and … Read more

After dropping Argentina.. How does the Saudi national team achieve the dream of a quarter century?

*{padding:0;margin:0;overflow:hidden}html,body{height:100%}img,span{position:absolute;width:100%;top:0;bottom:0;margin:auto}span{height:1.8em;text-align:center;font:48px/1.8 sans-serif;color:white;text-shadow:0 0 0.5em black}▶frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen title=”After dropping Argentina… How does the Saudi national team achieve the dream of a quarter-century?”> The Saudi national team’s hopes of achieving a dream that had been absent for more than a quarter of a century have doubled after defeating Argentina (2-1) in the … Read more

Market research: GPU shipments fell the most since 2009 last quarter – Computer – News

The number of GPU deliveries decreased by 25.1 percent in the third quarter of 2022 compared to last year. This is reported by analyst firm Jon Peddie Research. That would be the biggest drop since the 2009 recession. According to Jon Peddie Research shipped 75.5 million video cards last quarter. In addition, shipments of desktop … Read more

“Lietkabelis”, which had a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter, fell in Venice

“7bet-Lietkabelis” of Panevėžys experienced a dramatic failure in the European Cup (2/3). Aukštaitija club lost away to Venezia “Umana Reyer” (3/2) – 71:74 (14:17, 24:16, 17:19, 16:22). The match started in a non-standard way – Mitchell Watts, coming down after the ball dispute, obstructed the referee Piotr Pastusiak with his elbow and knocked out several … Read more